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Starfire sighed contentedly, and looked at Robin. This was pure bliss...His hair...That nose...Oh, that mouth...Robin was definitely the best-looking boy in the world.

As the duo entered the living room, they broke their hand-hold. Neither was sure whether their friends could handle public displays of affection yet, so they were playing it safe.

Raven glanced up from her dusty, ancient book. "Are you two going out?" she inquired, noticing the dreamy smile on Starfire's face.

"Um...yeah." muttered Robin, looking determinedly at the ground. He felt slightly stupid saying it, like a little high-school boy with a crush.

Raven nodded, and returned to her tome. "Get going before Beast Boy and Cyborg show up to interrogate you." She could tell that each Titan just wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

Starfire nodded, and quickened her pace a little. "Robin, where are we going?" she asked, as they stepped out the front door.

Robin coughed. "Well, I thought we could go to the habitat- I mean, the park."

Starfire's bright eyes lit up with glee. "Oh, wonderful! Perhaps we could provide nourishment to the ducks?" Starfire had seen dates at parks on TV before, and they were always dreamy and romantic. She could scarcely wait to get there.

Robin laughed. "Sure, Star." The cool sea air whipped a few rogue strands of his hair around, and Starfire grinned with pleasure. He was so adorable!

Starfire led Robin to the rocky coastline, and levitated a few inches off the ground. Robin stood obediently beneath her, and waited. With a great swoop, Starfire caught his hands, and lifted both of them off the ground. They would have taken the T-car, but Cyborg had insisted that no one even look at it, until its modifications were completed.

As they neared the shore of Jump City, a few people pointed up at them. Starfire guided Robin down to a rather rickety-looking dock, and touched down again herself. "Robin, where is the park?" she asked, shooting glares at a few hopeful-looking girls that were hanging around. Sadly, Robin had many female fans.

"Over there, a little more that half a mile." said Robin, pointing to the right. With a last glower at the groupies, Starfire began to walk, hand-in- hand with Robin, which elicited a few groans from the female crowd.

In about fifteen minutes, Robin and Starfire had reached the park. There was indeed a pond with ducks in it, which Starfire raced over to immediately. "Robin!" she exclaimed, watching a duckling paddle nearer to her. "They are so lovely! Tell me, where is the mother?"

Robin looked around, and pointed to a large, plump duck by the edge of the pond. "Over there," he said, crouching down beside Starfire.

Starfire watched the mama duck tend to her babies, and smiled. "What a pleasant scene, Robin." She sighed as she got up. "They look very content."

Robin nodded, and they both headed over to the playground. It was only ten in the morning on a Sunday, so the park was deserted. "Have you ever been on a swing, Star?" he asked, pointing to the familiar object.

Starfire shook her head. "No, Robin, though I have seen them on the television."

Robin smiled, and he led her over to them. "Here," he instructed, sitting down on one himself. Starfire took the one next to him. "You have to kick out your legs, and then pull them back, along with your arms." He did so, feeling a little silly.

Starfire copied him, and was soon swinging almost parallel to the ground. "Robin!" she giggled, as she swept up again, "This is delightful! It feels like flying!"

Robin grinned, and gave himself some extra height. His initial self- consciousness gave way to pure happiness. He hadn't been on a pair of swings since he was a kid, and he rarely cut loose at all. Doing so with Starfire was like a dream.

Starfire whooped as she went back and forth, caught up in pure enjoyment. Robin joined in, and the pair was soon laughing together.

"Ah!" Starfire gasped, as she regained her breath. In pure Starfire fashion, she simply flew off the swing, instead of coming to a stop. She turned around, and grabbed Robin off his swing too. "Robin, that was wonderful! What shall we do now?"

"Um..." Robin glanced around, looking for something to do. "Want to play basketball?"

Starfire nodded eagerly. "I have heard of such a game! Look, the orange orb, it is over there!"

Indeed, a lone basketball had been abandoned by the side of the court. It was a little flat, but it would do. Robin picked it up, and began to dribble it, running for the basket. "Come on, Star!" he yelled, jumping up to make a basket.

Starfire flew in, and easily blocked it from her position in the air. "Ha!" she cried, now cradling the ball in her arms. She descended down to the pavement. "My turn, dear Robin."

She dashed over the court, flying low. Robin sprinted to keep up with her, and was soon neck-and-neck. She reached up to toss the ball, when-


Bursting out of the ground with a mighty thunder, came Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx. It seemed that Mammoth had busted a tunnel underground, as all three were looking a little worse for the wear.

"Ah, look at the lovebirds," purred Jinx, hands on hips. "It seems we have interrupted their little date."

Robin groaned inwardly, frustrated at the distraction. All he wanted was a date, was that so much to ask?

He nodded at Starfire, who immediately shot downwards, and threw a starbolt at Gizmo's stomach. The little boy blasted it back to her with a complicated-looking shield of metal and circuitry.

"Take that, scuzzmunchers!" he cheered, fists in the air.

Robin ran up, and delivered a fast kick to Mammoth, aiming for his head. The huge boy punched the ground with amazing force, throwing Robin back by the sheer magnitude.

"Robin!" cried Starfire, now swooping towards Mammoth. She charged up a debilitating eye laser, ready to strike, when-

"Ah!" she exclaimed, looking backwards. Jinx had thrown herself onto her feet, dragging her downwards. Mammoth now charged at her, ready to strike, when Robin came from behind him, and got him in the back with a freeze disk.

As the enormous villain fell out of the way, frozen, Robin charged towards Jinx, now safely on the ground. Before he could whack her, though she cast a spell at the tree above him. It started to fall, about to crush Robin fatally-

Starfire grabbed him by the hands, and lifted him to safety. Jinx merely laughed, and called, "You think you can win? There are two of you, and three of us! You're outnumbered!"

"Not anymore," said a gravelly voice from behind the fallen tree.

Suddenly, a green lion leapt out from the foliage, and attacked Mammoth. A shower of rocks, enveloped in black, started to pelt themselves at Jinx, and a blue-white blast was sent in Gizmo's direction.

Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg all emerged from the fallen tree, looking triumphant. "Dude, you went to the park?" said Beast Boy, watching his two other teammates. "Come on, Robin, that's-MRRFF!" a black band of energy had wrapped itself around Beast Boy's mouth. Behind him, Raven was smirking.

The Hive was now attempting scurry away, down their tunnel. Raven rolled her eyes, as Cyborg sent a sonic blast at their escape route, causing it to cave in. The criminals emerged sheepishly from their burrow, peering up at the Titans.

"We'll take it from here," called Cyborg, the other two leading the villains away, "You two have fun. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do, Robin!" he winked at the boy, who laughed.

Robin cleared his throat. "So, um..." Starfire smiled, and gestured over to a park bench. They sat down. "We..."

Starfire grinned. "That was very interesting, Robin. I believe our friends were making fun of our date."

Robin chuckled, and leaned into the back of the bench. "Yeah"

Starfire watched Robin. "Perhaps now..." she thought, fiddling with her fingers. "Perhaps..."

"Robin," she asked, turning to face him. "Could we perhaps, do the...kissing?"

Robin's face immediately colored, and he looked at Starfire. "Uh, sure, yeah...I mean, I..." He tried to regain his composure, but failed miserably.

Starfire smiled warmly. She leaned over, and kissed him.

Starfire's mind went into a sort of dreamy haze, with thoughts flitting across it. She ran her fingers through his slicked-back hair, and moaned softly. "Robin..." she sighed, breaking the kiss momentarily. She immediately went back, in a state of pure ecstasy. This was bliss, this was paradise, the world consisted of Robin, herself, and this wonderful, wonderful feeling... Robin pulled away, breathing heavy. "Star..." he said softly, looking at her. A smile spread across his face, as he pulled her up to a standing position. "Wow...that..."

Starfire put a finger to his lips. "I believe it is time to return home."

Robin nodded, feeling disoriented. He'd only been kissed once before, but that was just...whoa.

They walked, hand-in-hand, back to the coast, where Starfire again flew Robin over to their island and Titans Tower. In warm, easy silence, they entered their home again, each with a wide smile on their face

Beast Boy looked up from his videogame, and snickered.

"Have a good time?" asked Raven, looking up at them. Starfire nodded, and cleared her throat. "Er...I...I must go to my room now, I need to..."

She cut herself off, and quickly departed to her room, a giggle starting to bubble out of her mouth.

Robin looked around sheepishly, and joined Beast Boy on the couch. "So..." the shape-shifter asked, a furtive look on his face, "Did..."

"Did you kiss?" asked Raven, rather abruptly. (A/N that's from Harry Potter!)

Robin looked at the carpet. "Uh...yeah."

Beast Boy nudged Robin on the arm, a wide smirk on his face. "Dude!"

Raven merely smiled, and went back to her book.

Robin grinned, and picked up a controller. It was no use, though. After that kiss, he just couldn't immerse himself in anything that wasn't Starfire. He abandoned the two other Titans, and left for the bedroom hallway.

Beast Boy shook his head. "Dude, Robin's in love." He snickered, and shut off his game.

Raven raised her eyebrows at him. "Need I remind you of a certain blonde- haired geomancer? Went by the name of Ter..."

Beast Boy glared at her, and nestled back into his seat, turning the TV back on.


Starfire twirled around her room, singing a Tamaranian ode to love. Just as she was about to wail the refrain, a sharp knock came from her door.

"Yes?" she said, pushing the door button. To her delight, Robin was in the doorway, beaming.

"Oh, Robin!" she said, clapping her hands. "What is your request?"

Robin smirked, and kissed her briefly on the lips. Without a word, he reached in, and hit the door button, leaving a shocked Starfire alone in her room. The girl stumbled backwards, and sat on her bed.

Starfire snapped out of her trance, and quickly hopped up onto her mattress. Bouncing up and down on it in pure joy, she said to herself, "I believe that more Herthag broth tonight is in order!"


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