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Freddy had to get her to a nearby hospital and fast! She was loosing too much blood. Tears escaped his eyes and fell, cry love.

Katherine made a desperate attempt to haul Freddy off Katie, too bad he wouldn't get off.

"Getaway from me you bitch! I don't want you anywhere near me. Get away!" Freddy screamed at her, tears falling down his face. He finally got up, carrying Katie running out of the park, though he was staggering he was covering amazing speed.

He soon arrived at the St. Theresa Hospital, sodden-wet and red-eyed. The nurse took a glance at him and ushered him to the cushy sofa. He explained to her what had happened skipping him not being able to save her. It hurt too much.

One hour passed and Freddy was absentmindedly pacing up and down the hall. He didn't seem to notice a whole crowd of people heading towards him, looking very worried.

"Freddy!" Shouted a very worried Summer.

He looked up. Red-eyes puffed up. Summer shut her mouth.

The rest of the band were about to complain when the doctor came out.

"Mr. Jones..." He started, his face solemn.

"No! I don't want to here it! No she can't! She can't!" He sobbed, Zack holding him upright. Zack unsurely hugged Freddy while Freddy sobbed into Zack's shoulder.

"Mr. Jones, Ms. Brown has come out of the operation perfectly fine. She's just...tired. She needs her rest."

That made Freddy's head turn and weakly smile, whispering, "She's okay, she's okay."

Two months after...

Katie smiled at Freddy, who was at the moment so intent on hugging her, "I love you - I love you - I love you."

Katie smiled, "You stupid boy!" She ranted, "I love you too." With that, she smacked his head. "Haha! Loser!"

"Come here you!" He joked running around trying to catch her.

"Hey you two! Get a room." Dewey mocked, grinning. "It's making me sick! And it's time to practice."

And the two stopped groaning. Getting in to position ans started playing.

I saw the western coast I saw the hospital
Nursed the shoreline like a wound
It was a lover's tryst
Neither clear nor descript

And with that, they smiled in usion mouthing 'I love you.' The Bass-girl, with The Drummer. Who would've thought?

The End.