Pairing: Sparrington

Rating: R-ish for implied self-pleasuring

Disclaimer: I own nothing but damn if I did . . . Written for roadparty for the LJ drabble challenges

I Miss You

Sometimes, when he was missing Jack so much he could hardly stand it, he would close his eyes and raise his hand to touch his own face. It wasn't the same of course, but if he let calloused fingertips wander very lightly over cheekbones, nose and mouth, tongue slipping out to taste the salt on them, then nerve endings would spark, releasing their store of memories.

Breath, liberally flavored with rum, wafting over skin as another set of fingers played in his hair and traced the lines next to his eyes. Beard bristled face prickling on that delicate spot right behind his left ear as a wet heat curled around the lobe . . . "Do you remember me now, James?"

"Been a while, I forget. Why don't you remind me?" Jack would laugh then and press closer to him, letting his hands wander down the line of chest, over nipples and lower . . .

He caught himself with a shiver and blew out a harsh breath. He had been lonely before of course. Duty and position didn't seem to lend themselves to easy and open relationships. Only now though, when he had someone to love, did he truly know what it was to be alone.

James sighed, the warm puff trickling over his lips like the ghost of a kiss. Closing his eyes again, he let the soft breeze from the window and his own hand caress and tickle and tease his skin until he could almost feel Jack with him.

It would have to do . . .