A Flower in the Eyes of Another Chapter 1 "Hide and Seek"

"Arinia, where are you?  I'm coming to find you!"

That was Mark, Arinia's boyfriend, they were currently playing a game of hide and seek with Mark's teammates from Team Aqua and at the moment Arinia was the target since Mark had already found all the others.  Unknown to Mark, Arinia was well hidden between 4 big rocks, and unless Mark looked right down on top of her she wasn't visible. 

This continued for another fifteen minutes before Mark said, "Okay Arinia, I give up where are you?"

Arinia now stood up from her hiding place and Mark laughed since where she had hidden herself had been the last place he'd have thought to look.

"Geez Arinia, I looked everywhere……..  You really outsmarted me!"  Mark took Arinia in his arms and hugged her then he leaned her back a little and kissed her passionately.

Mark's teammates now walked up and saw Mark loving on his girlfriend, "Aw…….  She's so cute!"  One member said.

"She sure is."  Another member said.

"Yeah, and she was the only one who managed to get through the game without being caught."  Another member chimed in.

"Yup, that's what makes her so special."  Mark said, kissing Arinia again.

Arinia now smiled, and continued to let Mark hold her.

"Mark, do you think Arinia should be in our team?"  A grunt asked Mark.

Mark looked surprised, "I've asked her and she said she'd think on it, but if she does end up wanting to is another story and I don't want to pressure her into it if that's not what she wants to do.  Thought truth be told, I would love to have her in my group."  Mark said holding Arinia tighter.

Arinia smiled at Mark but didn't answer.  Just then some Team Magma members crested the top of the hill and charged the Team Aqua members.

"Mark!"  Arinia cried when she saw them.

"What is it, Arinia?"  Mark asked.

"Look!"  Arinia pointed in the direction the Team Magma members were coming from.

Mark's eyes widened in horror when he saw them, "Oh no……."  Mark released Arinia from his grasp, "Arinia, I want you to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, I'm sure that if they find you here that they will capture you and take you back to their boss for a hefty reward since you're a friend of ours and they don't treat people tied to Team Aqua nicely."

Arinia nodded and started running in the opposite direction.  The Team Magma members now reached the clearing where Arinia had been standing with Mark and his friends a few minutes ago and most of them formed a circle around them drawing poke balls for battle while the rest consisting of about eight members, three Admins and five grunts started to pursue Arinia since they thought that she was a target of interest since she was a friend of Team Aqua.  Arinia ran for about another twenty minutes, up another three or four hills and across an open plain before her ankle gave out on her and she fell to the ground.  The Team Magma members took this to their advantage and managed to recover some ground that they had lost since she had a head start on them when they had arrived on the scene.  Arinia climbed back to her feet, but her ankle gave out on her again and Arinia realized that she had badly sprained it.

"Oh no……..  I've sprained my ankle and Team Magma is about to catch me!"  Arinia thought almost panic ridden.

Arinia got to her feet again and tried to run, but at that moment the Team Magma members caught up to her and surrounded her.  Two grunts now stepped forward and seized Arinia's arms and held her tightly so that the Admins could get a good look at her.  Arinia struggled, trying to get loose, but that proved to be impossible since they were holding her too tight and the only thing that accomplished was getting them to laugh at her and her feeble attempt to escape from them.

"Nice try girl, but you're not getting away!"  An Admin jeered at her.  The Admin now seized her chin and made her look him in the eyes.  Then he said, "Yes, she'll do perfectly for the plan our boss needs a girl for.  We're taking her to Maxie!"

Arinia lowered her head, knowing that she was now their prisoner and that her only hope lay with Mark and his teammates.  Another Admin now took out a bottle of chloroform and a rag and poured some chloroform onto the rag before he held the rag over Arinia's face so that she would inhale it in and become sleepy.  Arinia tried to hold her breath for as long as she could, but her attempt gave out since she took a breath after holding it for twenty-five seconds and when she did she got a full whiff of the drug on the cloth and it began to make her head swim.  The Admin now laughed and held the drug closer to her.  Arinia's head continued to swim and her knees buckled under her and she fell to the ground.  The Admin continued to hold it over her mouth and nose and about three minutes later Arinia passed out.  Once she'd passed out, the Admin removed the rag from her face and laughed.  The grunts holding her now released her and another Admin scooped her up into his arms.

"Good, we take her to Maxie now!"  The Admin, who had drugged her said.

The other grunts and Admins nodded and they began walking up another hill and over to where their plane was hidden and boarded it.  Once aboard, the grunts walked to take seats near the center of the plane and the Admin carrying Arinia carried her over to a seat and set her down and buckled her in.  Then he took the seat beside her so that he could keep a close eye on her so that she couldn't escape.


Back in the clearing, Mark and his teammates had beaten all the Team Magma members, and they had run off towards their plane.  Mark and his teammates pursued them, since they were pretty sure that Arinia had been caught by the members who had pursued her. 

They reached the clearing where the Team Magma plane was hidden and an Admin laughed, "Ha!  You want your little friend, but we won't give her back!"

Mark and his teammates looked terrified since Arinia didn't deserve to be a prisoner at the hands of Team Magma.  The Admin now ran up the steps to the plane and slammed the door, and a moment or two later their plane began to rise up into the air taking Arinia with them.  The only thing Mark and his teammates could do was watch in horror as Arinia was taken away from them in a form of transportation that they couldn't easily follow.  The only thing they could do was report to their boss and then try to locate Arinia's exact location, but that in itself would take some time and for Arinia that time spent might mean that they would be too late to save her since Maxie might kill her as punishment for being a friend to Team Aqua.