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No Reason or Rhyme

Chapter 4

The explosion shook the very foundation of the house- - windows rattled, the piano's out of tune chords vibrated- - I mean it was the works. Than a bright white light burst out and I was blinded and knocked out of my chair.

Now let me tell you something about fainting:

Don't do it. Avoid it at all possibilities.

Unless you know you'll wake up being given mouth to mouth by a gorgeous man.

Then I say, 'Go for it'.

This wasn't the case for me.

I groaned. I was sore.

What had happened?

Where was I?

I was cold, shivery.

Oh. I was on the wooden floor of Vanessa's den. It was empty. Why was I on the floor? Why was the room darker? Why was the sun setting? Didn't I have four hours? Strange... fours hours till what? A movie? I stood up and stretched. I had a lump on the back of my head. Did I fall? Crap, did I have a concussion? I went and turned on the living room lights and the room was lit up brightly. Why did I feel as if something was missing? Why was there a lump in my throat? Why'd it felt like I lost something?


Popular question.

I heard the door in the kitchen open. Vanessa!

I wobbled unsteadily to the kitchen and there she was. I smiled, "Hey 'Nessa. Took you a while, didn't it?"

"Yeah mom and I missed our show and got the next one..." Her mom came in from behind her gave me her greetings, and I was stuck in conversation with her for a bit before she decided to go to the back room. All the while a pit was hollowing itself in my stomach. What was I forgetting? As soon as she'd gone I sighed and shook my head at Vanessa who sighed as well and headed into living room.

"Hey Jaime," It took a moment for me to realize that was me. I'd been expecting another name, although I wasn't sure why. I walked away from the counter and into the room. "Why do you have so many cups out here.... They're all toppled over."

She was right. There were five cups in the room, two were right in front of the red couch, one had toppled off the black chair that was her dads, and one was in the middle of the room. The last one was next to the chair I was sure I'd been sitting in before I fell (why did I fall?). The floor was sticky... dried... I sniffed the air. Lemon tea? Strange... why would I have five different cups- -

Then it all hit me. Like the cliched ton of bricks.

I jumped from the mess, "I'll go get some rags." I didn't bother explaining why there were so many cups or why they all looked like their owners had run off leaving them to fall helter skelter... I had something important to do. I ran outside to where I knew the spot would be... And realized the circular patch of dead grass... was halfway to being green again. The dead yellow grass seemed to have reverted back....

I wasn't insane... there was proof! And the five cups!

I ran back into the house and set about to helping clean up the mess in the living room. Vanessa helped take the cups back while I wiped down the floor. As I was cleaning up Severus' tea Vanessa grabbed the last two cups (Harry's than Remus') and leaned over the arm to look for any other and said, "Hey... I don't remember owning this."

And from the corner between the red couch and black chair she pulled up a silver stone goblet.

Remus' silver stone goblet.

My mouth dropped. "Er- that's mine." I snatched it from her before she could get another word out. She raised an eyebrow at me and took the cups (sans Remus') into the kitchen. As I was done cleaning I threw the paper towels away. Holy crud... Remus' cup! It was honest to goodness proof! But... The moment I realized that I felt a sudden desire to do something.

So I rushed into the computer room, cup clenched tightly in my hand, took the computer out of screen saver mode, and began typing this out (the cup I have placed before me off to the side) and you know the rest.

I had to type this all out before well, you know.

I'd hate to forget.


Where'd this cup come from?

It's really cool actually. 'Cept for whatever sticky drink that was in it before... It's all dried to the bottom of the cup. Smells nasty actually.

Wow, this is the weirdest story I've ever written. Rather boringly creative isn't it? I guess I'll post this, maybe someone will read it...

But first, I think I'll go ask Vanessa where she got this really cool goblet. Wonder why it's in here.


Author Note P.S.

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