Summary – A foe of Danny's starts to fall for him . D/OFC relationship, all characters present.

Spoilers – Risen, Clare De Lune, Legacy

Disclaimer – I'm just borrowing the wonderful WAT characters.

Court House - New York City

ADA Kathryn Kelly was late for work again. Court was starting in twenty minutes, and she barely had time to prep her first witnesses. As she stepped off the elevator, she noticed her first two witnesses standing outside the courtroom door. Martin Fitzgerald was casually leaning against the wall, while his fellow agent, Danny Taylor was pacing impatiently. Kathryn's neck immediately grew hot as she met Danny's frustrated gaze. As she approached them, Danny immediately lashed out, "How nice of you to join us. You did say 8:15, right?"

Kathryn and Danny had somewhat of a complicated professional history. Danny testified in her first big case as an ADA. While testifying on cross-examination, the defense attorney accused Danny of coercing the defendant into confessing. Danny immediately became defensive while testifying and lost his temper, which was exactly what the attorney wanted the jury to see. Instead of waiting for a verdict, Kathryn decided to settle. The defendant, who kidnapped his neighbor's wife, agreed to do 15 years instead of the 25 to life he would have received on a guilty verdict. Danny and the team found the woman alive and relatively unharmed. Kathryn was livid at Danny for forcing her to settle. Danny was just as livid with her for settling. He thought their case was strong enough to take to the jury. From that point on, their relationship had always been icy to say the least. And that wasn't any different on this morning.

Kathryn finally just smiled and replied, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience gentlemen. But I think we have enough time to go over your testimony. In fact, I think I have enough background from your depositions. Martin, I'd like you to testify first, if that's OK."

"That's fine," Martin replied.

"That's all your going to say? We drag our asses down here 45 minutes before we have to be here, and that's it? We are in the middle of a case, you know. Or does the world just revolve around you?" Danny interjected with his voice rising.

Kathryn sighed, "Look, I said I was sorry. OK? I'll have you out of here in less than an hour."

Martin intervened as the two were staring each other down. "Don't worry about it. It's fine. Let's go."

Danny stayed out in the hall as Martin and Kathryn went into the courtroom. Thirty minutes later the doors opened and people filtered out of the courtroom. Martin came out and addressed Danny with hesitation, "Listen, the ADA says she has enough with my testimony so…"

"What? She doesn't need me to testify?" Danny erupted. "She did this on purpose. I think she gets actual enjoyment out of pissing me off. Unbelievable…"

Martin laughed at Danny's frustration, "Danny, we were subpoenaed. We had to be here. I don't think she has it in for you."

"See that is where you are wrong. She hasn't liked me since the Sanders case three years ago. She settled, and she shouldn't have. I think I need to let her know…."

"Danny, let it go. It's not a big deal, and we have to get back. John Livingston is still missing."

"I know. I know. I'm just going to talk to her. Why don't you get the car, and call Jack. See where he wants us. I'll meet you down there in ten."

Martin shook his head knowing he wasn't going to change Danny's mind. "Fine. Don't be too hard on her. She is just doing her job."

"Yeah, right," Danny replied skeptically.

As Martin headed toward the elevators, Danny walked down the hall to find ADA Kelly. He found her in a conference room talking to Jimmy Wilkens. Jimmy was the star witness in the kidnapping case. He saw the defendant, Landon Brooks, take his sister from a park. Not wanting to interrupt, Danny listened to ADA Kelly plead with the nine year old boy.

"Jimmy, we really need you to tell the truth up there. Just look at me and tell me what happened."

"But he'll be there. What if he doesn't go to jail? He'll kill me if I talk."

"Jimmy, your sister needs you. She is too scared to speak for herself."

"I can't…" Jimmy started to cry. Jimmy's mother embraced him as ADA Kelly stepped away.

As Jimmy's mother comforted her son, she looked up and saw Danny. "Agent Taylor?"

"Hi, Mrs. Wilkens."

Kathryn noticed the sense of relief that came over Mrs. Wilken's face when she saw Danny. Mrs. Wilkens then said to Jimmy, "Wait here a second. I want to talk to Agent Taylor and Ms. Kelly."

Danny and Kathryn followed Mrs. Wilkens into the hall. Mrs. Wilkens stated, "Agent Taylor, you need to talk to him."

Kathryn interrupted, "I don't think that is necessary. I will get through to him. He was fine when we went over his testimony yesterday."

"When our little girl was missing, Agent Taylor was the only one who could get Jimmy to talk. He was so scared. You remember, Agent Taylor, don't you?"

"Of course, ma'am. I remember. I'd be happy to talk to him, if it's OK with the ADA," Danny glanced at Kathryn with a slight smirk.

"Of course, I'll try anything."

They all walked back into the room. Danny approached Jimmy with a reassuring smile, "Hey buddy, do you remember me?"

"Yeah…Agent Taylor, right? You still a Mets fan?"

Danny laughed and nodded, "All the way. They keep breaking our hearts. Am I right?"

Jimmy smiled, "Yeah…I'm thinking about rooting for the Yankees."

"Don't even think about going to the dark side. We'll have to talk more about that later. Right now, I need to talk to you about testifying."

"I can't, Agent Taylor…"

"Call me Danny, OK." Danny said as sat down next to Jimmy. "Look, I know it is scary. But I also know that you are one tough kid. You told me what I needed to know to find your sister. What you did was so heroic, Jimmy. And we found her, and she is OK because of you. Now you need to help her one more time. You just need to tell Ms. Kelly what you saw."

"But he'll be there."

"Yes, he will. But he can't hurt you. I won't let him hurt you. I promise."

"Can you stay here with me?"

"I can't. Someone else is missing, and I have to get back to work. Do you understand?"

Jimmy nodded.

"But listen, I'm going to give you my card. My cell phone is on it. Just call me as soon as you're finished, OK?"

Jimmy took the card.

"Jimmy, just talk to Ms. Kelly. And when the other lawyer asks you questions, just tell the truth. You can do this. I have faith in you."

Kathryn stood there amazed at how fast Danny was able to turn Jimmy around. He was so gentle with him. The ego that was so evident an hour ago was completely gone. Kathryn felt guilty for giving him such a hard time. She knew before the trial that she only needed one of the agents to testify. She knew that she would get to Danny by making him wait, and then not using him at all.

Danny stood up as Mrs. Wilkens thanked him. As Kathryn was watching Danny say goodbye to Jimmy, the bailiff came in to tell them that the recess was over. Danny walked out before Kathryn could say anything to him. He quickly walked down the hall to the elevator before she could catch him.

Later the same day

Kathryn returned to her office very pleased with her day in court. Jimmy Wilkens did a great job with his testimony, and the judge turned the case over to the jury. If all goes well, she would have another guilty verdict by tomorrow.

"Hey, Shelly, any messages?" Kathryn asked.

"Nothing urgent," Shelly, one of the office paralegals replied. "So, judging by the smile, I guess court went well?"

"You could say that. Jimmy Wilkens did great."

"How about the hot FBI agents?"

"What?" asked Kathryn with an amused smile.

"You can't even tell me you haven't noticed. Those two guys are hot. My heart skipped a beat when I got to sit in on their depositions."

"Well, Shelly, I'm a professional so I haven't noticed. But, to answer your question, Agent Fitzgerald testified. He was fine."

"Me, personally, I think I like Taylor more," Shelly continued ignoring her answer. "Fitzgerald is hot in a pretty boy sort of way, but something about Danny Taylor just smolders, you know?"

"No, I don't. In fact, Agent Taylor, more often than not, just gets on my last nerve."


"Yes. He's egotistical. He always has to be right. He tries to use his charm to get what he wants. He's quite aggravating."

"Sounds like you think about him a lot."

Kathryn sighed, "Please, Shelly, I don't think about him. I'm making an observation."

"Right," answered Shelly. "All I'm saying is that they must put something in the water at the FBI attract those fine men."

Kathryn just giggled at that. She wouldn't admit it to Shelly, but she hadn't been able to get Danny out of her head all day, especially after his talk with Jimmy. Kathryn tried to convince herself that it wasn't that she was attracted to him. She was just touched by his show of sensitivity. She really didn't think he was capable of that.

Two days later

Kathryn rode up the elevator at the Federal building. She exited the elevator on the Violent Crimes Task Force floor. It was late, after 8 p.m., but the security guard in the lobby told her that the person she was looking for hadn't signed out yet. As she walked down the hall, she saw Jack Malone turn the light out in his office and shut the door. "Agent Malone?"

"Kathryn, good to see you. How many times have I told you to call me Jack? What brings you here so late?" Jack asked with a puzzled expression.

"Um…well…I actually have some good news for you. We got a guilty verdict in the Wilkens case. I just wanted to thank you for all the work your team did."

"Well that is good to hear. You didn't have to come down here at such a late hour, but it's nice to hear especially after a day like today."

"Yeah, I saw the news. I'm sorry."

Earlier in the day, Danny and Samantha found their missing person, John Livingston, in a motel room. He got very drunk and shot himself in the head. Apparently, his life had spiraled out of control as his wife left him and he lost his job. He started drinking after years of being sober, got depressed and just gave up on life.

Jack, still a little puzzled by why she was there, asked, "Well I was just heading out. Can I walk you down?"

"Um…actually…. I was hoping to talk to Agent Taylor. Security said he was still here, but maybe I missed him? It's not big deal. He just helped me get Jimmy Wilkens to testify. I just wanted to thank him. But if he's not here…then I'll just…"

"No, he's probably still here," Jack said as he walked to the windows. He then pointed to the bullpen where Danny was intently focused on some paperwork.

"He looks busy. This can wait…or I can just call him. It was silly to come down here."

"No, I think he would probably appreciate hearing it, and trust me, we're always up for a diversion from paperwork. Thanks for stopping by. I'll…uh…see you later," Jack said as he walked toward the elevator with a sly smile.

Kathryn just stood in the doorway and watched Danny for a few minutes. He looked different than the person she saw two days ago. He looked almost empty. He had stopped doing the paper work and was now just staring off into space. Kathryn almost didn't want to interrupt his thoughts. His dark eyes looked so distant and pained. But she finally summoned the courage to approach him.

She didn't have to say anything. Hearing the click of her heels brought Danny out of his thoughts. He looked up, and with a very surprised expression slightly smirked, "Hey."

Kathryn saw his look of confusion, "Hi…I uh…Jack said that it was OK to come in. Um…" Kathryn was now speechless.

"What can I do for you?" asked Danny with a wary expression.

"Nothing. I didn't get a chance to say thank you the other day. And I wanted to let you know that we got a guilty verdict. Thanks in large part to you."

"Yeah, I heard. Jimmy called and left me a message. He was pretty happy about it. But I didn't have much to do with it."

"Well, you went above and beyond and I really didn't give you any reason to do it."

"I didn't do for you. I did it for the kid," Danny said blankly.

For some reason, those words stung Kathryn, but she replied in almost a whisper, "I know."

"Well…thanks…for stopping by," Danny said awkwardly.

Kathryn just nodded, and started to back away, but something in her couldn't just go. "Uh…listen, I know that things have been strained between us, and maybe I misjudged you. So, I am sorry for always giving you such a hard time. I know that you are just doing your job. I just wanted to tell you that, and I wanted to maybe ask you…" Kathryn hesitated.

Danny stood up slowly as she spoke, and folded his arms. Her stammering was amusing him. "Ask me what?"

"Maybe to thank you, I could buy you a drink or something…but maybe some other time. I mean obviously you've had a hard day, and I heard your case ended badly. So I understand if you don't want to. I's fine. I'll just go." Kathryn turned and started to walk away.

Danny was smiling now. He walked toward her and reached out to slightly touch her arm. "Hey, don't I get a chance to answer?" Kathryn turned around to face him. "I don't really want to get a drink…."

"Fine…I understand…"

"But, we could grab dinner. I haven't eaten all day. I'm starving."

Kathryn looked up at Danny and smiled while slight embarrassment. "That sounds good."

"Let me get my coat and we'll go."