Osiris slid smoothly on the ice known as Lake Baikal, his pale purple bangs slightly covering his crimson eyes, his violet hair at the back was tied loosely though not so it looked constricted. His furs decked out his athletic body making him seem and feel bigger, if not stronger than he already was.

It began to snow, light flakes landing on him, sending cold shivers through him. He relished it. Soon the sky was adorned with soft snowflakes, almost immediately washing the heavens and space around him into a white blur.

He sighed contentedly.

No one around him could force him to do anything out here, his degree was over and he knew that he had passed with flying colors; knowing he would most likely get the highest mark in the country.

Or at least the highest mark they give out. He smirked to himself. He had always known himself to be a genius. Passing his GCSEs with flying colors at the age of ten, now at six years on he had proven to the world he was more than a genius.

He was a first class mastermind, superior to everyone else, just as his name implied. Osiris; god of all.

He was going to be the one who discovered the cure for cancer, the common cold, Aids and so much more. He was going to be the one that solved the great puzzle of the mind, and why Spirits known as Bit-beasts connected with a few exceptional people, people who used their inferior minds to create a game.

Their 'game' was far more than what they thought of it to be. People died for those spirits, for the humans connected to them.

He was going to find out why.

The flurry of snow worsened. Osiris decided to head back to the hotel; he had no intention of expiring before he solved his many questions.

Walking back from the middle of the lake he tripped. Earning himself a mouthful of freshly laid snow and a cold shock. He got up, grumbling and cursing to himself.

Something black caught his eye. Unusual considering everything else around him was a startling white.

He picked it up despite himself, observing the black phoenix with a slight awe.

Bit-beast... but how?

A pain shot through him, he doubled up. Crying out slightly.

Welcome Master, my name is Black Dranzer. a voice in his mind.

Osiris gagged slightly.


You are wasting your time master. You must find your partner.

More painful shocks through his body, visions of a beautiful blue phoenix rising out of the ashes made him almost forget to breath.

Find her... Become unstoppable.the voice lulled him further. Become the victor... be the best...

The boy felt himself laugh, cruel and bitter as the spirit showed him the many ways he could do so. Take over...

Find his phoenix.

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