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A new light
Chapter: 1
The Lost

A lone figure was walking down a sidewalk in the pouring rain, head down, back slouching, and unaware of his current surroundings. If one could see this figure, he/she would presume he was depressed. Their assumption would be right more or less. This figure's name is Keitaro Urashima, a 22 year old amicable, klutzy, and a slightly perverted male who happens to be the owner of an all girls dormitory, named Hinata-sou.

Currently Keitaro is walking back to his Hinata-sou after recovering from an atomic punch sending him flying to the a near by neighborhood. Now you must be asking to yourself one questions. Why was he punched? Well the answer is coming up while Keitaro remembers what happened this morning.

Hinata-sou, This Morning


Keitaro sprung out of bed by a crack of thunder made by the raging storm, thatsplattered outside his window.

"Sheesh, its still raining outside" He said while crawling out of his bed and moving slowly out to the window, observing the storm that shows no sign of subsiding. "Well I don't mind. The rain calms me down anyways"

Keitaro was about to get back to bed when a young pretty voice called from outside his door.

"Senpai breakfast is ready" Shinobu said as she stood on the doorframe. Shinobu is a very timid and shy 15 year old girl and one of the tenants living in the Hinata-sou. She is some what of the cook for the girl's dorm and a wonderful cook at that. Every one enjoys her cooking and doesn't miss any of her meals, especially Keitaro.

"Ok Shinobu I'll be there in just a sec! Just let me wash up first." Keitaro replies, now moving to the door and promptly opening it, which reveals Shinobu now looking at him and greeting him with a smile.

"Ok Senpai." Was Shinobu cute reply while making her way downstairs to the rest of the group at the dining room.

After washing up at his bathroom, he made his way downstairs to the dining room.

'Hope the rain doesn't make today crappy.' Keitaro thought while making his way to his seat at the end of the table. He observed every one in the dinner table.

To his right, was Shinobu, the person that called him down to eat. She had a smile on her face and Keitaro could only assume she was having a good day so far. To her right was a foreigner named Su Koalla, she was about the same age as Shinobu but a little older. Su is a very hyperactive girl who has a tendency to use Keitaro as a test subject for her inventions.

Yes inventions, Su is a genius when it comes to technology and she needed someone that was reliable and wouldn't break after each experiment. To Keitaro's dismay he was chosen as the test subject because of his 'condition'

Across from Su would be her roommate, Motoko. Motoko is not the kind that you would want to mess with, which Keitaro had to learn the hard way. She is part of a family in which teaches Sword skills past down many generations ago in order to defeat demons across the land. She is always calm, collected and shows her no true emotion because she hides it very nicely.

Now next to Motoko and across from Shinobu was the houses 21 year old drunk and flirt named Mitsune. Nicknamed Kitsune because her personality resembles that of a fox, she has barely touched any of her breakfast, considering she has a huge hangover. Kitsune was always a party girl and drinks sake more then any other person in the dorm, so she was always presumed that she would have a huge headache at the breakfast table.

Now the person Keitaro always loved to see was across from him, the person he loves with all his heart. A perfect specimen of the other sex (in Keitaro's eyes) and the very person that punches him to the next dimension, Naru Narusegawa(19). She and Keitaro are aiming to enter a very high college, and have been studying with each other since the day Keitaro arrived to Hinata-sou. The first time (for Naru, the third time for Keitaro) they did not have much luck and now they have been dedicated to going to the college the next chance they get.

Feeling like a pair of eyes are staring at her, she looks up to find Keitaro looking at her. Feeling a little annoyed, she does what she always does. "WHAT is it Keitaro!" This promptly snaps him out of his train of thought and replies "Oh, sorry Naru, I was just thinking, sorry if I was staring"

Naru's face thinned out to a frown "Whatever..." With that everyone ate breakfast in silence except for Mitsune who just layer on the table trying to get that headache go away. Keitaro was the first one to finish and got up to put his dishes.

"I will wash the dishes today, ok Shinobu?" He told her

"Ok Senpai" Shinobu said while picking up her own dishes and started to get up. However she slipped on one of Mitsune's sake bottles lying on the dining room floor and started to fall to the ground. However Keitaro noticed this and quickly caught her, while dropping all of his dishes thinking of only Shinobu's well-being.

"Thank you Senpai" was her meek reply. But two people in the room misunderstood the situation, like always, and they decided something should be done. "YOU PERVERT!" Motoko and Naru yelled in unison.

"How dare you defile Shinobu like that get your filthy hands of her! ROCK SPLITTING TECHNIQUE!"

"Yeah you perverted little...! Aaughh!"

Keitaro was happy for saving Shinobu from a fatal fall but knew what was coming up next. Which was being sent flying outside in the storm by a punch to the face and being slashed by a ki attack all at the same time.

"AWW Son of a Bit..."

He was abruptly cut off by getting hit by Motoko's slash attack and then Naru's impressive punch gave him made his world come into an eternal darkness.

The next thing he knew was that he was in a park, in the middle of the neighboring town, in the middle of the rain.

'Well..today doesn't seem to be a good day so far.' Keitaro thought while painfully standing up and giving out a loud sigh.

"Well I better at least buy myself a coat before making my journey back to the Dorm. Don't want to get sick do I."

And with that he set off to the nearest Kohl's and bought himself a new coat and made his trek back to the Dorm. Where we last left our little depressed Protagonist.

While walking he let out a loud sigh when he stopped remembering what happened that morning. He was punched and slashed at after saving Shinobu from a fall, but he was used to that. He knew that Motoko and Naru always never gave him anytime to explain himself, instead always thought he was doing something perverted, because he was the only male in an all girl's dorm.

So Keitaro was not all too depressed, just a little ticked that they knew him for a little over a year now and they still think of him like a pervert seeking to score on any of the tenants. He would never do such a thing because he considered them family.

'God! I mean I am no pervert, I love them all to death and they would still accuse me of groping and peeking at them, well I am not perfect but its all accidental! I don't know if they know me all that well' Keitaro's thought was interrupted when he heard someone crying.

Keitaro searched for the source of the crying and found himself in a dark lonely alleyway.

"Hello is anyone there!" He shouted.

Then he noticed it, or rather her.

There was a girl there near a dumpster crying. Keitaro would have mistaken her as Shinobu, if it wasn't for her blonde hair and considering that she looked about five years younger. She had pretty blue exhausted eyes that just draws you in.

"Well hello there young one why are you here?" he asked in a sincere voice.

The little girl backed up against the brick wall. Horrified.

Noticing this Keitaro approached and says in a reassuring voice

"Don't worry I wont hurt you, I just want to help and get you out of this rain."

Kietaro smiled at her. A genuine smile.

With that the girl started to get more comfortable.

"Now what's your name?" Keitaro asked.

"M-my n-name is Sakura""She said stuttering.

"Ok Sakura lets get you out of this rain" he said, offering a hand to her while giving her another friendly smile. "Come on, lets get you out of this rain Sakura-chan"

"H-Hai!" she said, Taking Keitaro's hand…

-------End of Chapter 1------