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Sailor Moon Universal

Chapter Twelve: The Prophecy Fulfilled


Serena and Reenie were jolted awake and stared at each other in disbelief. The blaring of the sirens soon turned that disbelief into horror as they got up.

Without saying anything or bothering to get changed, they ran out of the room into a scene of utter confusion. Guards were running down the halls to try to get to their posts while terrified civilians seemed to be trying to find a place to hide. They had been so sure that the shield would protect them that its sudden disappearance threw them into a panic. Several of the guardsmen and women seemed to wish to join the panic, but most of them were keeping calm and going about their duties as best as possible.

Serena was trying to decide what she should do when King Tranquillity pushed his way towards her. He swept Reenie up into his arms. "Come on, follow me! We need to get to the Shield Room!" he shouted as he almost ran through the sea of humanity. Serena followed on his heels.

When they reached the Shield Room, they saw Amy, Raye, Mina, and Lita helping their elder counterparts to sit up. From the quick glance Serena took before going up to Serenity, she noticed that the Scouts seemed older and more mature than her friends and, in addition, there were slight differences in their uniforms.

Serenity was staring into a monitor showing the outside of the Palace. Serena gasped as she saw the number of droids and warriors gathering outside the doors. "How bad is it?" she asked tautly.

"It could be worse," Serenity answered soothingly.

"Don't patronize me," Serena said harshly.

Serenity shot her a surprised glance. Then she smiled, "I am not, it could' be worse. For instance, he' could appear," she said turning back to the monitor which now showed a man (possibly) dressed in a dark purple robe, and holding a globe in his hands. He seemed to be floating in midair above the droids assembled before the Palace.

"Who's he?" Serena asked, not exactly sure she wanted to know.

"He is the Wiseman, the leader of the NegaMoon forces. He is very strong, and uses illusion and brainwashing to increase the size of his army and his power."

"So, many of those droids are probably an illusion?" Travis asked, having listened intently.

"No, they are probably real. It is just that many of the humans are citizens of Crystal Tokyo that he has taken and brainwashed."

"Which means we have to heal them, instead of destroying them, right?" Serena asked, although it was not truly a question. The Scouts had never killed a human, and she had no intention of starting now. Rubeus did not' count.

"It will not be that easy," Serenity answered. "He was the one that created the crystal that turned Reenie against us, but if he had been there in truth, it is doubtful whether she could have been healed at all, much less that easily."

"Easily?" Serena remembered the problems she had had healing Reenie, and Serenity thought that was easy?

Reenie had been listening and gasped. "He.. He could turn me against you again? I don't want to turn against you again! Don't let him get me! Please, Mommy!"

Neither of the two had realized that Reenie had been listening, but their response was extremely similar. They both dropped to their knees next to the little girl and gathered her into a hug, gathering each other in as well.

"Don't worry, little one, we are not going to let him come anywhere near you," Serenity murmured.

"Yes, Small Lady, he would have to get through all of us, and there's no way we're going to let him do that," Serena agreed.

Reenie sighed and felt a lot better. She knew that both of her mothers meant exactly what they said and she gave them both a hug, which was returned two-fold, before they got up to look at the monitor again.

"At least this time, we have two Crystals," Serena remarked.

Endymion came over, "Everyone's fine, they just got overwhelmed," he reported.

"So they will be able to fight if necessary?" Serenity asked pointing at the monitors.

He looked at the monitors expressionlessly for a long moment. "Yes, I'll tell them." Serena and Serenity followed him to where the others were gathered. He started briefing everyone. "The bad news is that we have several hundred enemies gathered outside our doors and the guards will not be able to hold them back for long. The good news is that we have twice as many Scouts as they are expecting. That is, if the younger Scouts are joining us?" he asked.

"Are you kidding?" Mina asked, "Of course we're joining you!"

"We can't let evil win," Raye agreed.

"Come on, let's go kick some droids," was Lita's answer.

"Since we're here, it's only logical that we help," Amy replied seriously.

"Besides the fact that it should be loads of fun," Travis said, poking Amy in the side. "Lighten up." Oh, great, now I'm sounding like an airhead again.

"We're helping," Serena put the final approval on the idea, "Everyone transform."







Within seconds, six new Scouts and Tuxedo Mask stood in the room. The Scouts were trying to compare their uniforms with the older ones uniforms. The elder Venus spoke up. "These are our Super forms, so I guess we can be called Super Sailor Scouts to distinguish us from the Sailor Scouts." Venus was looking at Super Venus in annoyance. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything about your being less powerful than us. You'll get here eventually. I mean it's only..."

"Venus!" Endymion called scathingly, she blushed and looked down, remembering the lecture they'd been given on what their younger selves were and were not allowed to know.

"Wait a minute," Reenie spoke up, "Who am I duoing with?" she asked petulantly.

"Nobody!" came from several throats at once. "You are not fighting withus this time," Tranquillity embellished. "It's too dangerous."

"But!" Reenie almost whined.

"No buts, sweetheart," Serenity put in, "You are staying right here where it is safe and the Wiseman can not get to you."

"That's not fair!" Reenie almost yelled.

"Fair or not, that's the way it's going to be," Sailor Moon said, "We are not taking chances on your safety now." The finality in their voices finally got to the little girl and she went off into a corner to sulk.

"Super Mercury, would you stay here and watch over her?" Serenity asked quietly.

Super Mercury just nodded and went over to the monitors. "They are breaking through, I think you had better get up there."

"You're going to have trouble running in that," Sailor Moon called to Neo-Queen Serenity, pointing to her dress.

"That is why I have these," Serenity said serenely, opening her wings and flying above the group. The Super Scouts didn't even bat an eye, but the younger Scouts just stared until Serenity took off down the corridor.

"Cool," Sailor Moon breathed, before running after her. The others quickly followed.

The citizens still in the corridors quickly got out of the way of the running Scouts and began to cheer. A couple of times the cheers died in disbelief as people understood what they were seeing, two of each Scout, but most people didn't care as long as the Scouts were okay and going to fight.

The Scouts ran outside and slammed the doors behind them as the droids and soldiers tried to get past them to get into the Palace.

Sailor Moon opened her mouth to start a speech, but a glare from Sailor Sol stopped her. It didn't stop the others though.

"For turning the people of this city into mindless slaves," Super Mars started.

"The fires of Mars' justice shall burn you to ashes!" Mars finished.

"For daring to attack this beautiful city," Jupiter started.

"Father Jupiter's thunder will strike you down!" Super Jupiter finished.

"The love of Venus exists in each of you," it was Venus' turn.

"Let its beauty enter your souls once more!" Super Venus said in turn.

"The ice of Mercury shall freeze your ambitions," Mercury announced and finished, "and turn you back to the search for truth!"

Sailor Moon stuck out her tongue at her brother, "We are the Sailor Scouts! Champions of Love and Justice. And on behalf of the.." she stopped for a moment and looked up at Serenity. "On behalf of Crystal Tokyo, and the Moon, we will right wrongs and triumph over evil. And that means you!" her finger pointing straight at the Wiseman.

"Do you truly think your pitiful speeches will change their minds? They are mine now, and on behalf of the NegaMoon, they will destroy you!" the Wiseman answered back.

"Oh great," Sailor Sun muttered to himself, "now they have the bad guys doing it too!" Tranquillity heard that and grinned before turning back to the enemies before him. For the first time, Sailor Sol recognized the swords Tranquillity was carrying. It was the Sun Sword and Moon Sword of his two forms.

"People of Crystal Tokyo, remember who you were! Remember the peace and happiness of our kingdom. Fight for it once more, not against it. Remember and be healed!" Serenity called out.

"MOON CRYSTAL HEALING ACTIVATION!" The power of the Crystal washed over the people in front of her. Here and there a man or woman would look up in confusion and wonder what they were doing there, before being brought back under the Wiseman's sway. "Come my self, they cannot stand against the two of us."

"Right!" Sailor Moon said, pulling out her own Crystal. "MOON CRYSTAL HEALING ACTIVATION!"

"Let's help them," Venus called out, turning to the mass in front of her.

"Remember, no lethal, or even harmful attacks against the humans," Endymion said, "Try to hit the Wiseman, to at least distract him from using his spells."

"SOLAR FLARE!" flamed towards the Wiseman, followed by a dozen of Tuxedo Mask's roses. Both bounced off of a shield in front of the Wiseman. Sailor Sol wasn't paying attention however. "What? You're attacking without a speech?" Sailor Sol asked, stunned.

"They're doing such a good job without me, I decided to hold off on it for now," Tuxedo Mask answered, chuckling.

"MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!" "MARS FLAME SNIPER!" the two Mars' called out their attacks and disks and arrows of fire flew into the mass of droids. Occasionally one would head toward the form of the Wiseman, but they knew their attacks wouldn't go through.

"VENUS METEOR SHOWER!" "VENUS LOVE AND BEAUTY SHOCK!" "Love and Beauty Shock?" Venus muttered to herself while directing her Meteor Shower against the droids and Wiseman.

"JUPITER THUNDER DRAGON!" "JUPITER OAK EVOLUTION!" The two Jupiters called out their own attacks. Oak Evolution? That sounds like a kind of wimpy attack, Jupiter thought. After seeing the damage it caused her thoughts changed, I want one of those!

Mercury was scanning the Wiseman and his forces for a weakness, while Tranquillity and Endymion were forging through the ranks, their swords doing quite a bit of damage. They didn't notice the wave of droids that were getting ready to attack them from behind, because they thought it was being taken care of by the others. Luckily for them, Mercury did see it.

"MERCURY ICE STORM SPLASH!" took care of that wave. Endymion flung a salute back at her as the two men kept going straight for the Wiseman.

The two Crystal's healing power was working on more and more those under Wiseman's mind control. However it was taking its toll; Serenity and Sailor Moon were getting weaker.

The Wiseman called out, "I will make a deal with you. Your champion will fight me, alone. If she, or he, wins, I will leave this world and never return. If I win, you die."

"Why should we agree to something like that?" Super Mars asked in disbelief.

"Because at least that way, you have a fighting chance of surviving. Not much of one, I will admit, but better than fighting them'." As he finished speaking, he pointed backwards, where a new wave of ships was appearing on the horizon. They set down and opened up to send a thousand more droids to join the fight.

"Oh, come on, you don't expect us to believe that, do you?" Super Jupiter asked mockingly. "Everyone knows you are a master of illusion."

"Um, Super Jupiter," Mercury starts at the same time that Super Mercury's voice came over their communicators. "As far as I can determine, those reinforcements are real," Super Mercury said.

"I agree," came from Mercury.

"We can not fight them all," Serenity said in despair, "but there is not one of us strong enough to take him on by herself."

"Well? I am waiting for your answer," the Wiseman said gloatingly. He knew that they could not fight this many droids, but had wanted them to think they could win at first, which is why he waited until now to unleash them. Besides, droids could always be replaced. He could have had all the droids show up from the beginning, but then he wouldn't have been able to see the despair on their faces when they thought they were winning and then had the tables turned on them.

"Here, I'll make it easy on you. I'll give you until daylight to decide. Then either your champion comes out fighting, or you all do. And in that time, neither I nor any of my people will attack."

"How do we know we can trust you?" Super Mars said suspiciously.

"You don't, but you don't have much choice either." The Wiseman knew he had them and didn't mind playing with them for a while longer.

The Scouts, Serenity, Endymion, and Tranquillity, who had returned when the Wiseman started speaking, talked it over. Their final decision was unanimous. They could not hope to fight off that many droids and enslaved people, but they also had no one who could face the Wiseman one on one. However, the night's leeway might give the Mercury's time to come up with a plan and would at least give Sailor Moon and Serenity time to rest up and regain some of the power they had spent.

"We will take your time," Serenity said regally and turned to lead the others inside.

Sailor Moon turned back to the Wiseman. "Enjoy your last night alive, creep. When we come back, we'll cream you."

The Wiseman's laughter followed them back inside.

When the thirteen fighters returned to the Shield Room, Reenie jumped up. "Mommy? Daddy? Did we.. did we.. lose?" she asked in a trembling voice.

Serenity and Endymion went to her and picked her up. "No, sweetheart," Endymion said, "We didn't lose, but we also didn't win. We'll find a way. I know we will."

Reenie seemed a little reassured, and wiggled down to see what the Mercurys were doing.

Tuxedo Mask looked intently at the King and Queen. "What if we don't?" he asked quietly.

"If we do not," Serenity responded, "then we will send you back to your own time with Reenie. You would take care of Reenie, would you not?"

"No," Sailor Moon answered shortly. Everyone around her looked at her in disbelief.

"I will not take care of her in my time, because I am not going to leave you here to fight alone." Sailor Moon went on in that same hard voice. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Sol looked at each other in despair, they had heard the same voice before, when she had refused to hurt the Nega-Princess. Sailor Sol slammed his sword into the nearest convenient wall. It was the only way he could think of to try to alleviate some of his frustration. He and Tuxedo Mask both knew they wouldn't be able to change her mind about leaving. Not when she spoke like that.

Serenity didn't have that trouble. She grabbed Sailor Moon's chin and turned her so she could see Reenie, playing with the five cats. "Do you see Reenie?" she asked harshly. Sailor Moon tried to nod, but the grip on her chin was too strong. "That little girl is your daughter as much as she is mine, but she has not been born to you yet, agreed?"

"So?" Sailor Moon asked, "I know she hasn't been born yet. I'm only fourteen."

"So, if you die, here and now, in a fight that is not your own, that little girl will never be born. She will never have existed at all. Are you going to sentence her to non-existence, because you are too stubborn to go home?"

Sailor Moon stared at Reenie for another long moment, before collapsing in defeat. "No," she whispered brokenly, a tear trailing down her cheek, "I can't do that to her. But," she rallied, "I will not leave here until every last chance has been tried, agreed?"

"Agreed," Serenity said, wiping the tear off of Sailor Moon's face, "Not until every last thing has been tried."

Super Mercury and Mercury walked up right then. They noticed the emotional tension in the air, but disregarded it. "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" Mercury asked.

"There is good news?" Serenity was surprised, "I think I would like to hear that first."

"Together, you and Sailor Moon managed to turn practically the entire contingent of humans back to our side, which severely cuts down on the amount of problems we have," Super Mercury answered.

"That's very good to hear," Endymion put in, "Now what's the bad news?"

"The bad news is that we've run simulation after simulation, in none of them can we defeat the entire group of droids, nor can any one of us defeat the Wiseman in single combat."

"What about using the full power of the Crystal?" Serenity asked calmly. All those around her seemed about to argue vehemently, but one glance from her caused them to stifle their objections.

"It would not work," a voice said from the shadows. They turned in shock and dropped into fighting stances. Walking out of the shadows of the corner was..

"Puu!" Reenie yelled, running up and hugging her. Everyone else relaxed.

"Don't do that to us, Pluto," Super Jupiter called out, "You know we hate being surprised like that."

"So, if the Crystal won't work, what will?" Tranquillity asked quietly. Pluto just looked at him. It was obvious she wasn't going to tell them anything more about their future.

"I know," Sailor Sol said quietly. When the others turned to him, they saw him staring at the sword he had stuck in a wall.

"The prophecy," Mercury whispered, "Universal power."

The others had gathered around by then and were looking at the sword. The younger Scouts understood what was happening, while the older ones had to search back in their memories before they remembered the prophecy.

"But we don't even know what it all means!" Venus said.

"Then we'd better figure it out," was Super Mars' answer.

"What was the whole thing again?" Super Jupiter asked, "I'm not sure if I remember it correctly."

Tuxedo Mask started, "Three bloodlines and four crowns,

For Universal power.

Nine Scouts of five planets

To stand upon the hour."

Sailor Sol took his part, "Two Earths, two Moons, Two Suns,

Though only three survive.

Three stones consumed,

Three stones resumed,

Three stones that did arrive."

Sailor Moon finished it, "When Power into the child is cast,

The Universe is safe at last."

"What we have figured out so far," Mercury started, "is that the first two lines stand for Reenie, the second two would seem to be us, the Scouts."

"The Two Earths, so on, line is about the six of us," Sailor Moon added.

"Although I still do not like the next line at all," Tuxedo Mask put in. Endymion murmured agreement.

"Serena figured that the three stones are the Moon Crystal, Earth Gem, and Sun Stone, but we're not sure what the rest of that part means," Sailor Sol said.

The Scouts gathered into little groups to discuss it. Sailor Moon and Sailor Sol stood talking quietly together.

"It would help if we knew what happened to the original Crystal," he said musingly.

Sailor Moon thought about it for a long moment and then told him what Reenie had told her earlier that night.

"Well, that explains a lot," he said quietly.

"Hmm? Oh you mean about how the Crystal disappeared when it shouldn't have been able to be touched? Yes it does," Sailor Moon agreed.

"That too," Sailor Sol said absently as he headed over to Mercury. "Mercury, will you scan Reenie for traces of Moon Crystal energy please?" he asked.

"Why?" Mercury responded to the strange request, but she was pulling down her visor as she said it. She stared at the readings she was getting for a long moment, before going over to talk to Super Mercury. Super Mercury also put down her visor and took readings of Reenie before they both headed over to Sailor Sol.

"Well?" Sailor Moon asked from her spot beside him.

"Reenie is full of Moon Crystal energy. It's almost as if she has the Moon Crystal with her," Super Mercury answered.

"Not with her, within her," Sailor Sol said. As the three looked at him in shock, he continued, "She told Serena that she wanted to grow up and thought the Crystal could help her, but when she touched it, it turned into light and disappeared. I suddenly wondered if that could be what the line meant by consumed."

The two Mercurys nodded slowly, "If the Crystal became a part of her, then it could, indeed, be considered consumed," Mercury agreed.

"That does make sense. Why didn't I think of that?" Sailor Moon asked. "Let me go talk to her before we tell the others, okay?" She walked towards Reenie.

"Small Lady?" Sailor Moon said softly.

"Yes, Sailor Moon?" Reenie said brightly.

"You need to tell everyone what happened to the Crystal," Sailor Moon said gently.

Reenie started shaking her head, "I can't! They'll hate me for losing it and not telling anyone. I can't tell them!"

"You must, Reenie, because I know where the Crystal is," Sailor Moon answered.

"You do?" Reenie's face lit up. "Then I can give it back to Mommy and everything will be alright."

"I'm afraid not, sweetheart, the Crystal is inside of you. It's a part of you now, and I think it's a part of the Prophecy. If we're going to save Crystal Tokyo, we need to explain it to everyone, okay?" Sailor Moon was down on her knee by then, looking into Reenie's eyes.

"Are you sure they won't hate me?" Reenie asked in a very small voice.

"I'm positive, Small Lady. We all love you too much to ever hate you." Reenie looked in Sailor Moon's eyes for a very long moment before agreeing. They walked to the center of the room and Sailor Moon called for everyone to come hear what they were going to say.

Reenie gulped nervously as she saw all the people looking at her. The fact that she knew all of them just seemed to make it worse. Sailor Moon gave her shoulder a squeeze. She drew in a deep breath. "It'sallmyfaulttheCrystaldisappeared," she rushed.

"Slow down, Small Lady, we can not understand you," Serenity smiled down at her daughter, "Whatever it is, it will be alright. Just tell us slowly."

She took another deep breath and tried again. "It's all my fault that the Crystal disappeared. I wanted to grow up a little and thought the Crystal could help me, so I tried to use it, but when I touched it, there was suddenly this bright light and it disappeared." Everyone had gasped when she said it was her fault and she was now looking at the ground because she didn't want to see how disappointed they all were in her.

Sailor Moon still had her hand on her shoulder and started talking before anyone could remark on what they had just heard. "Travis asked the Mercurys about it and they confirmed that the Moon Crystal, or at least its energy is inside' of her. In other words, she consumed it."

Endymion looked at his daughter, "Why didn't you tell us, little one?" he asked softly.

"I thought you would blame me. I didn't want you to hate me for destroying the Crystal," she said in a small voice.

"We would never do that, Rabbit," Tranquillity said, bending down next to her.

"Hey! Don't call me Rabbit!" Reenie yelled, she started chasing her uncle around while the others laughed.

"I'll have to thank him for that," Serenity murmured as she watched the two of them. She turned back to her younger self, "So you think that is what that line means, hmm?" she asked.

"Yes, but don't ask me about the others because I have no idea," was the answer accompanied by a yawn. "Sorry, but Reenie and I were just about asleep when the alarms woke us."

Serenity smiled, "That is quite all right, you have done enough for now. I am sure that someone will figure out the rest of it."

"You're right, someone has," Mars said with a grin.

"If she consumed one of the stones, then didn't you resume one? When Serena split the Crystal to give you both one, couldn't you say that hers arrived, and yours was resumed?" Super Mars said.

"It works for me," Venus and Super Venus agreed in stereo before grinning at each other.

"We were just about to suggest that," Luna said, obviously talking for the guardians.

"So we have three stones that did arrive'," Sailor Sol quoted, "but only one stone that was consumed, and one stone that was resumed, right?"

"WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Not again! I'm sorry Uncle Tranq, I didn't mean to! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Reenie was crying while Tranquillity was staring at his Sun Sword. A Sun Sword that no longer contained the Sun Stone.

Sailor Sol looked back at the others. "Let's make that two stones that were consumed," he said with a grin.

Serenity and Endymion weren't paying attention; they were already heading towards their crying daughter. Sailor Sol grabbed Sailor Moon's arm as she was about to join them. Then he snagged Tuxedo Mask as he was headed that way.

"What?" she snapped. Tuxedo Mask looked about to ask the same question.

"I need to know how you did it," Sailor Sol said. "And I think Darien does too."

"Did what?" Sailor Moon asked, confused.

"Know what?" Tuxedo Mask asked, also confused.

"Split the Moon Crystal of course! It's obvious I'm going to have to split the Sun Stone to give Tranquillity one. And he's going to have to split the Earth Gem once Reenie consumes that. So we need to know how you did it." Sailor Sol sounded annoyed and for a brief moment, Sailor

Moon looked as if she was going to burst out wailing that he was being mean, but Reenie's wails, which were still going on in the background, reminded her of the important things and she just sighed.

"I don't know," at their looks she continued, "Honest, I don't. I just knew it had to be done, so I did it. I think she helped though. I'm sorry, but it's the best I can do."

"Great, just great, we're going to be making it up as we go along," Sailor Sol muttered.

"I'm afraid so. Hey, it's what I' did," Sailor Moon reminded him.

By the time they got over to where the others were, Reenie had been convinced that she had done what she should have, and that no one was mad at her for turning the Sun Stone into light and making it disappear. Sailor Sol went up to Tranquillity. "Come on, we need to figure out how you can resume the Sun Stone," he said.

Everyone gathered around to watch as Sailor Sol concentrated intensely and the Sun Stone rose off the pommel of his sword and into his hand. He concentrated so much that the Sun symbol would have been seen on his forehead if he didn't have the headband there.

He held the hand holding the Sun Stone out towards Tranquillity, who covered it with his own hand. His Sun symbol could be seen and was glowing brightly. The two young men concentrated intensely, trying to think of nothing but the need for a second Sun Stone. A beam of light from Tranquillity's symbol hit their joined hands and Sailor Sol pulled his head band off to reveal a glowing Sun symbol. A beam of light flew from it as well to impact the Sun Stone. They stood that way for several minutes, not paying attention to anything about them. Soon Sailor Sol was swaying, almost to the point of collapse from the amount of energy he was throwing out. Tranquillity was not in much better shape, but the Sun Stone was glowing. They could feel it almost struggling to remain one, but their combined wills were finally too much for it and with a resounding CRACK! it split.

Travis collapsed in exhaustion, but he was grinning with triumph as Tranquillity collapsed next to him. They held up their hands to show two identical golden jewels.

"YEAH!" Reenie screamed, she was very happy to see her uncle with his stone back.

"You know that's not possible," Mercury murmured to her elder self. "The theory of conservation of matter states that the amount of matter must remain constant, and here we have double the amount of matter."

"But this is magic," one Luna said.

"Besides," an Artemis added, "energy can be converted to matter without messing up that theory, and they certainly added enough energy to make several stones that size."

"Show off," both Luna's muttered.

"Our turn," Tuxedo Mask said to King Endymion.

"Wait a minute," Endymion said, "I have a couple of questions first. Number one, is the Sun Stone actually a part of Reenie?" he waited until Super Mercury checked and nodded. "Number two, is it safe for her to be holding that much energy within her?"

Luna answered this one, "There would be no danger in holding the energy of the stones, the only danger would be in fully using them, and she does not have the ability to use them. Not yet, anyway."

"All right," he agreed. Turning to his daughter, he held out the ring that held the Earth Gem. "Touch it, Reenie," he said gently.

"But what if I make it disappear like I did the others," she whined.

"That's exactly what we want you to do," Endymion explained, "It's what is needed to fulfill the Prophecy."

"Really?" Reenie squeaked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought we did. Are you sure you were paying attention?" he asked with a small grin.

"Well," she scuffed her foot on the floor, "maybe not totally."

"Touch the gem, Small Lady," Endymion gently commanded.

"All right," she answered, reaching out to touch the opal. As the others watched with intense interest, the Earth Gem turned into the multicolored lights that usually occur when Darien turns into Sailor Earth, and flew into the little girl.

Tuxedo Mask concentrated on his ring as he had seen the others do. But no matter how hard he concentrated, the Earth Gem refused to come out of its setting. "What's the matter?" he asked in confusion. The others were starting to get worried, if he wasn't able to split the Earth Gem they would not be able to fulfill the Prophecy.

Then Mars figured out what was wrong and went up and bopped Tuxedo Mask on the back of the head, "Silly, the Earth Gem will only respond to orders from the Guardian of Earth, you need to be in either your Sailor Earth form or your Prince Endymion form. Tuxedo Mask is the Guardian of the Princess and really has nothing to do with the Earth at all, so it's no wonder you haven't been able to get it to work."

Tuxedo Mask and Endymion looked at each other for a long moment, one thought going through their brains, Did I really need her to tell me that?

In a flash of cape, Prince Endymion in his black armor stood facing King Endymion. This time the concentration he used to take the Earth Gem out of the ring caused the sigil of Earth to appear on his forehead. The Earth Gem popped free and expanded to its normal size. In a repeat of the Sun Stone's breaking, beams of light flew out from the sigils on the two men's foreheads, and after a significant amount of energy was transferred into the Earth Gem, there were two opals where one had been before.

"All right, now we have everything except the hour," Super Jupiter said, as Earth's royalty almost collapsed from the strain they had been under. "When should we try to finish this?"

Pluto spoke up then, for only the second time since she had appeared, this was a time question she could answer. "Daybreak, exactly, when the full moon is still in the sky and the Sun is touching Earth's horizon."

"So what do we do until then?" Jupiter asked.

Sailor Moon answered immediately, "Sleep!"

"All right, but I think we should stay here, so we will not have to worry about finding one of us when it is time," Serenity announced.

"Not to mention waking one up," Mars griped.

They settled down around the room, Serena snuggling into Darien's embrace and using his chest as a pillow, Reenie settling down between her parents. Tranquillity went around and talked to all of the older Scouts for a little while, before sitting down next to Travis. Their low voiced conversation setting a backdrop for the other night noises. Most of the Scouts sat down or laid down next to their otherselves, and buzzing conversation could be heard from around the room.

Serena looked up at Darien, "I hope we're wrong about that line," she said quietly.

"I know," he answered, "I'm going to miss Reenie if she stays here, but I do not want her staying with us because her parents are dead."

"Things will work out. They just have to," she whispered brokenly.

"Try not to think about it," Darien told her.

"I can't help it. What else can I think about?" Serena said absently, still looking at their elder counterparts.

"Think about me," he answered mischievously.

"But I do that all the time. Don't you ever get tired of being thought of by me?" she asked, laughing slightly.

"Never," was his reply, "unless of course you get tired of thinking of me."

"Yeah, right, when the Moon falls into the Sun, is when I'll stop thinking of you. Though I am a little surprised to find us still as much in love after a thousand years."

"I'm not, my love. We have already loved for a thousand years, our love has carried through death and through rebirth, I would not be at all surprised to find it still alive and well, a thousand years from now."

"And if they die?" Serena said sadly.

"Then they will love through that death and into life again. And if they are not reborn, then they will find each other in heaven. We cannot be separated, we have proven that before, death cannot destroy our love."

"Thank you, my prince, I think I can sleep now."

"I will be here when you awake, my princess. Sleep well." She went to sleep with a smile on her face and he followed her soon after.

An hour before daybreak they were woken up, although that did require quite a bit of persuasion on Serena and Serenity's parts.

"You mean, she still has trouble waking up?" Raye laughed.

"Yep, still," Super Mars answered disgustedly.

Finally everyone was awake and eating breakfast in an adjacent room. Although Serenity and Tranquillity didn't eat quite as fast as Serena and Travis, they packed away just as much of the food that Lita and Super Jupiter had prepared.

"Okay, so what exactly are we going to do?" Travis asked, after he finished eating. "I mean we're following the Prophecy, but we don't even know what the Prophecy is going to do, much less what else we're supposed to do to fulfill it."

"Well, Amy and I were talking about it last night," Super Mercury said, "and we believe that what we are going to do is awaken the power of all three stones within Reenie."

"Wait a minute!" Endymion almost shouted, beating Darien out by seconds, "You said that using the power of the stones would be dangerous to her."

"Yes, but we were thinking of her using the full power of the stones, but she won't be," Amy put in. "We checked on some readings I took yesterday when she duoed with Sailor Moon. She was using the power of the Crystal then, otherwise her form would have been much weaker. She just can't use the power on her own yet, she's too young."

"Am not," Reenie groused, but nobody was really paying attention.

"Eventually, she will be able to use the powers of the Crystal to become Crescent Moon without any help from Sailor Moon, but I would say she would have to be quite a bit older before that happens. In the meantime, what we are going to be doing is activating all three of the Stones to make her into a much more powerful Sailor Scout."

"I don't see why doing that would require all of this stuff with the Prophecy, can't we all just duo with her?" Serena asked.

"That would activate only one jewel at a time, it would deactivate as soon as she duoed with someone else. We have to activate all three simultaneosly and cause her body to metabolize the power. And to do that, we need to focus everyone's power into her, including the six stones."

"That seems like a very complicated and dangerous way to do it," Darien put in worriedly.

Pluto spoke up once more, "After the first time, she would need only the power from three of the stones to change, using the stones doesn't take that much power, but activating them does. Now it is time." With that she stood up and moved into the shield chamber.

Serenity, Endymion, and Tranquillity were wrapped in a three way hug, as everyone else tried to reassure Reenie that everything was going to work out fine. Serena whispered to Reenie, "Go to your mother," as she took Darien and Travis' hands and led them out of the room. The last thing she saw as she exited was the hug opening to let Reenie into the middle.

In the Shield Room the other Scouts had already transformed and gathered into a circle around the outside of the room. Pluto was at the apex with the others spread around. Serena pulled out her Crystal, which she had not put back into the brooch, and staring into it, pulled its power into her until she transformed into the Princess Serenity. In a flash of rose petals and a black cape, Prince Endymion stood next to her.

Travis looked down at the Sun Stone, trying to figure out what they had done to change. He searched earnestly within himself and the Sun Stone until he found the image he wanted, and in a flare of bright yellow light, Prince Tranquillity stood there. Tranquillity was dressed in gold armor that reflected the lights of the room, making it even brighter. He had two swords, one on his right side, without a pommel stone, and one on his left side. He looked down at himself and then up to his grinning friends.

"Looking sharp, Bro!" Princess Serenity exclaimed.

"He looks just like my old boyfriend," Jupiter said with hearts in her eyes.

"In your dreams, Lita," Venus replied laughing.

All laughter shut off as the Royal Family entered the room. Reenie went around the room, gathering hugs, then at a motion from her father moved to the center of the room and stood there quietly. Her eyes however showed her fear.

"It will be alright, little one," Neo-Queen Serenity said.

"Yes, Small Lady, we wouldn't allow anything to harm you," King Endymion replied.

"I know, Mommy, Daddy," Reenie said bravely.

Neo-Queen Serenity moved so that she stood across from Princess Serenity. The two Princes stood on either side of the Neo-Queen, while the two Kings stood on either side of the Princess, making a second circle inside of the first.

Everyone who could was watching Pluto, who seemed to be watching the sun through the walls of the Palace, then she nodded. Everyone raised their power sticks to the sky.










Red, blue, orange, green, and purple power gathered together above the Scouts before moving towards the inner circle. The stones were raised, and the six were watching the light, each other, and Reenie with equal intensity. In one voice, the two Serenitys raised their Crystals and called out. Followed quickly by the others.




The younger three pulled the Scouts' power into their stones and added their own before sending it to the older ones. They held the power as the others kept sending more and more, as much as they could. Pluto nodded again. Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and King Tranquillity released all the energy they had gathered into Reenie.

Reenie screamed when the power impacted her. The inner six jerked and almost pulled the power away from her.

"Don't!" Super Mars yelled out, "We don't know what will happen to her if it's stopped now."

Reluctantly they kept the energy going. Tears were pouring down the two Serenitys' faces as they heard their daughter scream in pain. The Scouts dropped to their knees as the energy was drained out of them, but still they kept on. The light surrounding the little girl grew brighter, and brighter, until nothing of her could be seen. After what seemed like an hour, the light dimmed back to a bearable level.

Reenie was standing there dressed in a Sailor Scout uniform of white, a white so pure that it almost glowed. Her bows were the same pink as her hair and she wore a half cape that drifted down her back to her waist in a swath of purest black, that shimmered as if filled with starlight. She wore white sandals on her feet and a small crown on her forehead.

Luna stepped forward, "You are the Universal Scout, the one foretold," she said and would have continued, but the new Sailor wasn't looking at her. Luna turned to see what was happening, just in time to see Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and King Tranquillity collapse to the ground.

"Mommy!" Reenie screamed.

The Princes and Princess had already moved to their older forms' sides. Mercury and Super Mercury ran up as well. Sailor Universe dropped down next to her mother. "Mommy!" she cried.

Super Mercury looked up. She had been to each of the fallen and had tears in her eyes when she got up from the last one. "They... they're.. they're dead," she said softly, disbelieving.

"NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Universe screamed from where she was on her knees. "Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy! Get up! Please get up!" she sobbed, rocking back and forth as tears ran down her face.

Princess Serenity looked down at the body of her older self, then over to her grieving daughter, and then at the monitor showing the hordes of droids gathered at the city gates. Although her eyes were shining with tears, her mouth firmed with purpose and she stood.

"Small Lady," she said, gently yet firmly, but she got no response.

"Neo-Princess Serenity," she said, her voice so harsh and commanding that everyone looked at her and stared. Serena, no, Princess Serenity stood there, her crescent moon blazing. The tears in her eyes didn't detract at all from her commanding gaze. "Neo-Princess Serenity," she said again.

Sailor Universe didn't hesitate, she had, after all, been raised at Court and there was only one correct answer to those words in that' tone of voice. "Yes, Your Majesty?" her voice trembled.

"You will not' shame your mother in this way, Neo-Princess," Serenity said harshly.

"But..." she stated, only to close her mouth around the rest of the words at Princess Serenity's glare.

"She gave her life so that you could fight the Wiseman and protect the people of this world. She, they, sacrificed their lives in the belief that you would be able to protect this city and its people. Do not' demean their sacrifice by refusing your destiny or your duty."

Reenie stared at Princess Serenity for a long moment, then her features hardened with resolve. She bent down and kissed her mother's cheek before getting up. "Yes, Your Majesty," Sailor Universe said and curtsied before striding out of the door.

"Well done," Pluto said. Princess Serenity, who had been about to collapse in grief, rallied back.

"Do not well done' me," she almost growled. If everyone hadn't still been looking at her in shock from the last conversation, they would have done so at her tone of voice. "It is your fault they are dead!"

"Serena," Prince Endymion said, coming up to her, "it's okay, you just need to calm down a little. You're full of grief and saying things you don't mean," he said gently.

"Unfortunately," she responded, "I know exactly what I am talking about. You cannot tell me that he is stronger than the full power of the Moon Crystal. We did not need to go through this, Serenity could have handled him. Yes, it might have killed her, but at least Reenie wouldn't have lost her entire family in one blow!"

The others were about to try calming the obviously distraught Princess down when they saw Pluto looking down in shame.

"You mean it's true?" Prince Tranquillity asked in disbelief.

"In a way," Pluto said softly, "but I must protect the time line. It is my' duty and destiny. You are correct, Sailor Universe does not have enough control over the stones to use their full potential and so, even with the three stones, she does not have as much power as one of you fully using your stone."

"Then... Why?" Endymion cried, pointing to the people on the floor.

"Because it had to be done," Pluto's voice was anguished. "I know how much this hurt her, but it had to be, she had' to become Sailor Universe."

Princess Serenity had collapsed to her knees in exhaustion, but her eyes never left the monitors that would soon show her little girl fighting for her life. She looked around quickly at the others who were in as bad a shape as she, then looked back, praying they wouldn't be needed.

Meanwhile, in front of the Palace.

"Well, it's daybreak, and nobody has shown up. I guess they were too cowardly to fight a battle they were sure to lose," the Wiseman chuckled evilly.

"I would not be too sure," a voice with just a hint of a tremble came from the top of the steps. "I am Sailor Universe, Guardian and Sailor of Crystal Tokyo and the entire Silver Millennium. For the pain that you have handed out, the deaths that your senseless quest for power has caused, I will punish you!"

The Wiseman looked at the Scout standing in front of him and burst out laughing. "You?" he asked chuckling, "You, the Rabbit', think you can beat me? I had no idea the King and Queen had such a sense of humor!"

"Is this a joke?" she almost screamed, "STARLIGHT EXTINGUISH!" A ball of light composed of hundreds of tiny flickering lights rushed from her hands. The farther they went the bigger they got, until the ball when it hit was three times bigger than when it left her hands.

The Wiseman didn't even bother trying to get out of the way. He just grinned as the lights impacted his shield and dissipated. His grin almost faltered before he got it under control, that last was a lot more powerful than he had thought. Still, it wasn't strong enough to get through his shields. However, just in case, he decided to do something about it.

Sailor Universe was still angry and the Wiseman's laughter just made her angrier. "STARLIGHT EXTINGUISH!" she called, sending another ball toward the Wiseman. She began to cheer as it went through the place where his shield had been, only to fall silent as it went through him without stopping. She was still staring in disbelief as the energy ball hit her. She screamed.

Inside the Palace, Princess Serenity surged to her feet, ready to go to her aid.

Pluto put her hand on her shoulder. "You cannot," Pluto said quietly, "You are too weak."

"She's only ever fought once, and that doesn't really count. I can't just let her be hurt," Serenity said, not tearing her eyes from the monitors.

"It was to be champion to champion. Are you truly going to break your word?" Pluto asked.

"If it means keeping her alive? Yes," was the Princess' answer.

Back in the monitors, Reenie struggled to her feet.

Sailor Universe struggled to her feet. There were tears in her eyes from the pain in her arm. Now' she remembered what her mother had said about the Wiseman using illusion. She looked around quickly, trying to figure out where he was hiding.

"What," she taunted, getting ready to jump, "the great Wiseman' scared of a little kid?"

This time she caught the shimmer in the air, that was the Wiseman's attack. She threw herself out of the way and aimed where she thought the attack had come from. "STARLIGHT EXTINGUISH!" was called out almost before his attack had impacted on the ground.

Sailor Universe's attack hit something, and the Wiseman was shown for a brief moment as he was distracted. She readied another attack as she looked closely, trying to see him if he moved. Unfortunately, he moved quicker.

Sailor Universe screamed piercingly as the attack hit her in the back. The pain and fear she was feeling caused the Moon Crystal to respond and her moonbeam formed around her. "CRESCENT MOONBEAM STRIKE!" she cried sending the power of her moonbeam at the Wiseman's last location. It impacted, and broke through the shield.

"You hurt' me!" he said in disbelief. "Droids! I want her hurt, then kill her!" he yelled, no longer finding this humorous.

Reenie just lay there looking at them, the pain in her back not allowing her to move, and tears tracked down her face. "I'm sorry, Mommy," she whispered.

"Small Lady!" Pluto said, the thought of the little girl she loved finally shocking her out of her normal impassivity.

"Reenie!" everyone else called out worriedly.

"He's cheating, we can fight without breaking our word!" Super Jupiter called out. Her words didn't reach the ears of Princess Serenity though, she had already detransformed to Sailor Moon and ran out the door. The others followed quickly. Even Pluto joining the group. Although they were weak, they could still fight, and they were not going to let her die like that.

The guardians were left alone in the room with the bodies, and finally Luna and Apollo gave in to the grief they were experiencing. A cat's wail of loss, and the falcon's shriek, followed the Scouts outside.

The Wiseman and the droids were gloating above the little girl. The droid who had been chosen to kill the child knew his master wanted the little girl to hurt before being killed, and he was planning on enjoying every scream he could get. He reached down to where she was whimpering and trying to move away.

"MOON TIARA MAGIC!" impacted and turned him into dust before he could touch her.

"MARS FLAME SNIPER!", "MARS CELESTIAL FIRE SURROUND!", and "SOLAR FLARE!" helped clear a path from the Palace steps to Sailor Universe, and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask didn't hesitate to use it.

"Sailor Moon," Sailor Universe said in a small voice, "you're here?"

"Of course I'm here," she said softly, "I'm sorry we got you into this, it'll be okay." Sailor Moon kissed her daughter on the forehead and stood over her with Tuxedo Mask guarding her back.

"Oh, so you want to make this a real fight?" the Wiseman asked, "I would be glad to oblige you, droids attack! Kill them all, except the pink haired one, leave her for me to play with," he laughed.

"Over my dead body," Sailor Moon snarled.

"Exactly, my dear, exactly."

Sailor Moon pulled out her scepter and nodded at the others. By this time, most of them had managed to get around the Wiseman, so he was surrounded, without him noticing.












The attacks, and several dozen roses flew towards the Wiseman from all sides. His shields, which had already been pierced, could not withstand the attacks for long. However, it was long enough. Before the shields could go totally down, the Scouts were attacked by the hordes of droids.

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon stayed standing over their daughter, refusing to move for any reason. Tuxedo Mask was using his roses to devastating effect, while his cane countered any attacks coming towards him. Sailor Moon soon realized that her scepter could be used the same way and she was blocking the attacks, while sending her tiara out to do damage.

Sailor Universe had been cowering under her parents legs when she heard her father give out a grunt.

"Are you okay?" Sailor Moon asked worriedly.

"I'm fine," he answered through gritted teeth, not wanting to let her know about the spike that had managed to get through his guard and impact his side. He pulled it out, but while he was busy a droid started running towards him. He looked up too late, and tried to brace himself for the attack.

"STARLIGHT EXTINGUISH!" Reenie called out from underneath him, turning the droid into dust.

"Thanks sweetheart," he said before going back to the battle.

The other Scouts had tried to gather together to provide a united front, but had been too spread out by the initial attack. Although each of them was doing a great deal of damage, their weakened states caused them to make mistakes. Mercury was the first to go down after taking an energy attack in her back. Super Jupiter continued fighting, even after one droid had managed to trap her leg, forcing her to fight from a sitting position.

"Venus!" Sailor Moon called out as she watched her be overwhelmed by the monsters around her. The moment's inattention allowed two attacks to hit her from opposite sides. She gasped and almost fell, only the knowledge that her daughter was under her kept her on her feet.

"Serena!" Tuxedo Mask heard the gasp and turned quickly towards her. It was a mistake. Three droids attacked immediately. Sailor Universe's "STARLIGHT EXTINGUISH!" took care of one of them, but the other two managed to attack, one with an energy attack and the other with a long, sharp knife. Within seconds, Tuxedo Mask was down, bleeding from a gash on his head, and Sailor Moon was fighting for her life.

"MOON TIARA MAGIC!" flew at one of the droids, and he sidestepped right into the "CRESCENT MOONBEAM STRIKE!" that Sailor Universe called through her grief. While Sailor Moon and Sailor Universe were taking care of the droids that had taken down Tuxedo Mask, they made the same mistake. An energy blast impacted on Sailor Moon's unprotected back.

She dropped to her knees in pain, one knee on each side of Reenie, who still hadn't gotten up. Sailor Moon smiled painfully down at her daughter, and mouthed, "I love you," before she raised the Moon Scepter to block a blow from one of the droids closing in around her. "MOON

SCEPTER ELIMINATION!" took care of three of them, but there were still almost a dozen more gathered around, and more coming all the time.

"STARLIGHT EXTINGUISH!" and "MOON SCEPTER ELIMINATION!" drilled into the droids, dropping several of them with each attack, but Sailor Moon couldn't keep it up. With the draining her power had already gone through, added to the attacks she had been hit with, her power levels were dropping quickly and she was very close to total exhaustion. Then it happened. With slowed reflexes, Sailor Moon wasn't able to stop a droid before its power impacted her on her chest. She fell backwards, and lay still.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Reenie's anguished scream cut across the battlefield. "Not again! Please, not again! Mommy! Daddy! Please don't leave me again! Please!" Reenie started sobbing, and it was the only sound to be heard in the suddenly silent courtyard. Until another sound joined it, someone laughing.

The Wiseman floated above the scene as he laughed. He loved the delicious irony of her watching her parents die like that and watched as if it was a comedy put on for his amusement.

Universe's tears dried up as she heard the laughter, she looked at her parents, laying side by side, and remembered her other parents lying still and silent in the Shield Room. She looked around and could see only Sailor Sol and Jupiter still standing. Her resolve firmed. I'm sorry, Mommy, that I couldn't do it in time, but I will not let him win, I promise.

Sailor Universe stood up. Under normal circumstances, seeing a five year old standing like that, her face hardened with resolve, would have been a funny sight. One look in her eyes, however, would put any wish to laugh out of a person's mind.

"STARLIGHT EXTINGUISH!" she called, the ball in her hands over twice as big as any she had managed before.

The Wiseman moved quickly, but the attack hit the side of his shields and tore them down. The Wiseman quickly counterattacked. Sailor Universe managed to dodge one, but the second hit her and sent her crashing into the wall of the Palace.

The Wiseman floated in for the kill, but passed too close to one of the other Scouts. "SOLAR FLARE!" attacked the unshielded Wiseman. The Wiseman grunted at the pain and turned and blasted Sailor Sol.

Sailor Universe watched as the last member of her family fell to the evil of the Wiseman. She stared at the cause of all the deaths. Memories of her parents, both sets, and her uncles, and the Scouts passed through her mind and she started to glow. As the Wiseman watched in disbelief, her hair and cape started moving upwards and she started to float as well.

"So, you've learned how to fly," he said, seemingly unconcerned, "A lot of good it will do you." He threw another attack and she barely managed to move out of the way.

As he watched, the droids around her started to float as well, a larger and larger amount of area was feeling the effects of what could only be a loss of gravity. Sailor Universe stayed floating about two feet above the ground, and the Wiseman stayed floating where he was. Everyone and everything else started moving up and away from the Earth.

"Do you know what you're doing?" the Wiseman asked. "If you remove all of the gravity, the Earth will fall into the Sun."

"What do I know of gravity?" Sailor Universe asked in a hard voice, "I'm only a little kid."

"You don't really want to do this, do you?" the Wiseman asked, bringing all of his brainwashing ability into play. "You don't really want to harm me, you've just been misinformed. I'm really a nice person, you like me don't you?" the Wiseman's voice was soothing as he stared into Sailor Universe's eyes.

Sailor Universe faltered for a second, before a vision of her mother appeared before her eyes, "I believe in you, Small Lady, I know you can do it."

Sailor Universe stared at the Wiseman, "For all the deaths, and all the pain, for all the destruction and all the fear, for the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Universe, it ends here! BLACK HOLE COLLAPSE!" she sent all of the gravity she had gathered straight at him.

He attacked back with everything he had, and for a long moment, it seemed he might be able to stop it, but she looked up and saw Sailor Moon among those floating, and her eyes were open and she was smiling! The sight was enough to give Sailor Universe an extra burst of energy and the Wiseman's attack was blasted away. There was another instant of strain, as the gravity hit the crystal ball the Wiseman carried. Once more, Sailor Universe reached deep inside, to her memories of her parents and found the strength to keep going. The crystal ball shattered, and the droids disappeared, back to wherever they had come from. Only the Wiseman and the Scouts were left, and as Sailor Universe looked around, she found all of them, all of them! looking at her, waves of approval and love coming from them.

Then she looked back to find that the Wiseman was still there, and was actually starting to push the power away from him! Sailor Universe started to panic, she had no power left.

"Believe in yourself, Small Lady," Tuxedo Mask's voice came from where he floated next to Sailor Moon.

"But I don't have anything more! I'm out of power! Help me please!" she asked and she received.

From all over the field, the Scouts sent what little power they had left:













The power flew into Sailor Universe, and out into the gravity band that suddenly grew as the power filled it. Grew and started pushing back.

"No! That's not possible!" the Wiseman screamed, "I cannot be beaten!"

The gravity pulse impacted the Wiseman, and he tried to put up a last resistance, but the power of the Scouts, and Sailor Universe was too much. Instead of turning to dust as expected, he exploded, the explosion throwing the Scouts over ten meters away from their last position, before gravity came again and they fell, painfully.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Earth, he had changed so he could lend Sailor Universe his power, rushed towards her, quickly followed by the others. Several of them were limping, and walking stiffly, Mercury having to be helped along by Jupiter, but they were all alive.

"I'm so proud of you," Sailor Moon whispered to her daughter, as Sailor Earth picked her up and they walked inside. They passed the cheering crowd without noticing them and headed for the Shield Room.

Sailor Universe looked at the parents she hadn't been able to help and just collapsed, crying, letting go off all the power within her and detransforming back to Reenie. She looked up at the gasps. The lights that left her when she detransformed were dancing above the prone forms of her parents and Uncle. They settled down into the stones still in their hands and as everyone watched in disbelief and hope, the light spread from the stones, up through the bodies and set everything to right. As Super Mercury watched closely, Neo-Queen Serenity started breathing, followed closely by the two Kings. Within seconds they were sitting up and shaking their heads, before they were attacked by a little girl with pink hair that needed to be reassured that they were alright.

"MOMMY!" she cried, "They said you were dead, and I had to fight all by myself, and I was so scared, but I was gonna make you proud of me and then everyone came and we won!" She tried to babble more, but couldn't get it out, and just sobbed.

"And you did, Small Lady, you made me very proud," Serenity whispered as she rocked her distraught daughter. King Endymion and King Tranquillity moved over to her and brought the two of them into another group hug of relief and happiness.

Once more, everyone left the family alone as they cried together, and their younger selves detransformed. Serena was crying almost as much as her daughter. In truth, there wasn't a dry eye in the group, even Darien and Travis having moist eyes as they gathered Serena into a group hug of their own.

"You must go home soon," Pluto said, "before you harm the time line by your continued presence."

Serena looked at Pluto for a long moment. "One of these days, you're going to have to learn that there are more important things than the time line. We're not leaving until we say good-bye."

The Royal Family came out, still drying their eyes. Reenie was being carried in her mother's arms, and obviously not intending to leave them anytime soon.

Serena went up to them, "We have to go home," she said softly.

"No!" Reenie whined.

"I'm sorry, little one, but we must. I'll miss you," she said quietly.

"I'll miss you too Serena, I love you." Reenie started crying again.

"I love you, too," Serena was trying to keep from crying anymore than she had already, "Come visit us if you can, okay?"

"Okay," Reenie promised as she left her mother's arms to give her other mother a long hug that neither seemed to want to end.

The others came up to say good-bye as well. Tears were still much in evidence as they hugged the little girl they had all grown to love.

Serenity spoke up, "We can never adequately repay you," she started.

"And you never have to," Darien replied smiling, "You should know that."

"I do know it, but it still needs to be said."

Pluto opened a gate into the time plane. One by one the younger Scouts walked in, followed by Travis and the Guardians. Darien waited for Serena who was giving one last hug to Reenie. She walked up to him, turned around and waved while walking backwards. She kept up the waving until she could no longer see the little girl waving back. Then turned around and walked forward.

That's it for Chapter Twelve, and really for Universal.