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Between a Rock and a Hard Place


"AIBOU!!! WAKE UP! It's time for your practice duel! I need to prep you, so we aren't embarrassed in front of that baka pharaoh."

Ryou groaned, and pulled a pillow over his head. Couldn't a boy get some sleep in this house? "Five more minutes…" he grumbled. But just as he was dropping off to sleep, he felt a cool hand brush by his cheek and rip the pillow off of his head.

"Ryou! It's time to get up! It's time to get up! It's time to get up!! Come on, stop being lazy."

Sitting up quickly, Ryou glared at his counterpart through a curtain of mussed, tangled hair. "You couldn't try and wake me up nicely?" Ryou asked, irritated. His eyes dropped lower, and took in his half-dressed state. "You aren't even ready yourself!" Nonplussed, his attacker grinned.

"But you would have fallen asleep again, and our victory over the pharoah is much more important than your rest," Bakura said cheekily, bouncing up and down on the cream-colored comforter. "Therefore... RYOU! It's time to get up! It's time to-"

Lips silenced Yami Bakura's, as his lighter side gently probed his mouth with an exploring tongue. Bakura felt Ryou's pleasure explode through the link, wrapping his mind with golden, sparkling fireworks of ecstasy. He moaned and let his hikari claim his lips, mind, and soul. Bakura entwined his fingers into Ryou's silky, feather-like hair.

"Aibou…" he began to protest, but stopped as his wonderful hikari put a finger to his own swollen lips.

"Shh," he whispered, voice husky with lust. "Just shut up, and let me take care of you," he continued, and began to kiss his way down from Bakura's neck to his chest, a trail of love bites marking the way.

Incredulous, Bakura wondered to himself. When did Ryou get so dominant? But his thoughts were quickly cut off as he heard his pants unzip, and a warm heat slowly envelop his arousal…


Ryou bolted awake. Why did I have that dream? And why was it in Yami's point of view! He blushed as he suddenly remembered what he had done in that dream. I would never do something like that… he thought, but it didn't sound convincing even in his own mind.

"Ryou! It's time to get up! It's time to get up! It's time to get up! It's time to-" Remembering the dream, Ryou decided to instead shove his hand into Bakura's face. Which he did.

"Aw, Ryou…" his yami pouted.

"I'm TIRED, Bakura! Look at the clock, you moron! It's 5:15!" Ryou glared, pointing at the blinking numbers on their alarm clock. Bakura winked.

"You need time to get ready for the Pharaoh! I need to teach you about my deck. And, I know you'll probably have to change 20 thousand times, put on your makeup and face products, all that teen stuff," he said dramatically, placing a hand on his forehead and fluttering his eyelashes. "Ra knows you've been looking forward to it," he snickered.

Ryou flushed. "First of all, I'm not a girl. I don't need makeup. Second of all…" he paused, "HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT YAMI! DID YOU USE THE LINK AGAIN?" he shrieked, tearing after his yami, whom had mysteriously vanished after his last comment. "I'll KILL you!" he screamed. A fluffy white head peeked out of the closet.

"Hikari, I didn't mean to! It was just there… and I wanted to know what you were thinking about so much! It's boring sitting at home doing nothing but watching Jerry Springer and Jenny Craig commercials. Hey, why is it they show an ad for 1-800-JENNY-20, and then immediately after that play Pillsbury commercials? But back to the link thing. It's not like I SNOOPED or anyth-" he ducked as Ryou's shoe went flying at his head.

"Ryouuuuuuuu!" he whimpered, and finally the enraged Ryou nodded.

"It's ok, Bakura. I know I can't stop you, it's just your nature." Bakura frowned. "Just don't go around telling everybody!" Ryou warned.

"But I..."

Ryou glared in silent admonition.

"Fine!" Bakura said, rather flatly. "But don't expect me to enjoy it! My pain is your suffering!"

Ryou rolled his eyes, and shook his head in amusement. "Ok, Yami. I'm going to go take a shower."

"Can I come?"

"… No."

"Why? Is it a COLDDDDDDDDDDDD shower?" Bakura crowed, a wicked grin on his face.

Ryou, without changing his expression, calmly walked up to him, and whacked him on the side of his head.

"Itai! Owch! That hurt, Ryou!" Bakura sulked, as his aibou turned on his heels and all but ran to the shower, face flushed a bright red.

Meanwhile, at the Mutou home…

He pondered. No, he pondered, it was more than pondering. It was PONDERING.

What could he say to Ryou today? If he so much as even SUGGESTED his feelings toward him, the Tomb Robber would rip his head off. Of course, he could just mind crush him, but he preferred not to use his powers on such insignificant nuisances.

Ryou, his innocent, sweet, shy, deliriously intoxicating love. But a love that had no idea how much he felt for him. Yami sighed. Ryou would never reciprocate his feelings; he had his own yami to love. as twisted as that would be, or even some girl from school. Just because he wasn't on the straight and narrow road didn't mean that no one else was, either.

He glanced at the clock. 5:15. He knew he should get some rest, but how could he NOT be excited to see Ryou? And excited in more ways than one, he thought wryly, looking down.

Sighing, he reached behind the bed-stand next to him, reaching toward his duel disk. Maybe it would take his mind off of Ryou. As he carried it to his lap, he slowly stroked the sleek, white compartments, and drew out his deck.

Dark Magician was on the top. Yami smiled at the card in his hand, remembering all the fond nights they had spent in the shadow realm together. The Dark Magician somehow put him at ease; it was as if the card sensed his agitation and was calming him.

"Thank you," he whispered, and placed his card at the bottom of his deck. He knew he didn't have to worry about where he had put it; it would always come to him in his time of need if he believed in the heart of the cards.

Yami had conveyed his trust in his deck to Yuugi, and the cards obeyed Yuugi almost as well as they obeyed him. Yuugi's shining innocence seemed to be enough for the cards; they could feel love and trust radiating out from behind his huge shiny eyes.

Yami looked at the clock again. 5:28. He supposed he should go back to sleep; he wouldn't meet Ryou until 11, six hours and 32 minutes from now. Slowly dragging his feet through the beige shag carpeting, he made his way back upstairs.

Bakura's POV

I can hear the soft patter of his shower, like rain falling on a tin roof. Bit by bit his shower is cleansing his body, but by doing so he's slowly washing away fragments of me.

I'm not jealous that all he thinks about is Pharaoh this and Pharaoh that. No, of course not. I'm not being sarcastic at all. Except for the fact that I am, and I know it. But, Ryou... It's almost as if he just thinks as me as another extension of himself, as if he takes me for granted.

Ryou is so innocent, so full of joy and laughter. He's the only one who can see my true self. Granted, I haven't shown him most of it, but he still sees more of me than most. It saddens me and angers me that I'm not the one who can bring happiness and peace into his life- that I can't be the one who comforts him when he's afraid, or delights with him when he's excited. All I am to him is something to put up with, a constant annoyance. But he doesn't realize that I do it just so I can interact with him in some small way; he's naive like that. Why he could lose his naivety to scum like Yami no Yuugi, I do not know.

Yami Yuugi has no idea what he was like… he says he's changed, but I know he hasn't. I sorrow for my light, for the choices that he's making, but I can't really do anything about it. Well, I can't stop him from doing as he wishes, but I can stop him from being hurt. I can be the one who protects him. I can be his silent guardian, the stoic soldier in his dreams. Hell, I'll do whatever I have to do to shield him, even if it means sacrificing my own state of awareness. Just please, Ra, don't let any harm befall him.

...Pfft. Look at me! I'm pathetic. Dealing with my stupid feelings for my hikari like a newborn babe. I would think that I'd at least be bothered to know I'm in love with a mortal. But that I've accepted it, so soon? There's got to be another way, some way I can trick myself out of this hell-hole. I've lived years without being hurt, or even letting myself have a weak spot. I would think that at least I would have the common sense-- but no. With him, it's different. With him, I don't know who I am, anymore. And, the weird thing is, I don't mind.

Ryou stepped out of the shower, humming to himself. "Kura!! The shower is all yours!" When he didn't hear an acknowledgement, he ventured further out into the house, shivering as the cold hit his damp skin. "Hey, Bakura?" he asked, spotting his darker side leaning against the window, facing toward the garden outside.

Startled, Bakura jumped down. "Oh, sorry. I didn't hear you. Thanks," he said, grudgingly. "I'll only be a moment, then we can get started." He started over to the shower, not waiting for a reply.

Ryou nodded absently, thoughts turning over in his head. Something was wrong, but he didn't want to pry, even if Bakura would have utilized the link straightaway. Unlike -some- people, he had morals. He would just have to wait until his yami told him, he supposed. He snorted. Like that would ever happen.

Yuugi's House

Sunlight poured through the window, and came to rest on the brightly pattered cover of Yuugi's bed. Birds were chirping, neighbors were singing, and Yuugi was pissed off.

"Damnit, its 6:00! F$king sun…" he swore, and angrily pulled his cover over his head. Unfortunately, this action also pulled the bedspread off of his feet, making him curse even more.

Many people would be shocked and surprised to hear such words coming out of little Yuugi's mouth, but in fact it was a daily routine. Why he did not get curtains, we may never know. But we DO know what will happen next in this chain of early morning events.

Yuugi's Daily Schedule

6:00- Yell at the sun and cuss out the bed
6:20- Call for Yami to close the non-existent curtains
6:21- Realize he doesn't have curtains, and tell Yami to make breakfast, and hop to it
6:27- Return from the shadow realm (Yami banished him there when compared to Eclipse the Kitchen Wench [Demon Diary)
6:30- Start making breakfast for Yami and himself, while grumbling vile words under his breath
6:45- Serve breakfast to Yami (that mysteriously has an abundance of salt in it)

6:45:23- Gulp down his breakfast while running from an angry Pharaoh Atem
6:50- Watch as Yami returns to normal, and either get ready for school, or get dressed for the weekend
7:00- Start walking to school, or turn on the TV, plop down on the couch with a bunch of popcorn, call the others, and have fun sticking popcorn in Yami's hair


So, once all of this is done, our hero walks toward the next city, ready to face any new challenges that come his way. Pikachu: Pi pika chu!

... or not.

And so this concludes our segment on Yuugi's Daily Schedule! Tune in next time. ::applause track::

Bakura's POV

Ryou… is still picking out outfits. Trying to look his best for Yami no Yuugi, no doubt. I envy the Pharaoh, he has always received everything that I ever wanted. Why is it so? Is it just because I was born of a lower social class? Or have the gods favored him above me? If that is true, I will not interfere with their will. Even I, a simple spirit, would not pick a fight with them, unless I wanted to lose everything. Although 'everything' wouldn't be much… seeing as Ryou is still not mine.

But if I even have one chance with my light; my pure white angel, I shall take it. And that Pharaoh shall pay for his foolish whims.


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