Author Notes: This was written simply because I needed to find a way to get past my writers block on my OTHER stories. I'm writing this because I want to. Chances are you won't like this at all. So, please, no snide reviews telling me that there are millions of stories like this out there and mines just as sucky as the rest. Because all you'd be doing is hurting me. I'm writing this because I have dreams and daydreams too. And while this might seem stupid, maybe you've imagined a similar thing like this happening to YOU… Well, Sorta similar. That said, if you're still reading this, color me shocked. It gets more interesting past page two.

- Lina Inverse the Dramata

No Reason or Rhyme

Oh sure, you always think its going to be a boring, out of the ordinary day when you're on your own inside the house you share with your friend… Okay, it's not even your house; it's your friend's father's house. And you're staying so you can be close to your school. All right, not you. Me.

My name is- - oh who cares what my name is at the moment, the important thing is that I'm telling you, magic is real. It exists. Although, I don't have any proof that I'd be wil- - er, able to show anyone. No one would believe me anyway. Besides, this is the U.S.A. land of mistrust and deceitful politicians… crazy Presidents too when you think about it.

But I'm diverging. Magic's out there, the magic I'm talking about though doesn't exist here per say. Not only that, out there, somewhere, not in this universe, Harry Potter and the world of Wizards exists.

Okay, you can stop laughing any time now.

… Thank you.

I need to write this all out to you now. And fast. I have this sinking feeling if I don't, I'll forget. I think it might have something to do with innate magic protecting other dimensions, universes, (whatever you want to call them) from well, you know, idiots holding information about things they really shouldn't know. I hope I actually write all that I must before it fades into the belief that it was just a dream I got from passing out.

Like I said, it was summer, July second, year; two thousand four. And my friend Vanessa left me to go out with her mom for a movie and food. So I'm asked to do the dishes while they're out and I agree (I didn't want her mom whining at me later). But, being the Virgo that I am, I organize the room I'm using (which is also the computer room) and then go through and meticulously organize everything in it. Once I'm done I go and attack the kitchen. So I'm washing dishes, blasting John Denver and singing to the song about him thanking God he's a country boy.

Then the power went out and this horrible feeling hit me. It was like being hit with a wave of air (I guessed it must have been so because the curtains on the window had fluttered and bills off the table went flying everywhere.) It felt like I'd been punched in the gut. Next thing I know I was on the floor, sitting there gasping for air. Then the lights came back on. At first I was weirded out, what the hell had that been? I glanced at the CD player and grumbled. It had been cut out of the middle of the song. Evil power outage… is that even what happened? I glared at the CD player, hit play, skipped forward and the song began again.

The door that was six feet away from me was open wide to let in the fresh air and a cool breeze came in wafting in the earthy scent of the forest air around the house. There was no screen door so I was standing guard to kill anything small and not human that tried to come through it… cats and dogs didn't count unless they were frothing at the mouth. Anything flying and not a bird did.

So when a human male voice called over the music, "Excuse me Miss,', needless to say I jumped. Gimme a break, the house is in the middle of NOWHERE. Human visitors SO not a problem. My soapy hands that had been holding a blue glass cup slipped and it clattered loudly in the sink. A quick glance at the door informed me that it was a rather tall, old, thin man. He had long white hair and a beard. Embarrassed to have been caught off guard and singing out loud no less, I hastily wiped my wet hands on my black wrap around skirt and hit the 'stop' button which blessed the room with immediate silence. Moving around the island dishwasher I came up to the door, finally looking at him and taking in (at a deeper level of understanding) what I was seeing.

He was much taller then I, and I'm not good with heights or anything, but I was guessing at least five foot ten… eleven inches, at most. His beard was so long it reached his waist, leaving me rather impressed a real person would actually have that kind of patience, and the hair on his head seemed to be just as long. His outfit… looked wizard-ish from the start. Deep blue, open, showing off another set of closed robes beneath it, held in by a leather belt. I'm embarrassed to say that sometimes there are moments where I'm unable to hide my emotions; and this was one of them. My eyebrows were arched upwards and the right side of my mouth was fighting my cheek muscles to twist upwards into an amused smirk. This guy looked absolutely… well, I automatically thought he was cool just for dressing the way he had. I looked in his eyes and was greeted by bright blue ones hidden behind spectacles. And he was looking at me rather curiously as well. Pretending I HADN'T been staring for at least ten seconds in absolute surprise, I forced my vocal chords to work.

"Can I hav- help you?" I quickly corrected the question to what it was supposed to be. He looked a bit amused. I think he knew what I'd nearly said. Damn luck.

"I'm sorry to drop in on you like this, but it seems I and my companions are a bit lost and we heard your music playing so thought we could possibly ask where we are?" he inquired politely in a British accent.

Okay, old or not, you have a British accent and I'll give you room and board for free if you'll just speak to me. I smiled at him; he seemed to emanate a grand-fatherly aura of sorts. When around people I'm usually able to discern by their mere presence whether or not I'll be able to stand them, and he had a pleasant, welcoming, feeling around him. I was more then willing to help him. Wait… Companions?

Discreetly I tried to look past him, but it seemed his 'companions' were off to the side, and consequently, out of my vision. "Well… You're in Poulsbo… but if you walk over to the garage you'll be in Kingston." I don't think that helped any by the expression on his face. "Where were you trying to get to?"

"Hm… London, preferably."

I highly doubted that's where he really wanted to go, something seemed to be screaming he said 'London' just so I'd go into more detail about how screwed he might or might not be.

Unfortunately, if London, England was even close to where he really wanted to be, I was about to be the bearer of bad news.

"London… you mean in England?" he nodded. "Um… So you're looking for the airport TO England?"

"We're not anywhere near England?" a young voice cried out in surprise from off to the side. Which was silenced sharply by a curt voice ordering them to be quiet.

"Um… Sea Tac is across the water, it's near Seattle, you can get there by taking the Kingston Ferry- - no wait, Bainbridge Ferry, and then… you might need a map… How lost are you?" I asked curiously.

"Very, it seems." The old man said with a sigh. "Would it trouble you if you were to maybe show us a map of this town?"

"Oh, sure… Um, come on in." I invited stepping off to the side and gesturing in, "All of you can if you want."

"Why that's very kind of you." He said graciously stepping inside. He stopped half way in the kitchen waiting for his friends and I watched them enter in a single file line. The boy who had cried out in surprise stepped inside and gave me a once over glance before looking at the house itself. I was rather surprised to see him wearing a finely made open robe of sorts, an orange and red crest on his right breast and a uniform beneath it. He reminded me too much of the Harry Potter in the movie. He even had the glasses and wild hair… at this view point I couldn't tell if he had a 'scar' or not. The only difference being was that he looked nothing like Danielle Radcliffe. I tried not to stare, he was adorable either way. And undoubtedly jail bait.

Behind him was a middle-aged man with shoulder length light brown hair with gray running through it, he had on shabby patched robes and had a gentle face. God he was cute too. (And I was more then sure he wasn't jail bait.) I had to keep from drooling. Damn my finding appreciation in older men. The last one was the tallest of them all. Slender and his height being at least at six foot two, he had chin length black hair (that looked like it needed a really thorough wash) and was wearing beautiful black robes. His features were sharp and angular and he was looking at me as if examining a specimen.

At this point it hit my Harry Potter obsessed mind that they looked very much like the characters out of the book… but nothing like how I'd pictured them or how they looked in the movies. Breaking my gaze from them I shut the door and edged past to show them to the living room that had just been swept recently.

"Um… Go ahead and take a seat," I offered.

The young boy (who looked half starved I noticed) sat on the red couch against the wall and seemed a bit caught off guard when it sank in a bit more then normal. The brown haired man chose the other couch against the wall with the window, and the old man sat in the chair that when turned on gave the person a massage. Tall, Dark, and… Scowling, chose to stand.

"Um…" I realized that the boy was looking at me again but as if he had just realized something for the first time, he then quickly turned away.

"What a cute top my dear." The old man said.

I looked down and would have blushed had I had any modesty. It was a tank top, but a rather low cut one (it was hot out!). "Ah, thanks." I said cheerfully. Okay, I'm only average looking, I admit, but I wore what I wanted at least… and had fun scaring people too.

"Hold on a sec- -" I left the room and went to grab my road map from history class that was hidden away in my room. I walked back out and went over to the old man and stood beside his chair. "Okay, we're in the middle part of Washington…" I murmured while opening the map. "That's Oregon… and that's Canada…. Ah, here it is, Seattle, Washington… Poulsbo…. Poulsbo… ah, there we are!" I lowered the map for him to see and glanced at the other three men.

The kid looked like he had just been told his pet dog had been fed to the family alligator. The dark one's lips had thinned out into a straight line (I'd always wondered what that would look like in real life), and the brown haired man's eyebrows had furrowed.

Meanwhile the one next to me was searching the map. "So we are here?" he clarified.

"Yes, do you wish to keep the map? I have two more at my other house."

"No thank you, this has cleared things up very much." He frowned over the map a bit more and I wondered what was going on.

"So are you guys going to a convention? You're all dressed like wizards." There. I opened my mouth to ask the question that had been bubbling up inside me ever since I had led them into the living room.

"Not particularly." The brown haired man said slowly. I'd almost think he sounded unsure.

Tired of having to mentally refer to them by their hair color and age I smiled at them all. "My name is James," tall dark and brooding looked like he'd swallowed a rotten lemon. (I mean really, lemons are hard to take on their own, but rotten ones... that's like insult to injury.) The brown haired one raised an eyebrow and the kid was looking at me in surprise. "You guys are…?"

"My name is Harry." The child was the first to speak. My eyebrows raised and I tried not to laugh. That was irony.

"Remus Lupin," the man on the couch said introducing himself.

My eyebrows were no longer raised in amusement, but in surprise.

"Severus Snape," came from over in the corner.

"Albus Dumbledore." Lastly from the man sitting beside me.

Irony was throwing salt on life heavily today.

"Riiight." I said nodding once (and slowly). And I'm the Pillsbury Dough Boy's personal stripper. I kept that little thought to myself. I had a haunch that the only part they'd understand is that I was someones stripper... Which I wasn't. I stepped away from the chair and went over to the unoccupied part of the room and turned to look at them. "I thought you guys said you weren't dressed as wizards."

"We never said quite that much," 'Albus' said with a smile, but I had the feeling he was looking at me very carefully. The other three males were watching me suspiciously, as if I'd said something, I dunno, unusual.

All right, they were playing their characters. Fine by me.

"So, want some tea?" I asked, half joking.

"Lemon would be wonderful." Albus answered.

The others nodded in assent, "Well you guys can all talk and relax, I'll…. Go get the tea ready." I left the room and shook my head. Hm… I was either crazy, dreaming, or they just were really into role-playing. Getting out several cups I filled them with water and went to the microwave to heat them one glass at a time.

"…Muggle do you think she- -" the voice suddenly lowered. Damn I couldn't even eavesdrop.

I was bored waiting for each cup to heat, but luckily I wasn't in the mood for tea so I only had to heat up four cups. (I'd nab myself a cup of soda instead.) It occurred to me that I was curious as to how they would get out of the driveway which I affectionately referred to as The Death Trap. So I looked out the kitchen window to see how they'd positioned their vehicle… and realized my blue car was the only one out there. Strange… No other car in sight. I shrugged and went back to business putting a lemon tea bag into each cup and then placed a spoon in them afterwards. I climbed up onto the counter to get the honey and a bag of sugar from the cabinet and then picked up two of the hot mugs.

I served the closest ones (Sev and Harry) first, left, came back with the other two cups, left again, and came back out with the sugar, honey and my own soda.

"Tea the American way." I said cheerfully. "I'm sorry it's not in proper little serving dishes, but here in America ninety - eight percent of us are heathens, and I fall into the ninety - eight percent. Just serve yourselves." I grabbed the lone chair that 'Severus' hadn't sat in and pulled it to my little spot where I could watch them all. Albus and Remus seemed amused by my comment, Harry a little surprised at my (strange) humour, and Severus… well… looked a bit disgusted… but at a lesser stage of said feeling.

"So what are your real names?" I asked politely.

"Real names?" Harry asked in surprise.

"Yes, you know, the one's you use when not acting out your characters… Are you all really from Britain? Or did you just develop your accents? They're really very good." I asked, trying to be as polite as possible.

"We're from England." Remus answered a bit unsurely. "So they're quite real… actually, its more like you're the one with the accent." He said in amusement.

"I can see that." I said honestly. "So did you guys read the newest book then?"

Now they were all looking at me like I was crazy.

"Book?" Harry asked curiously.

"You don't read Harry Potter?" I asked a bit surprised, now the boy looked a bit caught off guard. The other three were now peering at me in a most peculiar manner.

"Harry Potter, my dear?" Albus inquired politely.

"Um… Isn't that where you got your names?" I asked, more than a bit confused; a sudden pounding in my chest. It couldn't be… No it couldn't, I was being ridiculous even thinking that these people might…

"How'd you know my-!" Harry spat out in surprise, but Severus cut him off quickly.

"Hardly." Severus' voice came out rather silkily, a glare aimed at Harry. Hm… I liked his voice.

"Oh… So where did you get your names?" I asked, my voice becoming a bit weaker.

"Mum and Dad." Harry replied, his voice thick with suspicion.

"I'm afraid this has always been my name." Albus answered.

"As well as mine." Remus added in.

"Wow. Lucky you…" They were still looking at me strangely, "So how did you get here? I didn't see a car- -"

"Car?" Albus repeated.

"We didn't come in one." Harry answered.

"Oh…." I didn't want to ask how then. "I'm sorry if the tea's a bit crummy." I decided to change the subject, "I'm not exactly used to having guests."

"The tea is fine, dear." Albus reassured me.

Now I was wondering how to continue this conversation. I was saved the trouble of doing so.

"So, Harry Potter is a book?" Albus asked. I nodded.

"Yeah, you've heard of it right?" Albus shook his head looking me directly in the eyes. Somehow, I felt there was an important reason WHY he was. If he were really the Albus Dumbledore I would have thought he was using Occlumency... but there was no such thing so... I guessed he was just trying to make me nervous.

"Perhaps you could tell us?" he invited.

"Um… Sure." I said a bit warily, "Well, it's this fantasy book- -" Harry choked on his tea. "- That came from Brit-- Are you alright Harry?" I asked, he nodded his head and set down his cup. So I continued, "Anyway, it came out around… nineteen ninety - four? I really don't remember, it was sometime around then, it's about this little boy who turns out to be a Wizard. At first I refused to even touch the books because I thought it was some stupid book for kids. I finally read the book and it's actually rather charming. You should try reading it, since you guys seem to be dressed like Wizards. I believe you'd like it."

"What happens in them?" Harry asked, his voice a bit… unsteady and strained.

"Lots of things. There are five books so far. One book for each year he's at Hogwarts."

Harry's eyes were wide. And if I thought that I'd been getting odd looks before, their searching glances were practically boring into me now.

"Hogwarts?" Severus demanded sharply.

"Yeees." I said slowly. "It's a school for Witches and Wizards… somewhere in Scotland."

Severus was now glaring and quickly turned to look at Albus.

"No offense, but you guys are acting a bit… odd." I said with a nervous laugh.

"Oh don't mind Severus, it's just a surprise to hear such a familiar name." Albus said easily. "So it tells about Harry's life?"

"Not exactly, but yes." I nodded. "Just recently the fifth book came out. It's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was the biggest book yet." Albus leaned forward a bit. It was unnerving having him look into my eyes for so long, so I looked away to the others. "With your names, I had thought you read the books… Cause those names are all in it."

Remus looked as if he were thinking on what I had said and Harry looked floored. "Do you have these books?" Remus asked.


"Might we see them?"

I nodded and stood up leaving to go into Vanessa's room. I collected the four books (the fifth book was somewhere in the living room) and I came back and placed them on the coffee table. I was beginning to wonder if I'd invited a bunch of psychopaths into Vanessa's house. Would they go crazy and kill me? If so would Vanessa mind cleaning blood out of her couch? Or wood floor for that matter? I mean, I'm dense, but not so dense as to not notice things weren't very normal with my guests.

"Would you like me to read a paragraph out of one of them?" I asked.

"Why don't you chose something out of Harry's first year," Albus suggested.

So I did. Ironically it was a rather brief part out of Harry's scene with Quirrell. I stopped after reading the part when Quirrell removed his turban revealing Voldemort.

Harry looked a bit pale and the adults were looking rather… grave and severe.

"You have read all of those books?" Albus' voice cut into the silence like a hot knife would to butter and I looked at him.

"Yes, there are only two more books that she's going to write and that's when the series will end… We don't know what's going to happen, all we do know is that the books are going to become darker. There are a few deaths and what not but it's still a well written series." I shrugged carelessly and placed the book back onto the pile.

Harry looked almost fearful and Dumbledore frowned. "Perhaps we should discuss this later…"

"Harry are you alright?" Remus asked the rather upset boy.

"I- I'm fine." He answered grabbing for his cup of tea again, but not even drinking any of it.

As if. I snorted mentally.

"I know this might seem a bit strange… But I think we might need your help a bit more then we originally thought, James." Albus straightened in the chair and I wondered what he meant. "You've told us where we are. But now could you tell us what today's date is?"

"July second, two thousand and four." I answered automatically.

"Ah, I see." He said, "Much more help than we thought."

"Why is that Al- - Um… Am I allowed to call you by your first name? Or would you prefer Dumbledore?" I scrunched my nose up a bit in curiosity.

"Either will do," he replied.

"Um…. Okay, why do you think you need my help much more then you originally thought, Albus sir?" I repeated.

His blue eyes met mine and I felt as if I was being measured and weighed, I knew why the moment he answered me, "Because the last date we remember, is October thirty - first, nineteen ninety three."