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Chapter 13

Sesshomaru gazed coldly at the wolf demon as he stepped forward. "You have no idea how ignorant you are, do you?" he murmured. Koga quickly returned to his humanistic form.

"Whadaya mean, 'ignorant,' you bastard," the tribe leader snarled. Blood soaked his fur-covered armor and dripped from his face. He spat at the older demon's feet. "You have no right to interfere. Your family line is about to end if you don't get out of here fast, pal!"

Sesshomaru became deathly quiet. "It may have already," he growled low. Brushing past Koga, he knelt beside the female corpse. His nose wrinkled with distaste as he determined what he had guessed upon arrival. Without a word, he hastened to the edge of the clearing, searching carefully for what he knew was cast there earlier. A splash of red caught his eye, and for the first time in his life, a sob escaped his throat.

The pup was dead, to be sure, but in its final moments of life, it had formed just a tiny bit more, resembling a miniature human fetus rather than a shapeless blob. Had the child not been so small, its development would have been that of a seven-month old. The demon lord felt a crushing pain in his chest, and his air came in ragged gasps.

He turned suddenly upon the two demons behind him. Koga had slowly moved to the woman's side and was trying to comprehend why the death scent was so completely unlike his precious Kagome's. Inuyasha was in a state of shock: the two women he loved…both taken restored and taken from him yet again within the same hour. Sesshomaru spoke with a coldness that almost froze the blood in their veins.

"My seed has been killed. The mother is dead. And one of you will die."

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