Title: First Day of School
Author: angelaask
Summary: Willow moves away and meets some interesting people.
Rated: G
Pairing: Willow/Kurt
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Author Note: I wrote this at the last minute so I didn't get a chance to proofread it. Sorry I hope there aren't too many errors.

AN: Willow is a genius therefore she is only 16 year old during her senior year in Sunnydale High School.

'Italicized words with single quotation marks indicate thoughts.'

Willow couldn't believe that her parents decided to move during her senior year. What was so important in Bayville, NY that they had to move all the way across the country all of sudden. It wasn't even like her parents were home most the time. She had gone months without their supervision before and was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Now she had to leave everything she ever knew behind including her friends and the hellmouth. Well to be honest she didn't think she would miss the hellmouth all that much.

Now Willow would have to start all over. She would have to make new friends in a strange new school. She wasn't looking forward to the experience. She still could remember her first day of high school and it wasn't pretty. If it wasn't for Xander and Jesse, freshman year would have been a nightmare. But now she was starting a new school without them and she was terrified.

So far the day had been shaping up, just as she expected, horribly. Willow had met the principal and there was something off about her. There was just something sinister about her and as a Scooby you just didn't ignore those types of feelings, doing so was harmful to your health. She was worst than Principal Snyder if that was even possible. On top of that she had to retake her junior year of high school because some of her credits didn't transfer, stupid school with it stupid rules.

Willow was going to be late for her first class. She was running down the hall with her books in hand when she turned the corner and collided head first into someone's chest. The impact sent her tumbling to the floor with her hands failing about wildly in attempt to regain her balance. Books, pens and papers scattered across the floor. "Owie," exclaimed Willow as her bum collided with the hard tiled floor.

"Watch it fool," cried the small boy as he leapt back onto his feet and continued down the hall without a second glance in her direction. 'Did that boy just hopped,' thought Willow as she stared in bewilderment at the boy who was ,sure enough, gainfully hopping away from her with unnaturally large leaps, 'weird.'

"Well sooory," murmured Willow quietly as rubbed her backside gingerly.

Kurt Wagner saw the accident from across the hall and frowned disapprovingly as the redhead remained on the floor. He had never seen the girl before. She was petite and pretty and kind of reminded him of Kitty except for the red hair. He strode purposely over to girl and offered his hand to help her up.

"Are you alright," asked Kurt as he pulled the redhead to her feet.

Willow looked up into his face and smiled softly at the tall lanky boy with long hair so black it was almost blue. He had a boyish angular face with baby blue eyes and the sweetest smile she had ever seen. 'Well it look like things are looking up after all,' thought Willow as she took his hand. Willow felt soft fur where she should of felt skin. 'That's funny,' thought Willow as she looked at their joined hands for a moment and gently stroke the backside of Kurt's hand with her thumb as her mind tried to comprehend what she was feeling with what she was seeing.

Kurt noticed the puzzle look in her face and silently cursed as he quickly removed his hand from her grasp. Kurt was so concerned about helping the redhead he had forgotten about his inducer and the fact that even though it was able to disguised his true appearance it did nothing to hide the fact that he was covered with fur.

"Don't mind Toad. He just rude," said Kurt as he helped the redhead with the rest of her books.

"So are you new," asked Kurt.

Willow nodded her head, "Yeah first day."

"Well let me be first to welcome you to Bayville High," said Kurt with mock formality as he bowed deeply bending from his waist.

"Well thank you my shining knight in armor," Willow replied in amusement.

Kurt eyes sparkled with mischief, "may I escort the lady to her next class," asked Kurt as he offerd her his arm.

Willow smiled and she looped her arm around his elbow. She was willing to play this game with the handsome young boy. "Why thank you kind sir, may I inquire for your name."

"Kurt, at your service," he answered with a goofy grin. He was really enjoying this game.

"Willow," replied Willow who was also equally amused by their play.

They arrived at the class room arm in arm grinning madly at each other with only seconds to spare before the bell rang. Kurt led Willow to one of the lab tables and quickly took the seat beside her. Evan, an African American boy with shocking blond hair, and Kitty, a petit brunette, gave the pair speculative glances as they entered the room.

"Now class settled down. I have a few announcements before we began class. We have a new student who has transferred here all the way from California. Please Ms. Rosenberg stand up and introduce yourself to the class," said Mr. Walker, the science teacher, as he gestured Willow to stand up.

Willow's eyes widen and she froze in panic. She hated speaking in public it was one of her worst fears. And now she was going to make a fool of herself in front of everyone. 'Could the day get any worst,' thought Willow.

Noticing Willow's distress Kurt placed a comforting hand on Willow's shoulder squeezing lightly as he gave her a reassuring smile. Some how Kurt's kind gesture gave Willow enough courage to stand up.

"Um...hi my name is Willow Rosenberg. I'm from Sunnydale, California. I'm Jewish and I love computers and I love to read and my favorite color green; but, I guess you really didn't need to know that and if you haven't figured out by now I tend to babble when I'm nervous," blushed Willow in embarrassment as she finished her rant in a rush. Some of the students snickered at her little proclamation why others stared in shock wandering how she was able to say all that in one breath.

"Well thank you Ms. Rosenberg for that thorough introduction. Now since Willow is new would anyone like to volunteer to be her science partner?" asked Mr. Walker.

Kurt's hand immediately shot up into the air with such enthusiasm he practically fell off his seat. "Oh pick me, pick me," shouted Kurt.

Willow couldn't believe her luck. Kurt was willing to be her lab partner and he was such a nice guy too.

"Very well Mr. Wagner, you may be Ms. Rosenberg's partner until she catches up with the rest of the class," said Mr. Walker. "Class please open your books to page 53 and pull out your dissecting trays. We will be dissecting frogs today."

"F...Frogs," screamed Willow in terror as she practically climbed into Kurt's lap, much to his and everyone else surprise.

"Willow, are you okay," asked Kurt gently to the trembling girl in his arms.

"I'm...I'm afraid of f...frogs. Their evil," murmured Willow into Kurt's chest as she buried her face further into his embrace.

Despite Willow obvious distress Kurt couldn't help himself from enjoying the feel of Willow's warm body against his. The fact she was afraid of frogs was so cute and he found himself smiling in amusement. But he couldn't stand to see Willow so scared so he hid his smile as he gently patted Willow on her back.

"It's okay, they can't hurt you. See, their dead. How about I do the dissecting while you take notes. How does that sound?" asked Kurt.

Willow peeked out from where her face was buried in his chest with wide watery eyes, "Well okay," agreed Willow in a small shaky voice.

The rest of the class passed by without incident and Kurt and Willow made plans to meet after school to finish their lab report.

By lunch time, thanks to Kitty and her love for gossip, all the X-men knew about Kurt and his new infatuation with Willow.

"So what's going on between you and the redhead," asked Kitty as she sat down gracefully beside Kurt on his left.

Kurt continued to munch on his sandwich, "I have no ideal what you talking about," said Kurt.

"Oh, come on! She was all over you in class," smirked Evan as he plopped down on the bench to his right.

"What's this about a girl?" asked Scott from across the table in front of Kurt as he gazed at him through rose color shades. It was useless Kurt was surrounded and there was no way this group was going to drop the subject without getting some answers.

"What can I say chicks dig the fuzzy dude," said Kurt comically.

"Does she know that you're a mutant," asked Scott seriously. Scott was slightly concerned. He knew how much Kitty's initial reaction towards Kurt's appearance had hurt the blue mutant and he was afraid that when Willow found out that he was a mutant she would reject him too.

"Scott, don't worry. I just met her I not going to spring that kind of information on a practical stranger," answered Kurt.

Just than Kurt's attention was caught by a flash of red hair; it was Willow who was looking a little out of place as she searched for a place to eat her lunch. Kurt waved her over and invited her to sit with him and the rest of the X-men during lunch. Evan quickly vacated his position beside Kurt and offered her a seat. Willow gave him a grateful smile as she sat down next to Kurt.

"Hi Willow, I would like you to meet my friends; Evan, Kitty, Scott, Jean, and Rogue," introduced Kurt as he gestured to each one of them.

"Hi," chirped Willow cheerfully as she waved hello.

As soon as the initial meet and greet session was over Kitty launched at the Willow, firing a series a questions and drilling her for information about herself and her life in California. Scott remained silent during their conversation absorbing the information as he observed the interaction between Kurt and Willow. They were sitting really close together, a bit to close in his opinion for a couple of people who just met each other. Kurt just sat there staring at Willow with a faraway look in his eyes and a silly grin plastered on his face. 'This looks bad,' thought Scott. Scott recognized that face; it was the same face that Kurt had when he still had a crush on Kitty. Kurt was falling for Willow and he was falling fast. Scott could only hope this didn't ended as badly as his crush on Kitty had.


Kurt was just finishing putting out the snack food he had prepared for him and Willow when he heard the door bell ring. "I got it," yelled Kurt before he teleported into the foyer. He switched on his image inducer and did a quick image check in the hallway mirror, placing a stray lock of hair back in place; before he swung the front door open. Willow stood in the door way with her science book in hand. She was wearing a fuzzy white sweater with little pink kittens posing in a number of cute feline positions and a short beige skirt with white stocking. Her red hair laid loose about her shoulders and her face was slightly pink from the cold.

"Hi Willow, welcome to my humble abode," said Kurt as he ushered Willow further inside the warm heated room.

Willow's eyes widen in awe as she admired the mansion's luxurious d├ęcor. "You didn't tell me you lived in a mansion," cried Willow.

Kurt shrugged his shoulders dismissively, "It not like I'm the only one that live here. A bunch of other kids live here too. It's more like a school than a mansion. Professor Xavier is the one that actually own it."

"Oh okay," said Willow, "Wait, I thought you went to Bayville High."

"Yeah I do but this school is for gifted students and I take a few additional courses here at the mansion, which supplement my high school education," replied Kurt as he led Willow into the family room.

"What sort of gifts," asked Willow now that Kurt had fueled her curiosity.

"It differs from student to student," said Kurt cryptically. "Would you like something to drink before we get started on our assignment?"

Willow noticed how Kurt changed the subject and guessed it was something he really didn't want to talk about. So she let it go for now; but, once her curiosity was peaked it was hard to let it go. On his way to the kitchen to get Willow a soda Kurt spotted Jamie, Amara, Bobby, Ray, Evan and Kitty eavesdropping in the hallway. Once they realized they were caught the six nosy mutants quickly scattered. Kurt shook his head in amusement. It appeared that the whole mansion was curious about Willow.

Soon Kurt and Willow were absorbed in their work, well at least Willow was. Kurt found it hard to concentrate while sitting next to Willow. She was so distracting. He couldn't seem to tear his eyes away from her long enough to read a complete sentence. She was so pretty and she smelled sweet like Jasmines. Kurt's hormones were running on overdrive and if he didn't try something soon he was going to explode. So he went with the old tried and true yawn and stretch method that seemed to work in all the movies. Kurt let out a mighty yawn, stretched both his arms up over his head and nonchalantly resettled his arm behind Willow's back and shoulders. 'Success,' cheered Kurt silently as he leaned closer to Willow under the pretense of trying to get a better look at her notes.

For a brief second Willow froze as she felt Kurt's arm caressed her shoulders. Then she smiled and relaxed into his embrace. It felt kind of nice in Kurt arms. But before she could contemplated why that was so a loud alarm interrupted her train of thought.

Kurt quickly shot up on to his feet. That was the security alarm, the mansion was under attacked. 'Great perfect timing,' groaned Kurt quietly as he looked worriedly at Willow.

"What's going own," yelled Willow over the noise.

"J...Just a fire alarm. Stay here why I check it out," shouted Kurt before he ran out the door.

Willow sat quietly on couch for a few moments until she heard a large explosion and something that sounded oddly like laser cannon fire. "Yeah right, fire alarm my behind, its sound like a battle out there," murmured Willow as she ran in the same direction that Kurt had just left.

Willow cautiously followed the sound of battle all the way outside onto the mansion's grounds. What she saw shocked her. "Thicken," Willow cried and everyone froze in mid air. She stood in the middle of the battle with her hands on her hips as she took in the scene. Everywhere she looked there was signs of destruction. The front gate looked like it was blasted open and debris was scattered everywhere.

She recognized some of the people as Kurt's friends, who she met earlier today, but Kurt was nowhere to be seen. They were all dressed in weird blue uniforms with X's on them. The X guys were obviously being attacked by the other set of people. Willow's eyes narrowed when she recognized one of them. It was that guy, Toad who knocked her down in the hall; and it looked like he was in the middle of tackling a blue demon with bright gold eyes who was also wearing the same blue uniform as the others.

With a wave of her hand Willow sent the intruders flying across the lawn on the other side of the stone wall. "Mend," yelled Willow and the cast iron gate wove itself together as if nothing ever happened to it. Willow turned her attention back towards the blue demon and the X guys and whispered, "Release." They were immediately freed from the spell that kept them from moving. But they remained stocked still as they stared at Willow in shock disbelief. Willow blushed under their curious gazes and turned her head to face the blue demon.

There was something oddly familiar about the little blue demon. Willow tilted her head in thought as she took in his features. He was covered with blue fur, his body was lean but firm and he had an angular face with pointy ears and long dark blue hair. She looked into his shiny golden eyes and then it suddenly hit her like a ton of bricks. "Kurt is that you?" asked Willow in disbelief.

The blue demon nodded his head confirming Willow's suspicions. "Ja, it's me," admitted Kurt quietly.

A bald man in a wheel chair cleared his throat to gain Willow's attention. "Ms. Rosenberg I would like to talk with you before you leave. But I believe that you and Mr. Wagner has something to discuss first," said Professor Xavier.

Willow nodded her head and turned to face the strange blue demon as the Professor and the rest of the X-men quietly headed back to the mansion so that Kurt and Willow can be alone.

"Are you a demon?" asked Willow timidly.

"Non, I'm a mutant," said Kurt defensively.

"Good," said Willow in relief.

"Are you a mutant?" asked Kurt.

"No, I'm a witch," responded Willow.

"Oh, Okay," said Kurt who was slightly confused. They stood there silently facing each other for what felt like hours until Kurt couldn't take the silence anymore and asked her what he really wanted to know.

"Why aren't you scared of me?" blurted Kurt.

Willow gave him a long appraising look, "I've seen scarier things and besides you kind of cute with those pointy ears, blue fur and beautiful golden eyes...," Willow stopped in the middle of her babble and blushed in embarrassment. She just basically admitted to Kurt that she was attracted to him.

At first Kurt just stared at her is disbelief. But as Willow's face began to turn red he smirked at her. "So you think I'm cute," said Kurt it was more of a statement than a question.

Willow quickly nodded her head as she turned her face to avoid his eyes.

Kurt would have none of that and gently grabbed her chin and tilted her face so that it was facing his. He slowly leaned down and gently brushed his lips against hers. Willow immediately responded to the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down further to deepen the kiss. Kurt prehensile tail wrapped around her waist and pulled Willow closer so that her body was flushed against his.

'Oh yeah,' thought Willow as she continued to kiss Kurt. 'This can be good. Not bad at for the first day of school, not bad at all.'


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