Hey Arnold!

Helga and Arnold, the TV Series - Chapter One

By Simmer 2000

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Notes: I'm so sorry about starting another fic! I've just been getting a lot of ideas lately and I can't help writing them as soon as I feel inspired. I'm in the process of adding more chapters to Secrets and Lies and The Wish. I tried to write the last chapter of Oskar, the Millionaire today and I couldn't think of what to write and my mind went blank. Hopefully I'll get over this soon.

Anyway, about this fic. The idea started when I wondered how the Hey Arnold characters would react in the Big Brother house, but then I wondered what it would be like if only Helga and Arnold were in the house for nine weeks together. What type of things would happen? Would they be able to stand each other for so long? Would they work together on weekly tasks and be able to work out their shopping budget together? And I suppose that that is where this whole fic came from. Notice how the term, "Big Brother," isn't mentioned once in this fic, because this isn't supposed to be the Big Brother House, but I suppose that I have to say, Big Brother is not my idea, so don't sue me. Anyway, on with the fic:


Arnold yawned as he sleepily walked down the stairs of the boarding house. He entered the dining room and sat down at the table.

"Arnold, you have a letter!" said Grandpa, coming out from the kitchen. Grandpa was in the middle of making breakfast for the boarders. Grandpa passed Arnold the letter.

"Great," said Arnold, who was too tired to take any interest.

"Why don't you open it?" asked Grandpa. "If you look at the back at the envelope, it says that this letter is from Entertainment Now! Entertainment Now is a big TV company!"

"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Arnold. "What do they want from me?" Arnold quickly ripped open the letter read through the exciting letter:

Dear Arnold (it said),

My name is Yasmin Williams and I am the Head of New Shows at Entertainment Now Studios. My job is to approve new shows for Entertainment Now to show. Recently, we came up with a new idea for a show and would like you to participate in the show.

The show will be called "The House," and will be a reality show. Two children of nine years of age will both move into a modern house together for nine weeks. The house will be full of cameras, recording the every moves of the two children, to be shown on television each night.

Your name has been randomly chosen as a child of nine years old, in the area and I would like you to be one of the two children.

If you would like to participate in "The House," please fill in the enclosed form and you will be sent more information.

Yours sincerely,

Yasmin Williams,
Head of New Shows, Entertainment Now Studios.

Arnold gasped. He had the chance to be on TV! He couldn't believe it and he didn't know what to say. "Read this!" he said to Grandpa, passing him the letter.

"Wow!" exclaimed Grandpa, after reading the letter with shock. "Are you going to fill in the form?"

"Of course!" said Arnold. "It's a great opportunity!"

"Are you sure?" asked Grandpa. "Remember, there will be another child in the house. You could end up with anybody and you would have to stay with that person for nine whole weeks! You would never be away from that person and you would get extremely frustrated at times! Are you sure that you want to do this?"

"Yes!" exclaimed Arnold, who hadn't been this happy in months.

"Well then, don't tell anybody about it just yet!" said Grandpa. "Wait until you have filled in the application form and received a reply. Then you can tell anybody that you want!"

"Sure!" smiled Arnold. "I'll fill it in right now!"

Helga Pataki felt herself being shaken. She was lying in her bed and she had the shaking had woken her up. Helga sleepily looked up. Her mother continued to shake her.

"Alright already Miriam, you've managed to wake me up now!" moaned Helga.

"Sweetie, are you going to get ready for school?" asked Miriam Pataki.

"It's Saturday, Mom!" said Helga. "Wake me up in four hours!"

"You have a letter from a major TV company," said Miriam, but with no excitement in her voice.

"What?" shouted Helga. "A TV company? What do they want from me?" Helga pushed away her covers and ran downstairs.

"Where's the letter?" Helga asked Bob.

"What letter?" asked Bob, who looked over his newspaper, sitting on an armchair.

"The letter from a TV company addressed to me!" said Helga.

"It's over there on the counter!" said Bob. "But, don't get too excited. We figured that it's probably for Olga and they made a mistake with the name. Maybe they want to film a documentary on Olga! She is the most perfect child that anybody can imagine!"

"Yeah, right," growled Helga, taking the letter from the counter and ripping it open. Helga read the letter to herself and then ended up reading it aloud to Bob.

"You're going to be on TV?" asked Bob. "That's brilliant! You're brilliant!" Helga could see that Bob would be paying a lot more attention to her in the future.

"I have to fill in this application form!" exclaimed Helga, waving a blue booklet in Bob's face. "I'm going to be famous! Every newspaper in the city will be paying me to give them interviews as soon as I finish the show! I'll be rich!"

Helga and Arnold both filled in their application forms on that Saturday morning. Grandpa and Bob both had to sign the application form to give their permission. They were both happy to sign it. Helga and Arnold both managed to keep their letters a secret for a whole week.

Helga and Arnold had both been pretty impatient when it came to waiting for their response. They had waited for the mailman every day that week, even though the application form had said that it could take up to three weeks to get a reply from the company.

The following Saturday, Helga and Arnold were both delighted when they found that they had both received big brown envelopes with the Entertainment Now stamp stamped on the front of the envelope.

"Grandpa, it's here!" exclaimed Arnold, rushing into the living room. Luckily, nobody else was in the living room, so Grandpa and Arnold could talk in private.

"Open it, open it!" said Grandpa, excitedly.

Arnold opened the large, brown envelope, which contained a letter and one large booklet. The letter said:

Dear Arnold,

Thank you for your response to our letter asking you to take part in our reality TV show, "The House." I was glad to see that you managed to get your legal guardian to sign your application, which was accepted. You will be expected to come to an interview on Friday, 2nd June so we can meet you. If the interview goes well, you will be able to take part in "The House."

The other randomly chosen child has also responded, so everything is going to plan. We would like you not to know who you will be living with for nine weeks, so we ask that you only tell close family members about your participation in the show, until the very last minute. Of course, you will also have to tell your teacher or private tutor (if you have one) about it.

The show's premiere is due to air on 7th July, but this date is subject to change. Once you enter "The House," your life will be watched by millions of people for a maximum of nine weeks. If you feel like you would like to leave "The House," for any reason, you will be free to leave, but you will not be able to come back and you may not take part in any future Entertainment Now productions. Anybody who leaves the house will be replaced.

Enclosed is a booklet containing all of the information that you need. It contains information on the interview, and all of the information about life in "The House." There is also a full set of the rules of participation.

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming interview and I hope that you will thoroughly enjoy being part of this unique and interesting experience.

Yasmin Williams
Head of New Shows, Entertainment Now Studios

"Now I'm starting to get very excited!" exclaimed Arnold. "I just can't wait! Life in 'The House' will be so exciting and interesting!"

"You're going to be famous, Short Man!" smiled Grandpa. "You'll make me proud!"

"Thanks, Grandpa," said Arnold.

Helga was equally excited. She also couldn't wait to get into the house. Helga thought that life in "The House," would be easy. She would probably ignore the person who she ended up with, if it was a boy. But, Helga hoped that her housemate would be a girl, somebody who she could talk to and make friends with. Helga also thought that life when the show had ended would be even easier. She would be a millionaire!

After Helga and Arnold's interviews, both were accepted for participation in the show, and after much preparation, on 7th July, both were ready to become TV stars.

Notes: This part is just setting the scene, how they both ended up getting on TV. All of the future chapters will focus on Arnold and Helga's life inside the house and maybe how their family and friends react to them both being constantly watched. I hope that this is a good idea, and doesn't seem too corny. I just thought that it would be interesting to see how they would react being alone together for nine weeks.

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