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His eyes glinted and his mouth set into a smirk as he made her strip for him. Her face showed no emotion as she did this. She didn't smile, nor show any sign of doing so. He, however, did smile. He stood and pulled her body to his roughly after removing the Imperius curse. She had learnt by now and didn't do a thing as he thrusts his 'bodily function' into her again and again. His action was unwanted, very unwanted, but she still didn't move or protest. He smirked as he pulled out roughly. Still nothing. He shoved his fingers into her and thrusted. He still didn't get a reaction. He pulled her hair back and bit her neck. Still no reaction. He was angry. He slapped her face then leant towards her ear, so she would hear him clearly.

"Don't tell a soul Ginny, or you know what I'll do to you and your family, right?" she nodded, the speech familiar, too familiar. He held her arms tightly then thrust himself in once more. He wrapped the Invisibility Cloak around his body and after pulling it over his head, left the room. She changed into her clothes, the vile rising in her throat, she swallowed it forcefully and after making sure no-one was in the room, she spoke; the first sentence that she had said for 6 months; 'Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived'.

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