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Last time on Sonic X:

With a spray of foam, the Biolizard's head burst out of the water and fired a blast of white energy straight forward. It's speed catching the white hedgehog completely off guard, sending him flying on the deadly end of it into the sky. Crashing through a wall, Nazo ended up lying across the deck of some room on the hundred and eighth floor of a skyscraper. Covered in brick dust and snow, a thin trail of blood running from the edge of it's mouth.

Screeching, the creature pulled itself out off the water, two large lumps on either side of it's life-support system boiling up like. The muscle underneath the scaly skin stretching and compressing, distorting as a secondary mode of combat activated; a protocol to be activated in case of dire emergency. Bones began stretching along the underside of the arms, the fat, stumpy fingers stretching out and arching, the metal replicate following suit. In an instant, a thick layer of soft skin stretched between each fingers, finishing a new set of bat like wings replacing each arm.

As Nazo pulled himself up, shaking the brick fragments out of his quills, the beast testing the flexibility of it's new limbs before turning to look up the building. A screech escaped it's mouth, before it took to the air; souring up the side of the building towards the white hedgehog.

"Bring it!" Nazo snarled, gathering two energy orbs between his fingers and leaping down to meet his opponent.

Episode 25: The Final 'Bout!

"HOLY CRAP!" Okida swore, watching the light show as their flying convoy made it's way on the straight course for the city. A thick thundering cloud had gathered overhead and bolts of lighting were lancing down towards the ground as something or someone exchanged monumental blows, lighting up the sky as they did so.

Most of Station Square had been evacuated by now, leaving only empty buildings standing as spectators in the clash between the titans. Skyscrapers broke apart in seconds, crumbling to the ground below.

Nazo's mind was so full rage he didn't even care if there were any people still trapped inside them. His senses weren't even registering, only a burning hatred that filled every cell in his body could be felt.

The air born Biolizard soured like a cybernetic dragon across the ruins of the city, firing several blasts at the single pinnacle of white light that came charging at it. The ground shook as Amy darted underneath an overstretched bridge cradling Metal Sonic's disfigured head in one arm and holding her hammer in the other.

"Sonic stop!" She yelled up at him, but of course her scrams were drowned up by the thundering above. Even if he had heard her, Nazo was to far gone in his anger top even register her voice. All he saw was red.

Couldn't he see he was contributing to the destruction of Station Square. Nearly every building was crumbling now as the two super powers battled for supremacy. Amy had to get up there and make him listen, before he did something he'd regret.

The lizard fired an energy beam from it's jaws and Nazo spun his entire body around deflecting the attack. The combined energies shook Station Square down to it's foundations, forcing some buildings over and send up tremendous turbulent winds. Winds that rocked the choppers closing in on the city, nearly making them drop the Walkers they were carrying.

Reaching for a pair of binoculars, Okida peered up at the two blurry objects he could just about seer exchanging blows above the city. From here, he could see just about what looked like a Dragon and some white dot he couldn't make out.

Nazo took out of the lizard's tail and tossed the entire giant over his shoulder, slamming it directly into the side of a building. He didn't stop there, flying backward with his arms spread. The sky lit up with a thousand light bolts that tore through what was left of the building, razing it to the ground with the Biolizard still trapped inside it.

Amy had considered racing up to the roof of that building, but now the roof was ground level that was out.

"Sonic. STOP IT!" She yelled up at the white hedgehog descending towards the large creature that had used it's colossal wings to shield itself from harm, pushing itself upright before reading it's body for flight again. He pin hedgehog was forced to dive out of the way as Nazo collided with the quickly thrown up energy shield, using his momentum to try and break it. "SONIC!" Amy cried again and for a brief moment, Nazo cast her a side glance before the Biolizard's tail came hurtling around, smashing the white hedgehog into the ground with a loud thud.

"Remain here until I give the order." Okida ordered, exerting his new authority as major over other captains for the first time as the glass slid shut over the glass of a Big Foot Walker and the Mech came to life. This outdated machine was by no means as fast, armoured and lacked sufficient fire power but at the moment it was all he had. With a loud clank the Mech dropped down to the ground and began striding through the cascading ruins forwards the area they had observed the two fighting things take a dive. The bat wanted to get an assessment of the situation first before he started sending men into what was obviously a dangerous area.

The lizard swung upwards and arched it's neck, preparing another blast. Nazo began to pick himself up, but even by the time he'd have made his way to his feet the blast would have hit him.

Acting on instinct, Amy threw his arm using her full weight. The blunt weapon spun through the air and collided with the lizard's lower jaw, knocking his entire head to the left. The attack was deflected off, lancing through a building and shooting out to sea.

Nazo shook his head to regain some feeling in it before turning to do battle once again, before Amy grabbed his arm and pulled him back to face her.

"Sonic stop it!" He said, before drawing her free arm back and slapping him across the face. Whatever rage held the white hedgehog dissipated a little, allowing his eyes a decent level of clarity.

Nazo shook his head, suddenly remembering exactly where he was.

"What…" He began, his voice echoing as Sonic and Shadow spoke together. Amy was about to say something before Nazo looked up, seeing the Lizard sour into the air, disappearing into the black clouds, concealing it's presence from sight. There was a brief moment of silence before the light arched in one place and the clouds parting in a red glow. Nazo grabbed Amy and flew out of the way as a beam of energy rocketed downward, striking the ground with tremendous force, carving a hole straight through the tarmac.

Rage taking over his sight again, after putting Amy down, the white hedgehog flew straight up into the sky again with a fist drawn back.

Marching into the interrogation room, The President watched through the hidden glass window at the General sitting alone inside a separate chamber. He looked tired and very angry, but hardly defeated. His uniform had been removed and he been handed standard prisonware; two armed guards stood inside the room with him.

"It took some gentle persuasion…" Bark remarked, grinding his fist into an open palm suggestible as the President asked for a full report."But we got the information out of him." He guestured towrds Bean, who had done the questioning.

"It seems this group the Major's been investigating are widely know, call themselves the Elite. A secret organisation had stretches back to the French Revolution and from what Saddler says, we have these guys to blame for every major war in Earth's history." Bean continued, looking at the notes in his hand. "They secretly started world war's one and two in an attempt to weaken Europe for their take over. Each time America stepped in to put a stop to it, so they turned their attention to the United States. Since then they've been working behind the scenes, slowly corrupting democracy to suite their needs."

"These people are the very personification of the word 'conspiracy'." Topaz added, giving the former general a glare over his shoulder. "They have regiments all over the world, their fingers in crime, terrorism and politics." The President sat down, looking now more confused than ever, his eyes searching for the answer in his already jumbled mind.

"But why?" He asked eventually. "I don't understand."

"Their ultimate goal is simple." Rouge began, folding her arms. "They want the same thing as Eggman. They'd tried several times to seize power, but each attempt failed and was quickly blamed on international terrorists."

"And then Eggman arrived." Michael said in nearly a whisper. "So they side with him, seeing his robotic armies as a way of conquering the world quickly." He sighed out load, leaning back in his chair. "How did they get away with it for so long? I didn't know anything about them before today."

"They've been corrupting our Government for decades. Presidents past may have been under their influence. You yourself might have been, in some way, without realizing it." Bean remarked, adding the last part quickly as the President gave him a sour glare. "They're really bad people, let's just leave it at that."

"And what can we do to stop them?"

"Very little I'm afraid. We have their head honcho here, but that won't do much to stop his underlings from carrying out their plans. All we can do is prepare, and cross our fingers."

Nazo landed a punch against the side of the Biolizard's head, before souring to the side to avoid a swipe with it's tail. The two super powers tore through the sky, exchanging blows, some of which would tear any normal person apart. The white hedgehog had cuts covering his entire body, a trail of blood running down his cheek from his mouth and his glow had died down from a blazing white to a near dull grey.

The Biolizard hadn't escaped undamaged either. It's head and belly were covered in thick bruises, deep gorged longs along it's remaining organic wing.

Okida landed his Mech in what he believed to be the shattered remains of main street, the crumbling remains of buildings beginning to collapse all around him. The wind level this far into the city was ridiculous,. Even his heavy Big Foot was beginning to get pushed backwards.

"Hey…is that you Okida?" A voice over his intercom asked. The bat blinked and looked out the side of his cockpit as the large Walker came marching out of the giant bellow clouds of dust and smoke that clouded the area. It was his Yahger Mech, and by the sound of the voice piloting it, Tails was inside.

"Yeah I'm here." The vampire bat replied, sliding his Big foot to the side was a falling piece of rubble that threatened to crush him from above. Next to him, Okida could see exactly how much taller the Yahger was than the ordinary verity walker. "What going on here?" Before Tails had a chance to answer that question, the radar built into both Mech's registered an incoming. A very large incoming. Dodging to the side, they narrowly avoided being flattened under the Biolizard was Nazo dove into it, slamming it's back into the ground.

Batting the white hedgehog away with it's tail, the dragon like creature flipped the right side up and charged at Nazo as he rebounded of the side of a building. Both combatants were loosing energy fast but neither showed any signs of backing down. The Biolizard literally couldn't, it wasn't in it's nature to let prey escape it's grasp and it's programming told it to terminate the white hedgehog as soon as possible.

Nazo couldn't quit either, by now anger had consumed his entire being. Rationality and mercy had been removed, replaced by a furious void to numbness that demanded the destruction of the cybernetic creature.

The lizard searched, nearly upon him; and blind with absolute rage, Nazo gathered every ounce of his energy in his hands. All of it, even the energy needed to keep him alive. The orbs of power burned between his fingers, reflecting his hate.

"SONIC STOP!" Amy cried out but it was too late. Nazo fired the attack straight at the Biolizard and every was instantly bathed in a blinding white light. The ground shook like a thousand earthquakes had gripped it all at once. The Biolizard screamed as the attack hit him, but soon it's screams died away into nothingness. The sheer force of the explosion tossed both Mech's though the air, sending them far down the street and into the side of an abandoned building, the Yahger with it's leg trapped underneath a large collection of torn up trucks.

Those for miles around could see the light, but only for a moment, before it died away and everything was suddenly still. Amy let his arms down from shielding her eyes and looked around. All that remained of the Biolizard was a crumbing skeleton of a dinosaur like creature on the ground, the mechanical components to it's body completely gone. But Nazo himself was nowhere to be seen.

The pink hedgehog looked around for him, but everything was still now. Even the brick dust was beginning to settle now, leaving a thin covering of brown over everything around. Some fire hydrants had burst with thin geysers erupting into the air. Station Square hadn't been this badly damaged since Perfect Chaos had flooded it.

Lying amongst the rumble, half his body covered with dust was Sonic, his quills in a complete mess and cuts covering his arms and legs. A simple dot of blue amongst a chaos of brown. The way he was sprawled out over the ground gave the instant impression of a puppet who had had it's strings cut.

"Sonic?" Amy began in almost a whisper, before running up to his side. The blue hedgehog had his eyes closed and his mouth slightly ajar. He was breathing, but so roughly, like it was an extremely had chore for him. "Sonic, come on wake up!" The pink hedgehog began, nudging his body, trying to force him to his feet. Sonic didn't move; he just lay there like a rag doll.

"As far as I can tell." The doctor began, staring up at the stasis tank they had had little option but to get Sonic inside. It was a single round glass tank filled with liquid. Sonic was floating inside it, electrodes attached to his body, the wires leading up into the top of the tank. An oxygen mask was trapped to his muzzle, a machine at the side of the tank monitoring his breathing. "He's in some kind of comma, but his brainwaves are extremely active for someone in his condition." The human gestured towards some charts on the wall, with the line arching almost painfully towards the top levels of the graph. "Normally, Comma victims do have some brain activity. But hardly this much. I'd expect these kind of readings from a man hyped on some hallucinogenic."

Neither Amy of Chris was listening. Both of them simply stood there with worried looks on their faces as the blue hedgehog floated there before them. He'd been like that for hours now and neither of them had made it a secret that they were worried. Okida had managed to get Sonic air lifted to the nearest military hospital after the Biolizard had been dealt with. The bat was there now, standing at the back of the room with his arms crossed. Tails, Chuck, Cream, Vanilla, Emerl and Helen were also there. Once word had gotten out about Sonic's fatal condition, the security personnel couldn't have stopped them from coming in.

Chuck seemed busy, hunched over the charred remains of Metal Sonic that he had gathered from the scene. The head was the only part of the robotic hedgehog's body that remained more of less intact, still with some components inside the brain that had managed to escape undamaged.

"When will he wake up?" Cream asked innocently, looking up hopefully at the doctor, who hesitated in his answer.

"I'm afraid I can't say." He began finally, watching with a pit in his stomach as the young rabbit's face fell. "It varies with each person, so we'll just have to wait. He could wake up tomorrow if we're lucky." That brightened the rabbit's face a little, but did little to ease Tails. He knew perfectly well that some comma victims could stay asleep for months on end, maybe even years.

Shadow hadn't been located either. G.U.N had searched the entire city for survivors and not so much as his body had been found. Mech 's were still searching the rubble, so a small slimmer of hope remained that the black hedgehog would be found.

Chuck whistled to himself, before having another go at the complex technology that was Metal Sonic.

"Eurika!" He stated proudly to himself as with a loud buzz, Metal Sonic's head came offline and the eyes blared a bright red. He was still in stasis mode, but it was a start. From there, there was a slight possibility that he might be able to restore operations, given enough time, tones of metal and a unlimited supply of patience.

"So what now?" Helen asked, drumming her fingers on the edge of her wheelchair. "We need Sonic, what happens if Eggman gets any idea's?" Tails sighed, slouching his shoulders.

"We'll just have to deal with him ourselves." Okida replied, pushing himself off from the wall. "Sonic's been defending us for years, I think it's high time we defend our own family and friends." The bat walked up to the side of the body and looked Sonic down with compassionate eyes. "Let's do blue boy here proud."

The Egg Carrier 3 had been awaiting there the highest reaches of the astrosphere for some time now, allowing maximum connection capabilities for the dozen 'dropships' in orbit, awaiting only the command from the Doctor himself to begin their decent. Eggman's grandest plan had all gone swimmingly thus far, apart from a few loses here and there; most of which his campaign could cope without.

The Doctor's surviving elite robots all stood to attention at the back of the large display hanger within the giant battleship. Metal Knuckles was by far the strongest, made in specification to mimic the fighting style of Knuckles the Echidna. His red armour and metallic limbs shone with a wax and the new arm Eggman had given him after his last one had been ripped off made him look even more menacing. It's bracer was twice the size of the original and it had three claws on the end instead of two. Despite the weight suddenly put on the right hand side, the robotic echidna maintained it's balance.

The next was Egg Robo, another robot to be created for the Emerald Grand Prix. This one mimicked Eggman himself and unlike the others, whose whole purpose was combative perfection, this unit had an advanced artificial intelligence that allowed it to out think most foes. Still, as a defensives precaution a most efficiently missile defence system had been added. It stood perfectly still in attention, the two red eyes staring off into space.

The third was final robot was E1004: Theta, the flam throwing E1000 built by Eggman during his first attack upon G.U.N with the Egg Carrier 3. It was shaped very much like an ordinary E100 unit, only with a pair of large flame throwers in stead of hands and it's arched legs had been replaced by a bulkier looking pair, that while didn't allow it to move very fast, provided a steadily foundation from which to launch it's attacks.

The two hence bots which had been Eggman's loyal sidekicks since the beginning sat at their posts, far too busy running the Egg Carrier's systems to be interested at present in what the would be dictator was doing. Eggman himself was standing in the centre of the chamber with a single shaft of light from above illuminating him. He was standing before a complex set of monitors, each one showing a different human face. These where the supporters that he had been surprises to learn that he had on Earth. It was apparent, that man kind was not as unified as he was lead to believe. Quite the opposite in fact. Before his arrival, they had been more interested in fighting each other than actual peace. Which was why these men had approached him with their proposal.

"G.U.N is still in chaos." One of them remarked flatly, replying to a remark made by another of their number. "If we attack now, we can take advantage of the situation before they get their act together."

"Saddler has been taken." The other, a short man with a weight problem replied. "And they have the evidence, information about our technological capabilities and our base locations. Some o our technology has already been stolen."

"All the more reason for us to strike now." Eggman put in before anyone else could start arguing. "Gentlemen, if you need assurance, I've prepared a little demonstration of my latest piece of technology." A wide grin spread from ear to ear. "I promise, it will belay all your fears." He stepped aside to reveal a complex looking machine behind him. A multitude of cables and wires ran across the floor like a spiders web to a heap of metal that seemed to the segmented pieces of a robot, all connected yet hardly pieces together. Eggman clicked the fingers, a side door opened and one of his lower cast robots emerged, dragging behind him a mobian. It was a rat with black fur and yellow scaly tail, who was kicking and screaming for all he was worth. The robot, a small creation only about the size of a trashcan, dragged the mobian over to a centre of this strange contraption and placed him firmly upon a metallic circle in the ground. Before he could resistant, metal restraints flew up, pinning his arms and legs to the floor. The rat screamed for mercy, but Eggman simply sneered at him as he clicked his fingers again and the machinery behind the mobian came to life. Instantly, a thick culmination of wires lanced out from the depths of it, entangling themselves around the helpless rat, followed by thick cables and slowly, the armoured pieces pulled themselves upward threatening to crash down on top of him. Before the rat could even scream, they descended upon him, snatching his body up and shutting it behind a thick steal door. Those on the monitors watched intently, some in wonder and some in horror as the armoured pieces repositioned themselves becoming a humanoid robotic figure over six foot tall with long claws on one hand a menacing looking laser plaster on the other. Thick dark grey limbs lined with armour and a glowing red visor. "Marvellous isn't it?" Eggman asked, turning back as his the newest edition to his army knelt before him. "A revolutionary robotics technology that uses the mobians own life force to operate. I call it, a Badnik. A tireless robotic worker, solider, assassin or anything I want it to be." He patted his new creation on the top of his head. "Once I establish my power base, I can have thousands of these units in production by the end of a month."

"It's certainly….impressive." One of them began. "But that alone will not bring us victory. G.U.N is on the alert." Eggman's smiled lessened, but did not disappear.

"I have also made extreme advances in construction technology." He tapped his pal over the side of a computer panel and in response, a small hole opened up and a small glass jar rose upward into sight. Smiling, the doctor reached into his pocket and withdrew a small remote control. Pressing a few buttons, the lid unscrewed itself a thick green cloud came flying out. Eggman reached into his other pocket and produced a jagged hung of metal. Instantly, the cloud sensed it's presence and surrounded it and all could see the substance reforming before their eyes. It took a whole three minutes, but eventually the cloud had transformed it into a small optical device for a Dreadnaught unit, one of Eggman's largest robots. Once It's job had been finished, the thick cloud returned to it's jar. "Nano-bots." Eggman elaborated, showing them the fine work of his little toys. "They can construct a whole Dreadnaught in less than half an hour. If put into proper use, then can create and establish entire factories and buildings in half the time it used to. With these, coupled with my present manufacturing capabilities, I can conquer the United States in half in the time it would normally take me." He gave those on the monitors a glare over his shoulder. "Do I have any more doubters?" All of them looked either confused, terrified or in the midst of absolute horror. Just the impression of his new technology he had been hoping for. "Good. I take it that nasty little ground to orbital gun Hexagon built is disabled?" There was a brief moment of hesitation before someone replied.

"Our forces seized it a few hours ago. It won't be a problem." Eggman smacked a fist into his palm behind his back.

"Excellent. My army is on it's way. Sit tight boys, I'll be there momentarily." With that, all the screens went black as the signal cut out. Now that he didn't have to keep up the calm exterior he chuckled to himself, rubbing his hands together in glee. Those idiots actually believed he was here to help them with their insignificant problems. What total fools! As soon as they had served their purpose, he would cast them aside like the disposable things they were. Eggman was interested in only one thing, establishing his empire. And he didn't care how he trampled over to do so. Within hours, if the fates were with him, he would have a significant foot hold on the planet.

"These Elite are quite helpful in their own way sir." Decoe remarked. Eggman simply furrowed his brow, maintaining his grin.

"It's my way of the highway, you should know that by now." Eggman replied. "Once they've given me what I want, I have every intention of enslaving them along with the rest of mankind." Grinning inanely, he spun on one heal to face his two hence bots. "Signal the invasion fleet. It's show time." He rubbed his hands together and Becoe and Decoe carried out his orders.

High above, after receiving the mission commence code, the giant egg shape fleet of ships began to descend. Glowing orange as they encountered atmospheric friction, Eggman's greatest army began it's journey. Down on the planet's surface, deep within the reaches of some Jungle, Big the Cat looked up as a low rumbling noise reached his ears. Just above him, the cat could see a collection of orange dots of light that seemed to be growing big.

"Look Froggy." He said, nudging the amphibian on his shoulder. "Shooting Stars…."

And so ends ADVANCED. Sonic in a coma, Shadow missing, Metal Sonic half dead and Eggman set to begin a lighting conquest. Find out what happens in the new series, Sonic X series 3: Dark Ages!


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