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Chapter 48: A Second Chance

I can't imagine how hard it must be to be you
adopting all your history it's hard being me too
Are your secrets where you left them?
Cause now your ghosts are mine as well
I think it's time I met them and I think it's time you tell…

Bags packed;






Check book;




Friend's addresses and phone numbers?


Broken Heart;


And you should have told me when
you met me all these things I should know
And I should have asked we should
have talked about this so long ago…

Isis scanned around the bare room; it looked so empty and cold with out her own personal touches in it once more. Her belongings all packed into suitcases piled in the corridor waiting to be piled into the car via Hiro.

It's not fair, it's not fair,
and don't leave me here
Oh how's this happening to me?
It feels so lonely here…

She hadn't told her cousin's why she was leaving, merely telling them she needed to go back to England, they didn't ask questions – well, Tyson did, Hiro however prevented him.

That's Hiro for you, always knew what I wanted…

She hadn't spoken a word about last night, she'd not shed a tear about it, merely packing her bags with the help of Tyson and Hiro, never attempting to lift the subdued atmosphere as they did a chore they all detested.

That night, she'd found it so difficult not to she his broken face as her eyes closed, his perfect crimson eyes just staring into her, destroy the little strength she had left.

She hadn't slept that night.

Sleep wouldn't come to her and her to sleep.

All night she'd yearned for his fiery touch to enclose around her cool skin, his soft kisses and loving presence there to comfort her when she was scared. Her body pressed against his as they slept in blissful dreams, his arms around her waist. He kept her safe and secure, both wrapped in an ever ending love for each other.

We are in a mess, a Danger Zone
What will happen next? You never know
We are in a mess, a Danger Zone
What will happen next? You never know

That night she had been so cold, unused to that new sensation and wanting him back, wanting to be back in his strong arms…

And then the blonde bitch appeared, her skinny arms around his neck, a cruel glint in her eyes as perfectly painted nails gently stroked his tattooed cheek as he just looked straight at her, his eyes cold and without feeling. The choking feeling inside her throat threatened to over whelm her once more…

She blinked, shaking her head slight as she dismissed those thoughts from her mind, even if it was in vain, scolding her mind for thinking such things as her heart burned and twisted in agony.

"Isis?" A voice behind her made her jump; Max.

"Oh, hey Maxie." She whispered her voice hoarse. He smiled comfortingly, the kind people give when they're sad for you, wanting for you the pain to stop, sincere – that was the word.

"Hiro said he's finished loading your stuff into the car, we've got to go now." He told her, she nodded, casting her eyes over her room once more, she wasn't going to see it in a while, heck, she didn't know when she was going to see it again; she'd miss it.

Like everything else in Japan.

Now we share the closet, now you've let me come inside
and now you're finally undressing and I feel like I might die
the damage is infectious, the confession is too late
and how can I accept this?
How is this happening to me?

The low sound of continious purring sent Kai back into the harsh reality of the real world. His back stiff from having to sleep on the sofa, his breath rank and hair a mess. His stomach growled painfully in hope for food as his mouth screammed at him for water.

His head was thudding painfully as he glanced at the coffee table in front of his face, bloody British, what was the point in a coffee table?

He struggled into a sitting position and clutched his head, vowing never to do what ever he did last night again… He looked at the coffee table again, noticing the empty bottles of vodka smashed around the room; he swore mentally and fell back into the stiff sofa.

Why the hell did Osiris have to buy the most uncomfortable sofa in the whole of Japan? Baka.

Of course not stupid enough to be kissed by some bloody air head bimbo in front of a girlfriend who was having enough problems as it was; no wonder she was going back to England…


"I'm going back to England tomorrow, I didn't know whether I should or not… but now…" Her words spun around in his head and he stood up quickly, too quickly; he fell back again.

First I've got to get rid of this bloody hangover…

Or at least freshen up, no way was he going to win her back sinking of vodka and sweat…

Now we share the closet, now you've let me come inside
And now you're finally undressing, and I feel like I might die
The damage is infectious, the confession is too late
And how can I accept this
How is this happening to me

It's not fair, it's not fair
and I come up for air
how's this happening to me
it feels so lonely here

Shower off; pale blue bangs saturated with water as it slid down and formed droplets ready to take its leap into the steamy mists of the bathroom. Water running down his body as he wrapped a black towel around his waist; typical Osiris, nothing in a normal bathroom, a mixture of greys, blacks and white, a load of designer labels for shampoo and conditioner, a bottle for every kind of hair, gels of every kind, every sort of men's shower gel.

The whole experience had caused a cause for concern, why the hell would Osiris want more stuff in his bathroom than a single woman had in accessories?

Still, at least his hangover was slightly better, he had no doubt Osiris would have something in the apartment for his. Heck, he had just about everything else in here. Not that he was complaining, however the sofa…

He let out a small growl; he was starting to sound like his friend, which was always a bad sign.


Kai winced as loud thuds ran around the flat, yelling at the top of his voice.

"Kai! Kai you Russian prick get out here now!"

Bloody Osiris.

"Kai for fucks sake man she's bloody leaving!"

And yet he was such a good friend at times.

"Osiris for crying out loud do you have to swear?" Another voice, more girlish… Hilary.

Kai stepped out of the bathroom, still dripping wet, his mind racing although he refused to run around like Tyson did when getting ready to leave for another Tournament. Hilary blushed slightly and then shook her head before she used a tone she used only on Tyson.

"KAI IF YOU DON'T HURRY UP Isis IS GOING TO LEAVE THINKING THAT YOU'RE GOING WITH SOME BLONDE SLUT!" She yelled at him. He hardened and went cold inside, his eyes meeting hers.

"How did you know that?" He asked her, she blanched and looked over to a wary looking Osiris.

"You… said a few things last night Kai… Erm…" He shook his head as though trying to shake them out. "Look! We don't have time to discuss this! The point is you have less than five minutes to get ready so we can get to the airport!"

We are in a mess, a danger zone
what will happen next, you never know
we are in a mess, a danger zone
what will happen next, you never know
you never know
you never know

Five minutes later…

Kai finally emerged looking his usual self, though his hair was still slightly damp. Both Hilary and Osiris looked as though they were about to pull their hair out. He gave them both a fleeting look and quickly put on his shoes, and walked out of the door Hilary and Osiris following him, a worried look on her face and a troubled one on his.

"We'll take my baby." Osiris told them, the others gave him a questioning look as he ran into garage place and the purr of an engine exploded into life.

He looked very pleased with himself as he skidded right up to them in a sleek black Mercedes-Benz SL500, modified to his taste – thus meaning every sort of gadget available without making it look tacky.

Kai felt something soft land on his shoulder, great, the cat's back.

Tyson let out a groan, they'd hit heavy traffic, typical. Tokyo was the worst place for traffic in probably the world; they were still miles away from the airport as well, just great…

"Damn traffic…" He spoke for what seemed to be the hundredth time in the past five minutes. Ray looked calm, Max bored and Hiro just stared vacantly out of the front window, his hands gripping the car wheel. Isis looked close to tears and very stressed out, not a very good combination.

Tyson sighed again.

"Damn traf-"

"SHUT UP!" She yelled at him but her tongue as if to prevent her yelling at him some more.

Tyson kept quiet, realising that his cousin wasn't wanting to be messed with this morning. He mentally sighed and looked out the window.

Everybody bored.

Hiro let out a small growl and turned into a back street. Everyone looked at him as his face turned from boredom to concentration.

"We're going the back way" He told them all, they nodded and went back to what ever they were doing.

All of your secrets
All your lies, all of it

He's coming for you Isis!

Isis squeezed her eyes shut.

Let him come, I'm not going to change my mind.

Silence in her mind.


I can't forgive him for what he's done to me, he shattered my heart Dragweena! He… he broke it and for that I'll never forgive him!

She heard a frustrated protest form her bit-beast.

But can't you see? You already have…

"Shut up!" She growled and blinked, realising she was the only one in the car.

"Isis? Come on! Hiro's got the trolley thing!" Tyson called to her, Isis got out and walked up to her friends, beginning to help them load her things onto the trolley.

"Thanks you guys" She whispered to them, they smiled and nodded.

"It's no problem." Ray told her, "Come on, we've got a surprise for you in the VIP waiting room." He told her.

She felt an icy trickle slip down into her stomach.

"Don't worry about it!" Max told her comfortingly, a sincere smile once more on his face. She nodded.

"Come on, let's go and see what it is then!" She told them, trying to sound light hearted but unfortunately failing miserably.

We are in a mess, a danger zone
what will happen next, you never know
we are in a mess, a danger zone
what will happen next, you never know

Isis stumbled slightly onto to be helped by Tyson; she waved her arms around her trying to get a sense of where she was; the blindfold wasn't helping. She heard a quick scuffle and everything suddenly fell silent. She began to wonder where on earth was going on.

She felt the blindfold lift to reveal just about everyone she'd met in the past few months. The Espanola Angeles, Fallen Ones', the Saint Shields, Mariah and a group of other Chinese people she recognised to be White Tiger X, Daichi in the corner stuffing his face. She felt a small lump in her throat and smiled.

"Isis!" Mariah shouted and everyone laughed, causing the pink haired neko-jin to blush slightly. She was greeted by everyone shaking her hand, bowing or embracing her, all telling her how much they'd miss her.

She'd miss them so much too…

30 minutes later…

Kai was in a bad mood, the bad traffic had delayed them drastically, he slammed the door causing Osiris to shudder, and run after him, Hilary struggling to catch up.

Kai pushed through the crowds through the airport. He was desperate to find them… to find her.

Please don't let her have gone yet… He thought desperately.

He crashed into someone; Tyson, everyone all around him. He staggered back, staring at them slightly before getting ready to run again.

"She's gone Kai." Ray told him, the hint of sadness in his voice. Kai stopped still, his throat choked up suddenly. "Kai?" He asked. Kai grabbed him and threw him across the floor, winding him.

Everyone gasped.

"Kai!" Tyson called after him. Kai was running to the desk; Tyson and Max running after him; leaving Zoriaida Mariam and everyone else in the group to watch from the background.

Tyson watched his leader back away from the assistant at the desk. A group of tourists passed in front of the two making Tyson's next view of Kai of him on his knees, his head bent making his bangs hide his face.

Hiding the tears that cascaded down his face.

Tyson ran towards him. His captain's once emotionless eyes filled with utter grief and regret. Tyson gaped slightly, unused to his friend reacting like this; he knelt down as though to console him.

Kai didn't react. He didn't seem to notice Tyson was there.

"She's… she's gone..." He choked out the words. His voice full of disbelief; "I… I…" He took out his Dranzer as though seeking comfort.

Dranzer glowed brightly for the last time.

Isis found her seat next to the window and felt a tear come to her eye. She had only gone over to visit her cousin. So much had happened though... Kai… Her mind then filled witha harsh distrust and her mind switched from anguish to anger.

How dare he break my heart! Two faced arrogant jerk!

Mistress! I know you do not feel that way about him!

Don't kid yourself. He hurt me so bad! He thought he could use me like some fan girl with no bloody emotions!

He was worried mistress. The boy is very insecure.

He's a selfish, twisted, arrogant, possessive jerk.

You love him.

"I hate him!" She shouted out loud; then cursed again as people started to look at her. Though luckily for her she was in the first class section so not too many people were with her. She stared out of the window with a fierce vehemence.

The plane began to move and Isis felt her heart getting ripped out of her chest. Tears cascaded down her cheeks as she fiercely denied her true feelings.

"I hate you Kai Hiwatari." She whispered fiercely. "I HATE YOU!"

We are in a mess, a danger zone
What will happen next, you never know
We are in a mess, a danger zone
What will happen next, you never know