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We join our heroes battling the tribe of evil sporks. Sporks were sorrounding them but mostly Kagome, chanting "We the evil tribe of mutant sporks want the jewel shards so that we may have even more evil sporkiness. Kagome screamed when one of them used there evil spork powers. She screamed, "Inuyasha help the sporks are attacking me. Help they're going to poke me." Then Sango shouted, "They're throwing cheese at me." Inuyasha started ranting about how they had just been normal sporks, except the clumsey wench dropped a jewel shard into the wash bucket and it fused with the sporks. All of a sudden a spork hit Inuyasha with a abnormally large cherry and knocked him unconscious. Kagome meanwhile had spriad the sporks with her handy dandy rust in a can. They were now rusting beyond all hope.

But then they turned into regular spoons and started flinging peas at the gang.

Everyone screamed simultaneously, "Aaahhhhhh not peas please!!!!!" Inuyasha had regained awakefulness when they started flinging abnormally large peas and was now slashing them with tetsusiaga, except he was getting icky stinky pea goo all over him from the splattered peas.

Sudenlly Kikyou walked in on the mahem. She promptly got covered in pea goo, whip cream, ice cream, chocolate, and a cherry on top. Kagome said, "I call it my famous sundae covered Kikyou.

Inuyasha growled at that but that's all. Kagome then pulled out a hose and siphoned the water from the stream onto the evil spoons They started screaming and shouting, "No we're melting ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh h hh hhhhhhh." They them turned into forks. Everyone had exasperated looks on their faces.

Then the forks started to fling chocolate covered cherry bombs at them. The forks ran around like idiots as cherries magically kept appearing on their prongs. Kagome tried to think of something to kill them. Then it hit her, acid. A bottle of powerful acid magically appeared in her hand. She put it in a glass spray bottle and sprayed it on the forks. They started to disintagrate as they screamed, "This isn't over we'll get you some how." Then they were gone.


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