Hey Arnold!

Helga and Arnold, the TV Series - Chapter Ten

By Simmer 2000

Disclaimer: Lawyers, take note! I'm not saying that I own Hey Arnold by writing this. I'm just a kid writing a fan fic.

~Helga's Diary of Day Five~

Finally, a happy day! Arnold and I made our peace and we had a really pleasant day. But, I missed most of the day! We didn't get up until 2 in the afternoon! As soon as I was awake and ready, Emotion Central wanted to know if I was staying. I didn't want to speak to them - I wanted to talk with Arnold. I asked him to tell Emotion Central to leave me alone - and he did.

I spent most of the day talking to Arnold about lots of things and I love talking to him! I talked a lot today; I think that I'll be more of a listener tomorrow. It will probably be hard to get proper conversations going tomorrow, because I think that Emotion Central are setting us another task.

I used our time together today to talk about how I've been feeling over the last couple of days. It has been hard for me more than it has been for him. I have revealed my biggest secret to millions of viewers and I am having trouble keeping it from him. I'm sure that Emotion Central will use other ways to try and get me to tell Arnold and I'm expecting the press to try and tell Arnold again.

I think that Arnold was quite shocked when I told him that I had thought about leaving; but he doesn't know everything that has been going on since we have been here. He doesn't know what those notes that were dropped into the garden were about and he doesn't know why I refused to carry on playing Truth or Dare. I think that he knew that I was having a hard time; but not that much of a hard time.

He apologised to me for staying mad at me yesterday and when I told him that I had thought about leaving, he said the most magical words. It's like they are glued into my memory! He said, "Please don't leave, Helga. You're strong and you'll get through this. Although I didn't expect to have you as a housemate at first, I wouldn't want to spend this time with anybody else, now." Wow! It was then that I made my decision to stay.

About two hours later, I went into Emotion Central and confirmed that I'm staying. If things keep going well; I'll tell Arnold about my feelings soon.


~Arnold's Diary of Day Four/Five~

Last night I asked Emotion Central not to broadcast our game of Truth or Dare because it was telling the world about Gerald's private life. But, they refused. I know that they probably read these diaries out to the audience; so I want to pass a message across to Gerald: I'm really sorry and I hope you can forgive me. I really didn't mean to let your secret slip and I hope that the kids in school aren't giving you a hard time about it.

Helga and I didn't wake up until 2 PM today! It was mostly because I haven't been sleeping much on the previous nights and now I'm finally getting used to my bed in The House! I suppose that it's probably the same for Helga. I woke up first and then I woke Helga up. She was slightly mad at first, but I think that was because she was still half-asleep.

Once Helga was awake; we had a really great day! We spent most of it really lazily, we were just talking to each other all day, but it was the most pleasant day that we've had so far. Helga told me how depressed she has felt over the last two days and that made me feel really bad because I haven't really been very understanding, but I apologised for it. Helga told me that she told Emotion Central that she wanted to leave yesterday. I was shocked when she said that to me. Helga was homesick? Usually she doesn't let her feelings show easily; but today she told me exactly how she had felt since we moved in here, although I still feel that she is hiding something.

I tried to discourage her from leaving and I think that it was what I said that made her stay because later on today, she ended up telling Emotion Central that she has decided to stay. I'm really happy because now that we have started to settle in together, I can't really imagine staying here with anybody else.

Tomorrow may not be so peaceful because I think that Emotion Central is setting our new task. I hope that it's nothing too hard!