Chapter 14

"Attack on the Hospital"

Arinia continued to sleep while Mark and Bernard watched her, not knowing what was going on or whether she was safe, as she was completely asleep and totally worn out and exhausted.

Mark sighed. "Well, there's one thing bad with this situation. It seems WAY too calm..."

"Yeah, you're right... Something's not right, and I bet my money we're about to be joined by unwelcome company..." Bernard said glancing around Arinia's room for signs of anything amiss.

Just as Bernard said that, there was a knock at the door. Mark answered it and it was Sidney looking very distressed.

"What's wrong!" Mark cried out upon seeing Sidney so distressed.

"Some Team Magma members were located in this hospital," Sidney said, "I saw one just a few minutes ago!"

Bernard looked at Mark. "Dang it...I can guarantee you that they're coming for Arinia..."

As if to prove him right, the door burst open and Team Magma members flowed into Arinia's room completely taking Mark, Sidney, and Bernard by surprise. A Team Magma General made his way to Arinia's bedside and scooped her up into his arms while the other grunts and Admins made a distraction and quickly left with her leaving the others to hold down the fort temporarily.

Mark released his Mightyena. "GO! Follow them!" Aquarius barked and followed Team Magma with Mark, Sidney and Bernard chasing close behind.

Arinia, who was within the arms of the Team Magma General didn't stir from her peaceful sleep, she seemed completely exhausted and too tired to even defend herself from potential capture.

The General who was carrying Arinia shook her slightly. "Is she dead or just extremely tired?" He checked for a heartbeat and amazingly enough found one. "She's alive. I'm going with the extremely tired, I found a heartbeat." He smirked evilly and kept running.

Mark and Co. continued the chase but it wasn't really helping at all. Team Magma proved very fast.

Most of the Team Magma agents were already out the door and the General holding Arinia was very close.

"We have to hurry! We're losing her!" Mark cried trying to run faster.

The General exited the hospital and shut the door, locking it in the process. A few Grunts then threw several large very heavy branches in front of the door, blocking it.

Mark ran at the door trying to get it open, but nothing happened as the Team Magma grunts had blocked the entrance to the door so that they could make a clean escape with Arinia.

Sidney pounded his fist against the door. "Crap...they got away!" Mark kicked the door in anger as well.

Bernard looked frightened, they were cut off from being able to leave the hospital to stop Arinia's kidnapping. There appeared that there was nothing more he could do, and this time he wasn't there to save her. Bernard was afraid now, as he didn't know what would happen to Arinia once Maxie discovered she was still very sick.

Bernard sighed. "What do we do now?"

"I don't know..." Mark moaned. "I don't want to lose her, but unless there's another way out of here we're going to..."

Sidney piped up with, "Unfortunately, things don't work that way. This is the only way out of this place."

Mark sank to the ground, he seemed to be sobbing and muttering the words "I failed you Arinia" over and over under his breath.

Bernard put his hand on Mark's back. "No... You didn't fail Arinia...we all did..." Sidney nodded, with a grim look on his face.

Mark nodded but was still upset. Mark sighed before he said, "We must get her back, I don't know what'll happen to her since she's sick!"

"One thing, though, Mark..." Bernard asked, "How EXACTLY do we tell Archie this?"

"We tell him the truth, that we got caught by surprise and will go after them to retrieve her if he'll allow it." Mark replied grimly.

Sidney nodded. "Yep, do you two want to go the Team Aqua base and, er, break the news?" he asked.

"We should, or we might just want to call our boss and see what he wants to do, he's usually pretty understanding." Mark said looking up trying to figure out what to do.

Bernard nodded and took out his cell phone. "Hold on, I got you covered. I'll call him right now and ask."

Bernard flipped open the phone and quickly dialed. The line rang twice and then Archie picked up on the other end. "Hello?"

"Uh, boss, it's me Bernard, we have some bad news..." Bernard said thinking it was better to take the plunge and get it over with.

Archie nodded. "Well, what is it?"

"We were caught by surprise by a Team Magma attack and they managed to grab Arinia and get away with her..." Bernard sounded disappointed in his own abilities.

Archie sighed in a tone that clearly said "not again..." "Well, gah, that's DEFINATELY not good at all. Listen, I'll send out some men to look for them and you do to, under my orders. Where are you guys anyway?"

"We're in Evergrande at the hospital there where Team Magma pretty much barricaded us in..." Bernard replied answering Archie's question.

"Is there another way out? Can you break a window?" Archie asked.

Sidney looked around and shook his head and muttered something about how these glass windows wouldn't break.

Bernard shook his head. "No, I doubt it. These windows look very thick...impossible to break..."

Mark sighed and muttered a "what are we supposed to do" under his breath.

Archie nodded. "I'm sending a few Admins there now to free you guys. Just...hang on for a little while."

Thanks boss, we appreciate it, we're sorry this happened..." Bernard replied before taking a deep sigh.

"No problem," Archie said, "It's one of those things you can't avoid. Well, I have to go now and take care of some business and tell those Admins to be on their way. Bye."

"Okay, thanks again, bye." Bernard ended the call and put his cell phone away before looking at Mark and Sidney and said, "Archie said he was going to send someone to let us of here, but he said it could be a little while..."

Mark nodded. "Yeah, thank god for Archie...then we'd really be stuck..."

"Wait..." Sidney said, "I just had a thought. Did Team Magma take anyone else?"

Mark shook his head, "I don't think so..."

Bernard nodded. "Yeah, I don't think so either. They just came for Arinia..."

Sidney sighed, "I don't get why they want Steven's little girl... What did she ever do to them!"

Bernard sighed. "What DID she ever do to them, I wonder..."

"She's always been a friend to Team Aqua, that very well could have a reason they've targeted her..." Mark replied after thinking for a minute.

"That would do it," Sidney said. "Hey, wait a minute, Bernard, weren't you Team Magma's former doctor?"

"Yeah, I was, but I don't think I can just stroll back in there now claiming I was wrong even if its not true just to save Arinia, it could probably put her in more danger I believe." Bernard said.

"That's a good point," Mark said, "I was going to suggest that, but that could do more harm than good."

Bernard nodded, "Don't think I haven't thought of it, but Maxie could kill her if we do that..."

There was suddenly a loud crash at the door. "Mark! Bernard! You in there?" A voice shouted.

Mark jumped and turned to the door, "Yes! We're in here!"

"Right, good, this is the rescue crew Archie sent. Hold on, let us clear these huge branches." There were sounds of scraping and loud thuds of the branches being moved.

"Okay, great, the sooner we can get out of here the sooner we can pursue Team Magma to retrieve Arinia." Mark replied sounding worried.

The door suddenly cracked and shook. "Stand back, we're busting this thing down!"

Mark, Sidney, and Bernard backed up so they wouldn't get hurt when the door was knocked down. The door suddenly came down with an enormous crash. Three Team Aqua Admins were standing in the doorway with their Mightyenas who had helped to take the door down.

The three Team Aqua Admins returned their Mightyenas. "Whew, are you two ok - oh my god! Is that Sidney of the Elite Four?" One of the Admins exclaimed.

Sidney smiled, "Yeah, that'd be me, how do you do?"

"Good! But, uh, yeah, the real issue here is Arinia." He said. "Come on, let's see if we can go after Team Magma now." Another Admin replied.

"I'm gonna stay here, though." Sidney said, "I have to inform Steven and the rest of the Elite Four. I'll catch up with you later if I can."

Mark nodded, "That'll work, hopefully we'll be able to recover Arinia without too much trouble."

Bernard nodded as well. "Later then." He, Mark and the Admins dashed out the door in search of Arinia.