(This one’s stolen from ‘Ice Age’)

Cornelius was running as if 19 devils were on his heels-actually, only one demon jester was. ...



Pixel levitated a feet from the ground, sleeping peacefully. All was good...NOT. Below him, Cornelius-who was BORED to death, looked for something to entertain himself with-Wait! Aha! Was this a scarf he saw yonder? Looking up, he grinned wickedly. Taking it up in his hands, he yanked it hard like a bell pull, sending poor Pixel to the ground with a slam. Pixel looked up- and looked VERY, VERY MAD. Cornelius did a very wise thing: He Ran.


Corn was running like hell, wondering where to turn to for help. Just then, who else but Vladislaus Dragulia-or Count Dracula as we know him- came round the corner, looking for the source of the brouhaha (that's a funny name) going on. Thinking instantly, he turned to Dracula and (stupidly) yelled,

"You pompous fruit!"

Dracula reacted instantly. Roaring ferally, he grabbed the boy by the neck and slammed him against the wall. Pixel, who had been chasing him, skidded to a halt. Dracula looked at him. Pixel got the point-and exited at once. Corn breathed a sigh of relief-if one could with iron-like fingers round his throat-.

"Thanks..you can let..go.now.."

He choked.

Dracula bared his fangs and snarled,

"What makes you think I did that for you?"

Corn took one look at Dracula-and cried,


He must lead a charmed life, for Cassandra-or rather Shirra- came running to the sound of his voice. Dracula turned to look at her. She looked lovely in a red blouse and black pants(think Anna's attire). The smell of lilacs were on her. Lovely.

Crossing her arms, she looked straight at her sire-cum-lover and said,

"Dracula, drop him. You don't know where he's been."

Dracula dropped him like a bucket of hot coals and cleaned his hands on his coat. Corn gasped for air,

"thank God-I thought he was going to kill me..."

"He doesn't eat junk food,"

shot back Shirra, before taking her sire's hand and leaving to feed-and Cornelius silently pondering what she just said.

(Sorry if this is sloppy-I'm not feeling very well....)