Blue Knight

A collection of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals short stories about Dekar.

Knight 01: Escape

"You have to leave now!" Dekar yelled from where he was standing at the other side of a stone cliff that was once the floor of the shrine.

"We can't just leave you here!" Selan called back.

"We'll find a way to get to you!" It was possible to identify the frustration in Maxim's voice. He couldn't find a way to get to Dekar, not on time. He once found himself in a similar situation, but back then he was the one in danger so he didn't worry too much. Maxim's always been like this, putting other's lives before his. But this time, there really was nothing he could do.

"We can't stay..." Guy finally spoke. He had the ability to understand others. He could always tell what another wanted to see done. Dekar wanted them to leave. He wanted them to go to a safe place before the entire shrine collapsed. They all knew that, but Guy was the only one that voiced it besides Dekar himself.

"He's right..." Maxim voiced in a defeated tone. He wasn't the kind to give up but this time there really was nothing he could do.

Selan nodded quietly and Maxim signaled for Iris to use the escape spell to get them out of the shrine.

Once outside, the Shrine collapsed in seconds, going from a beautiful building to a pile of rocks. Maxim, Selan, Guy and Iris looked at it in disbelief. Not even Iris could predict Dekar's fate this time, for she had lost the ability to see into the future when Maxim and she herself defied destiny.

"He's gone... I'm sorry I used the escape spell too soon." Iris felt guilty but deep down she knew that she had used it just in time.

"It's not your fault I should have stopped him," Maxim blamed himself for this. He was the leader so he thought he was responsible for all the others.

"It's not your fault Maxim, and maybe there's hope, maybe he's still alive and will find a way to escape." Selan tried to comfort Maxim, the others and herself.

"Right, he always makes it, so why not now? I don't think we can get rid of him that easy!" Guy joked a little, to try to change the sad mood they were in.

"Yeah, you're right.," Maxim agreed, the thought that they had lost Dekar hasn't sunk in yet.

"You must always have hope," Iris spoke. "Now I will leave you to continue your journey but we may meet again." Iris left like she always did, but they knew they would see her again.

"Where are we going Maxim?" Selan asked, trying to change the subject. She knew Dekar wouldn't want them to be sad.

"I guess we should head on to the next town." Just as Maxim said, the group headed for the next town and continued their journey.

Meanwhile, inside the collapsed shrine... "Did they make it out on time?" Dekar wondered "Yes, they must have. I saw them disappear before this place came down." He was still inside the shrine. One of the pillars had been strong enough to support the falling ceiling so Dekar stood close to it until the rain of rocks stopped. He was alive and not seriously injured. He was fine compared to other situations he's been in, but unlike those past times, this time he was trapped with seemingly no escape.

Dekar looked around in the darkness trying to find something, anything. A clue, a hint of a way out, yet he found nothing but rocks and pieces of the walls and ceiling. There was nothing he could do, so he sat down resting his back on the pillar, the only pillar that remained standing after the shrine collapsed. He wondered how long he would have to sit there before he figured out his future. Would he escape or would he... No, that just can't be. Sir Dekar is not one to give up!

As he sat there in the darkness completely bored, Dekar started thinking of his past. When he was knighted in Bound Kingdom, the first time prince Alex told him he wanted to be like him. The first of many times prince Alex got into trouble for trying to follow Dekar on his adventures. He promised the prince that he would return and teach him swordsmanship. Dekar had to go back for the good of the kingdom and to fulfill his promise to the prince.

Then he remembered when he first met Maxim, Guy, Selan and Tia... He wanted to challenge Maxim the minute he saw him. That's just how Dekar was, always looking for a new challenge. But destiny got them to fight on the same side before they had they're duel.

Then there was Selan. She and Tia where traveling with Maxim when he arrived at Bound Kingdom. Now Selan and Maxim where married, she did look pretty cool in that wedding dress and not being one to keep his comments to himself Dekar told her so.

Guy was another swordsman Dekar wanted to challenge. He would always tease Guy about why he didn't just marry Jessie already if they had been engaged for a long time.

"Is this the end? Is that why my life is flashing before my eyes?" Dekar asked to no one in particular; then continued to remember.

He wondered where Tia was right now. She was very upset when she left. Dekar wished he could have helped and he did, she said so, but it wasn't enough to make her stay. Then again maybe it was for the best that she left, she wouldn't have wanted to be around for Maxim and Selan's wedding. She was in love with Maxim or so she thought, but before she left she had told Dekar she realized it was not Maxim but someone else she pictured as Maxim. It was the image of a brave knight that Tia loved.

Dekar found himself wondering what Tia meant by that. He really had no idea. He shrugged, he would figure it out in time, and if not he would ask her. Yes, he was planning to go visit Tia at Elcid when this entire journey was over.

"Great now I'm making plans, I don't know if I'll live and here I am planning to visit friends..." Dekar stood up with renewed energy. He was making plans and he could make plans because he was going to get out of there, he was going to escape, one way or another.

He started to search for a weak spot in the piles of rocks until he found a place that sounded different when he hit it with his sword. He started to hit it with his sword over and over until he broke the rock that covered a kind of tunnel that was formed when the shrine came down.

The tunnel was small, Dekar he would find a way to fit in it and get out of there. He used his sword to get rocks out of the way hoping the entire tunnel didn't collapse while he was in it. Finally, he saw a bit of light, he removed the rest of the rocks that were in the way and finally got out.

The blue haired knight smiled as he looked around him. The air was fresh, the sun was shinning and it was a beautiful day. There was no sign of Maxim, Selan, Guy or Iris. Iris always left quickly after helping, but where had the others gone? They probably continued the journey, they couldn't wait for him to save the world, there was no time to lose. Dekar understood this; his friends didn't leave so soon because they wanted to, they left because they knew they had to.

Dekar looked around to determine in which direction the group of heroes went. He decided he would just head on to the nearest town and maybe someone there would be able to tell him where they went, then if he continued to follow, eventually he would catch up. Dekar wanted to do all he could to help, and then after it was all over, he would finally have that duel with Maxim.

End of Knight 01

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