Just a short little THING I wrote. Haven't posted anything here in ages. Interpret this anyway you like, even though it's quite obvious who's point of view it was written from.


Don't get me wrong when I say that I love you
Because I don't mean in the way you think I mean it
Or the way he thinks I mean it.

I mean it in the way that I will fight for you
And most likely die for you
And I'll do anything to protect you
Because you are my best friend.

If anyone lays an uncaring hand upon you
Or points a callous wand
They will be on their backs before they know what hit them
Because how dare they.

Don't get me wrong when I say that I love you.

Don't misinterpret this hug that I give you
Because it only means that I love you
Not that I love you.

And if you do this
I won't misinterpret a kiss on the cheek
Because I know you're just being a friend.

And I really just want to see you happy and safe
And it would be great if you two got together
Because you're all I have left
So please just be happy
Because I love you.