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Starfire snapped up to a sitting position, breathing heavy. Her hair was disheveled, and the sheets that she slept on were rumpled and mussed. She put a hand to her head and sighed.

"I fear this dream will never go away..."

She had had a nightmare. More specifically, she had had a nightmare that had plagued her for two months, every so often. It was odd, and didn't make much sense when she woke up, but it tortured her all the same. Starfire rubbed her forehead. "Is there no way to rid myself of this unpleasant vision?"

Suddenly, she had a flash of remembrance. "Herthag broth!" Herthag broth, a thin, dark purple soup, was made from the Herthag flower, a common bloom on Tamaran. There were no Herthag flowers on Earth, but Starfire was sure that she could find some sort of substitute. The draught was well known for its calming abilities.

Starfire swung herself off her bed, and tiptoed out the door, as to not wake up her fellow Titans. Unfortunately, she had the room farthest from the kitchen. Past Raven's room, silent as a tomb. Past Beast Boy's room, where she could here faint murmurs of "Ladies...please...you'll all get your turn...snzzz..." Past Cyborg's room, with faint mechanical beeps and pings seeping through the walls. And finally, past Robin's room.

Starfire was just leaving Robin's door behind, when she heard a strange thumping noise. She turned on the spot, and inched closer to the door. "Robin?" she whispered tentatively. No answer. Suddenly, a mumbled stream of words, and then silence. Starfire leaned closer. "Robin?" She called a little louder now. A louder reply came back, but still garbled. It sounded as if it came from a fair distance. Starfire was about to call again, when the door whooshed open.

"Ah!" she yelled for the second time that night. She had sprung back and was now staring a bewildered Robin in the face. His hair was a little mussed, and his clothes were a bit wrinkled. "Starfire?" he asked, looking confused. She eased out of the attack stance she had jumped to, and smiled. "Forgive me Robin, I heard sounds of distress from your room, and..." she trailed off, not knowing what else to say. Robin looked baffled, but then caught on. "Oh, I just fell out of bed, Star. But uh...Why are you up?"

Starfire blushed. "I um...I had an unpleasant vision that disturbed my slumber." She suddenly brightened. "Robin, you can partake in my Herthag broth! Please, join me!" She grabbed his hand, and dragged him to the kitchen. As he was being towed along, Robin remembered that it was 3:45 AM. "Oh well..." He thought. This was more interesting that sleep anyway.


"...And that is the secret to transforming the sun's energy into usable weapons!" Starfire grinned as she stirred together a murky, plum-colored mess of flour, water, and eggplant.

Robin nodded as he cracked one of his knuckles. He didn't sleep in his gloves and hadn't bothered to take them with him. Cracking his knuckles was his worst bad habit, and he did it like crazy when he wasn't wearing anything on his hands.


"Yes, Robin?" Starfire was feeling cheerful. She hadn't made Herthag broth since she was a small child on Tamaran. Doing so brought back memories of happy days with her mother and her sister, before Blackfire got a mean streak.

"...Never mind."

Starfire continued to mix in random ingredients to her soup. She was in a breezy mood, and without thinking of what she was doing, she voiced a rather private question. "Robin, have you ever done the dating before?"

Robin was quiet for a moment. Starfire turned around and saw that he was blushing faintly, but he was obviously thinking. "Uh...Not really, Star. I've been doing this my whole life, for the most part. I don't really have time for girls." Robin was silent for another moment. Starfire half- expected him to say something else, but he didn't. She didn't know why, but she felt a little saddened.

"Robin, have you heard any news of my sister lately?" Starfire was eager to change the subject, because the silence between them was a tad awkward. "I would like to know what correctional facility she is being housed in. Perhaps I could visit her..." Starfire felt a nagging sadness tug at her heart. Her own sister...Blackfire, who had taught her how to use starbolts. She put on a brave face.

"No...No, I haven't. I think she was taken to the outskirts of the Centauri moons though, since it's so abandoned and all."

Starfire nodded. Maybe she could ask her parents in her next transmission home.

Robin swallowed. "Maybe I should just tell her..." he thought. It wasn't offensive or overt or anything. Actually, it was the opposite.



"I know that your birthday was a week ago, and I, uh...I went out and bought you something. I have to get it though." Robin, without another word, got up and left for his room. Starfire ceased her cooking and remembered when she had casually told Robin when her Life Ceremony was. Robin had called it her birthday, and frankly, Starfire liked that term more and had started using it too. "He purchased a gift for me?" Starfire blushed. She was about to ponder what the present could be, when Robin re- entered the room.

He waved Starfire over to the kitchen table and gave her a small, wrapped gift. It was covered, a little messily, in bright green paper with silver stars. A big pink bow was slapped a little haphazardly on the side of it. Not a lot of color scheme, Robin noted a little embarrassedly.

Starfire looked delighted. She slowly and carefully peeled the corners of the paper off of each other, and slid the gift out. She gasped; it was such a lovely thing.

In front of her was a small, ornate box. It was the size of her fist, and it was covered in silver metal swirls and whorls. It stood on delicate little silver feet, and a carved latch was placed on the front. She undid the latch, and pushed the top back. The inside of the top had a small, group picture of the Titans on it. It was taken while they all sat on the sofa one day when apparently nothing was going on. Cyborg lounged on the edge with Beast Boy next to him giving him bunny ears. Raven was in the middle, with a small, carefully formed smile on her face. Starfire was next to her, grinning widely. And finally, Robin was on the end, looking happy like the rest of them.

The inside of the bottom of the box was covered in more silver decorations, except the very middle. A small piece of paper, folded over into a small square was taped down there. Starfire un-taped it gently, and opened the paper. A small photo fell out, and she picked it up. It was of Robin and Starfire at the carnival, before they rode the Ferris wheel. Robin had just bought Starfire a caramel apple, and she was amazed with the concept that candy could be merged with fruit. Robin had carefully placed his arm around her waist, just loose enough not to arouse suspicion, but definitely insinuating a little bit more.

Starfire had never seen that picture before, and was now moving on to the note. It read:

Dear Starfire,

Happy Birthday! Or Life Ceremony, whichever you prefer. I want to say that since you've been on Earth, nothing's been the same. You make everything happy, and cheerful, and you-(something here was scratched out) you are the only person who can bring me out of a bad mood.

I'm not sure what else to say, a letter doesn't seem right. But I just want you to know that I'll be your best friend for life. And-(something was scratched out here too) and I'll always be there for you.

(Something else was scratched out here)


Starfire looked up at Robin with shining eyes. All at once, she flung herself across the seat at him, and clutched him in a bone-crushing hug. "Oh Robin!" She cried. "It's so beautiful! Oh, it's lovely and delicate and it's so wonderful..." She started sobbing unrestrainedly into Robin's shoulder.

Robin was a little shocked at the response, but pleased with it. He patted Starfire on the back. "Thanks Star. I'm glad you like it."

Starfire collected herself, and returned to the kitchen counter again, where her broth was waiting. Robin took a few napkins and started to dry his sleeve were Starfire had gotten it wet with tears. "Robin?" she suddenly asked.


"When is your Life Cer- I mean birthday?"

Robin bit his lip. "July 17. Not for another few months." When he noticed Starfire's crestfallen face, he spoke again. "But Easter's coming soon; you can get gifts for that."

She brightened again and continued cooking. While Robin was wiping his shoulder and she threw tomato soup into her dish, a thought flitted across her mind. "Why were segments of Robin's letter scratched out? Was there part of his correspondence he did not wish me to see?" She poured in some milk and thought about it. "On Tamaran, we use only video transmissions, and we cannot omit parts of our message."



"Why were sections of your letter omitted? We do not use letters on Tamaran; perhaps the scratches had a meaning I did not understand?"

Robin, for the second time that night, blushed faintly. "Those were just a few things that I didn't get right when I was writing it." Starfire cocked her head. "But Robin, I am sure that whatever you had written would have been appropriate." Robin cracked his knuckle. "No, it wasn't. They just...didn't sound right."

Starfire heard him crack his knuckles again. "Oh, Robin! Are you damaged?" She rushed to sit down next to him again, and held his hand up for her to examine. "I see no wound..." Robin laughed. "No, Star. It's just a bad habit." Starfire reluctantly let go of his hand, but then threw him a small smile.



"Could we perhaps do the dating some time?"

For the third time, Robin blushed faintly. "Uh, If...If you want." Starfire grinned. "Wonderful! Perhaps you could do the dating with Raven as well!" Robin stared at her quizzically. "Yes, Robin?"

"Uh, Star? Are you sure you know what dating is?"

"Yes, Robin! It is when a girl and a boy go to a place of merriment, like the mall of shopping."

"Yeah Star, but the girl and boy are usually going out for...romantic reasons."

Starfire's face turned flaming red, practically matching her hair. "Oh Robin, I am sorry! I did not realize...."

Robin laughed. "It's all right."

Starfire returned to her mixture. "Maybe it would be all right to ask..."



"Could we still perhaps do the dating?" Her voice was small and quiet, as she watched Robin's face, for the fourth time, grow red.

"If...If you wanted to Star."

Starfire smiled widely, a little embarrassed herself. "Wonderful! Perhaps the mall of shopping, or the hall of moving pictures, or the carnival, or the habitat of ducks and squirrels!"

Robin leaned back in his seat and grinned, a trace of a blush still on his face. "Sure."

Starfire yawned loudly. "Star? Maybe you should go back to bed." He nodded at her rapidly greening soup bowl. "You can put that in the fridge and finish in the morning."

Starfire nodded and slid her broth into the fridge where Beast Boy would eat it tomorrow and spend the day throwing up.

As they came to Robin's room, Starfire turned to his door. Robin was just about to close it, when she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. His eyes were wide when she pulled away, and her face was bright pink. Without another word, she dashed back to her room, and threw herself on the bed, giggling like mad.

Some things were better than Herthag broth.


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