After the first story I made, I decided to make a story on how Terra got back to life. This happened before Teen Matrix and when I wrote it down on chapter eleven, I started gathering up some ideas here and there. Now I got everything ready for the story. I even come up of a Terra/Beast Boy pairing at the end.

Italics – flashbacks

I was wondering how old are the Titans on the show. Here's a list on how old they are.

Robin, 17 Raven, 17 Cyborg, 20 Starfire, 18 Beast Boy, 16 Terra, 16

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Second Chance By LuisJM


Not far away from Metropolis, there's a city known as Jump City. Jump City is a peaceful and hip city that everyone loves and enjoys. Next to the bridge that connects Jump City is Titan Tower sitting on an island. Inside the tower are five gifted teenagers calling themselves the Teen Titans. There's Robin, the proud leader of the team, Starfire, a Tamaranean alien girl, Cyborg, a robotic hybrid, Raven, a telekinetic girl from Azarath, and Beast Boy, a shape shifter. Together, they protect the city from criminals and supernatural beings. But lately, the Titans lost not only a Titan, but also a true friend. Her name was Terra. She's a blond hared girl that has earth-moving abilities. The Titans founded her when a big scorpion was chasing her. When Terra defeated the scorpion, the Titans took her in and gave her a place to stay for the night. They thought that she would make a good addition to the team and trained her in the obstacle course. They then had a mission to do and send Terra there to see how well she is against enemies. But Slade caught Terra and told her that she doesn't belong with the Titans. He told her that her powers are unstable and he can help her control those powers. Terra then got confused and doesn't know who to trust anymore.

After she mistakenly thinks Beast Boy told Robin their secret (that she can't control her powers), she runs off--with Slade continuing to watch her every move. She later returned to the Titans Tower later on, and asked if she could still be a Titan. After gaining their trust, she became the sixth Titan to live in the tower. The Titans later found out that she was working alongside Slade--giving him information on their weaknesses, their Tower defense system and more. Though Beast Boy promised that no matter what she did, he'd never stop being her friend--but the handing of his friends over to this mad-man was too much for him to handle. Beast Boy's rejection turned Terra completely over to Slade's side, and felt no remorse till the very end about her decision. Terra took each of the Titans down, one by one, until the city belonged to Slade and her. What she didn't realize about the Titans though, is they don't go down easily--they returned to defeat her and Slade, only to find out that she had decided to leave Slade's side. Once she found she was unable to, Slade gained control of her body via the suit he had given her--it tied into her nervous system, allowing him to fight as long as she was up and willing. She turned her powers onto Slade in her last effort to save herself from a horrible fate. Though it seemed everything would be all right in the end, Terra's powers had triggered a volcano --one that would annihilate everything in it's path. Sacrificing herself to save her friends and the city, Terra stopped the volcanic eruption from happening; for this sacrifice, she was turned into a statue made of the rapidly cooled lava. The Titans don't know if she's alive or dead, all they know is that Terra still lives inside their hearts.

Chapter 1: Stoned Tears

It's been a week since Slade was killed and the city was saved by Terra. At Titans Tower, four of the Titans were at the living room relaxing. Besides a few bank and jewel heists, Jump City had been quiet as of late. Robin and Cyborg were beating each other on Soul Calibur two on the window/TV screen, Raven is reading one of her books, and Starfire was cooking one of her Tamaranean meals for diner.

Cyborg: You ain't no match against Mitsurugi bird boy!

Robin: Not if Kilik comes in and whoop your shiny metal ass!

Cyborg: Tell me you didn't just say that!

Raven: Could you please keep your voices down for just one minute? I'm trying to read here.

Robin: No way Rae, I'm so close to beating Cy in this game.

Cyborg: Beating me? Ah hell no, I'm close to beating you!

Both Robin and Cyborg ignored Raven and continued playing.

Raven: Boys.

Raven closed her book and placed it on the table. She walked to the kitchen table where Starfire was cooking some kind of yellow liquid with big brown chunks of meat in a pot.

Starfire: You know Raven, you should read in your room.

Raven: If I read in my room, I would feel more depressed. Besides, the sofa is the only thing comfortable around here. (looking at the pot) What are you cooking?

Starfire: I am preparing a wondrous delicacy on Tamaran. It's called Tohomanys soup. It has parts of a Monanuia's liver swimming around in the waters of Halakuzi.

Raven: O.K. that's it. When we get to the mall, I'm going to get you an earth cookbook.

Starfire: Why?

Raven: So that way you'll learn on how to cook real food.

Starfire: What's wrong with my Tamaranean cooking? Do you like my food Raven?

Raven doesn't want to make Starfire sad. The last time she cooked something from Tamaran, the whole team got sick for three days. Raven was about to tell Starfire about her cooking until the T.V. screen started to say something.

Game: Mitsurugi Wins!

Mitsurugi: Pretentious fool!

Cyborg: Booya! Who da man? I da man!

Robin: No way, you cheated somehow.

Cyborg: Sorry Rob, but I played fair and square.

Robin: Now I know how Beast Boy feels after losing to Cy.

Starfire: Speaking of Beast Boy, where could our green friend be.

Raven: I don't know. I haven't seen him around lately, and that's good for me.

Robin: Yeah, he was absent for training the past three days, and his mind's been distracted during our missions. I better go see what's up with him.

Robin went to the elevator and exited the living room. Raven levitated to Cyborg and started whispering to his ear.

Raven: (whispering) Starfire's cooking more of her favorite meals again. Start heating up those Hot Pockets.

Robin went to Beast Boy's room and checked to see if he's there. There were a number of old tofu, comics, game guides, and a lot of other useless crap, but no Beast Boy. He then checked the indoor pool, the weight room, and the bathroom, but he couldn't find Beast Boy. He then heard a dog whimpering in the room that once belonged to Terra. Robin approached the door and the automatic door opened to let him in. Robin looked around the room and everything was still intact, even the desert wallpaper was still painted on. Robin then spotted a green dog whimpering on Terra's bed.

Robin: Beast Boy, what are you doing here?

Beast Boy didn't say a word.

Robin: Beast Boy...

Beast Boy then morphed back to his human self.

Beast Boy: Sorry Robin, I guess I was caught in the moment.

Robin sat next to Beast Boy on the bed.

Robin: You miss Terra, don't you Beast Boy?

Beast Boy: Yeah... Why did she do that? Why did she sacrifice herself? She should've stayed with us.

Robin: Listen, I understand you miss her. But what she did saved our lives and the city. She understood what's right and risk her life to save us all. You should be proud of her Beast Boy.

Beast Boy: Then why did she decide to betray us in the first place? We should've known that before she joined Slade.

Robin: I don't know Beast Boy. Maybe it's because she wanted to control her powers. She didn't want to work for Slade, but she had no choice. I don't blame her for her actions it just that-

Beast Boy: You know what. I think Terra betrayed us because of you.

Robin: Me? Why does this have to do with-

Beast Boy: Don't play dumb Robin, I know you were the one turned Terra against us! You told her that her powers were out of control, which's why she ran away!

Robin: We went over this before Beast Boy, I just found out, I didn't know she kept it as a secret.

Beast Boy: Then you should've kept your mouth shut! No thanks to you, she's gone!

Robin: Beast Boy, please calm down. Try to understand that I didn't mean to-


Beast Boy ran out of Terra's room, Robin quickly followed him.

Robin: Beast Boy!

Beast Boy went into his room and locked the door. Robin tried to open it but it won't budge.

Robin: Beast Boy, open this door right now! I can explain myself.

Beast Boy: Too late for an explanation, you all ready caused the damage!

Robin: Listen Beast Boy, what happened back then was a small mistake. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, I mean we're only human.

Beast Boy: LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Robin decided to leave Beast Boy alone for a while. What he didn't know is that the rest of the team was standing in the hallway with concern.

Starfire: Is Beast Boy still upset about Terra?

Robin looked up to his team for an answer.

Robin: Yeah, he's still upset about Terra.

Raven: It's weird you know. I mean, we got over Terra's death, but Beast Boy couldn't get over it.

Cyborg: I don't blame BB, he was the only person Terra got close to for a while until...

The team then had sad looks on their faces.

Robin: Look, I know it's been hard for all of us since Terra died, but we were able to leave it behind us. Just give Beast Boy a few days, I'm sure he'll get over it.

The Titans walked away from Beast Boy's room. It's two in the morning and all the Titans were sleeping soundlessly in their rooms, everyone except Beast Boy. He's still awake and he doesn't feel like sleeping at all. He sat on the bunk bed with tears coming down his face when he heard what Robin said today.

Beast Boy: (in thought) How could Robin say that I need to get over Terra? I can't do that; I'll never do that.

Beast Boy then looked at the picture on top of his disk that's filled with items he never use. That picture was him a Terra with the sun setting on the background. Beast Boy then remembered the time when that picture was taken.

Beast Boy's Flashback

The sun started to set at Jump Cities Pier. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven were at the carnival while Beast Boy and Terra were standing at the edge of the pier. Terra watched as the sun slowly sets into the ocean.

Terra: Wow... What a wonderful view, isn't it Beast Boy?

Beat Boy: Yeah, this is the only thing that keeps me relaxed. When the sun sets, it makes the view look lovely.

Terra took out a digital camera Starfire gave her.

Beast Boy: Uh... What are you doing with that Terra?

Terra: I thought it would be perfect if we capture this image with us in it. Just to remember in later years.

Beast Boy: Good idea.

Terra spotted one of the pedestrians walking past the two Titans.

Terra: Excuse me mister, would you mind if you could take a picture of us.

Pedestrian: Sure, since you two are the Teen Titans.

Terra gave the pedestrian the camera and joined Beast Boy.

Pedestrian: All right kids, on the count of three, say tofu. Ready? One, two, three.

Beast Boy and Terra: Tofu!

End Flashback

Beast Boy kept staring at the picture with a small smile on his face. But deep down inside him was a sudden sadness and guilt.

Beast Boy: I got to go see her.

Beast Boy left his room and quietly walked out of the Tower without the team knowing it. He then morphed into a hawk and flew away from the island. Ten minutes later, Beast Boy entered a dark cavern that was covered with cold molten rock. He then landed on the ground floor and morphed to his human self. He walked towards a statue of a young female with her arms spread away from her body. At the base of the statue, there's a plaque that reads like this.




Beast Boy looked at the statue and felt something sinking in his heart. It felt like someone had ripped the happiness and friendship out of his body and left it out. A tear came out of his eye and he wiped it off his cheek. Since no one was around, Beast Boy decided to talk to the statue.

Beast Boy: Hello Terra. How are you? It's been a week since you saved this city, since you sacrifice yourself. Things have changed since you were gone. Robin and Starfire are becoming closer, Raven is more solitary then before, and Cyborg is well just plain Cyborg. We also got news that Speedy formed a team in another city, they call themselves the Titans East. Well as the old saying goes, There's strength in numbers. You know I heard Robin and he said that I need to get over you, to forget about you. Well, I can't do that. I don't want to forget about you, forget the memories we had together. It's not right. I then said to Robin that it was his fault that you left us and joined Slade. But there's only one person that was responsible about what happened to you. That person was me.

Beast Boy went to his knees and started to cry.

Beast Boy: It's all my fault. I should've stopped you before you left the tower. I didn't tell Robin about your secret, he just found out. He didn't mean to hurt you, we were just trying to comfort you. And me, well to me you more then just a friend. Terra, I- I- I loved you...

Beast Boy lifted his head and saw water dripping off Terra's plaque. At first he thought that water was leaking in the cavern. But when he stood up, he saw tears coming out of the statue's eyes.

Beast Boy: Terra?

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