Jeff stood in his hotel room staring out the window at the world below. He loved coming to New York, it was such an exciting city. Always moving, always awake, a vast sea of interesting people living their interesting lives. New York has such a fast moving charm, everyone has someplace to be and they had to be there five minuets ago. It was nothing like the quiet country setting of Cameron. Jeff loved his home town but now and then he was always welcome for change in atmosphere, and New York was perfect for just that. Whenever the WWF took him to New York he and his brother Matt would arrive earlier then everyone else to fully experience everything the city had to offer. The two of them would spend all just ridding the subway observing the cast of characters that would come and go. But ever since they started traveling with Matt's girlfriend Amy everything seemed to change. They started getting separate room, arriving in separate cars, taking separate flights. Matt no longer went out with the guys every night or went walking around the cities with his brother. Instead all of his time was devoted to the beautiful Ms. Dumas. Jeff wasn't bitter though, in fact he loved Amy like a sister, but now and then he just wished things were the way they were before. Especially now that he was sitting alone in a New York City hotel room. 'Ah screw it' he thought to himself as he grabbed his sketch book and his leather jacket, and headed out the door. The busy streets of New York were the perfect place for someone who didn't want to be noticed. This was the only time he could go out without the need of a disguise. Despite the fact he slipped a baseball cap over his long blond hair, just to be on the safe side, and made his way to Penn Station.

He spent all day on the subway going uptown to down town, the Upper East Side to the lower west side, anywhere the trains would take him. He sat there all day just observing and sketching every person he saw. He was so caught up in his drawings that he didn't even notice that the subway cart had nearly cleared out, at least not until he saw her. Sitting only a few feet away, reading a paperback book. She was absolutely breath taking. Her long platinum blond hair was pulled back out of her beautiful face into a twisted ponytail. Her fair skin looked as smooth as porcelain, just begging to be touched. She chewed on her bottom lip as her eyes followed the lines of the book through her thick black framed glasses. He couldn't see her eyes but he could only imagine what they looked like. A sparkling emerald or perhaps a morning sky blue, something that you could stare into for days, that would fill your hearts with pure sweet contempt. He wanted so much more then to just sketch her, he wanted to know her. To hear her laugh, hear her voice, hear her speak his name, hear himself speak hers. He wanted so badly to approach her but he was glued to his seat. He couldn't understand it he had always been so smooth with woman, always knew how to look at them, what to say to them, but now not only was he blank but he was scared as well. He never feared rejection before simply because he had never been rejected but something about this girl mad him nervous. As he sat there think of something to say the subway train stopped short, knocking the book out of her hand. Fate must have been smiling on him because the paperback slid across the cart stopping right at Jeff's feet. He picked up the book and made his way over to the woman.

"You dropped this" he said as he handed her the book

"Thank you" she said softly grabbing for the book, slightly touching his hand sending a shiver down both their spines.

"Exquisite Corpse" Jeff said smiling at the woman

"Excuse me?"

"Your book, Exquisite Corpse, that's a rather strange title."

The woman laughed to herself as she slid her glasses off revealing a pair of deep sea blue eyes.

"Yes well, it's a rather strange book."

She couldn't help but notice the strikingly handsome features of the man standing before her. A strong chiseled jaw, full soft lips, and deepest pair of green eyes she had ever seen. A true Adonis in a pair of baggy jeans, a white wife beater that clung to his muscular chest, and a short leather jacket. His long blond hair stuck out from the side of the white baseball cap on his head. Even through his baggy clothes she could tell he had an amazing body, she wasn't blind!

"Would you like to sit?" she asked as she moved her messenger bag over so he could sit down next to her.

"I'm Jeff..."

"Hardy. I know. I recognized you before." She said softly. He was taken back by her statement.

"What? You look confused." Noticing his expression.

"Oh it's nothing just...usually when people recognize me they act a little more...hysterical."

"Oh...well you looked busy. I didn't want to bother you. Besides I was always a Dudley Boys fan." The two laughed at her joke. 'Beautiful and a smart ass' Jeff thought to himself

"Well you know my name why don't you tell me yours."

"Oh I'm sorry! How rude of me! Um...Emilie Weissman." She said putting out her hand.

"Well Emilie it's nice to meet you"

"It's nice to meet you too Jeff" they smiled as they shook hands.

"I can't help but notice your accent. Where are you from?"

"North Carolina. A little town called Cameron."

"That's nice. I've never been, I've always wanted to see the rest of the country but I never left New York."

"Why not?"

"I don't know. New York's kind of like the black hole of the east. It sucks you in and never leave. Besides it's my home, my heart. I love this city."

"Well you know just because you're away from something doesn't mean your hearts has to leave. Your heart is where ever you want it to be." His words touched her, she had never thought about it like that before but it made sense. Perhaps there was something else keeping her here, perhaps it was the fear that she'd never find anything better. Jeff couldn't help but notice the sad look on her face.

"I'm sorry, I've upset you."

"No" she said shacking herself back to reality "not at all. In fact I appreciate your out look on it." She smiled at him revealing her pearly whit teeth, just as the train came to a stop.

"This is me" she said collecting her things.

"Oh. Well it was nice talking to you."

"You too Jeff, good-bye."

Jeff knew that if he let her go he would never see her again and he simply could not let that happen. Before she vanished from his life forever he got up to stopped her.

"Hey Emilie!"

Hearing her name she turned around to him.

"My brother and his girlfriend are arriving later tonight. Would you like to come out with us?"

"I'd love too...but I have to work."

"Oh...well I understand" he said with a hit of disappointment in his voice.

"Well why don't you stop by and visit me. You can get a drink and I should be out around midnight."

"Sure! Where do you work?"

"A bar on the lower east side called The Knitting Factory"

"You're a bartender?"

"You can say that. See ya around ten?"

"Sure" they smiled at each other as the subway door shut and took off down the track. Jeff sat back down resting his head back on the window as a sweet smile formed across his face.

So tell me what you thinkā€¦so I continue or should I just throw myself in the east river now