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Chapter 1: The Calm Before the Storm (Revised)

"Inuyasha watch out!"

Turning, Inuyasha saw a huge blue claw belonging to the bird demon that they were currently fighting, heading straight for his head. Jumping out of the way, he drew Tessaiga, turning back around, and sliced the demon in half.

" Ha! That was so easy, it didn't even put up much of a fight and now we have one more shard," Inuyasha said cockily, picking up the shard from the dead demon's head.

" Inuyasha are you okay?"

Kagome asked running up to Inuyasha, checking him over for any injuries.

" Feh, do you think that weak demon could have hurt me? Ha don't make me laugh."

" Yeah, well I bet if I didn't warn you, you wouldn't be saying much now," Kagome stated angrily, putting her hands on her hips and glaring at Inuyasha.

"Feh! Whatever!" Turning, Inuyasha headed back towards the way they were going before they ran into the now dead bird demon. Kagome stood there for a bit glaring daggers into Inuyasha's back. Turning she picked up her yellow pack starting to head the opposite direction. Turning his head, Inuyasha noticed no one was following him as they usually did. Eyes widening, he saw Kagome walking back the way they had come. Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Shippou were glancing from Kagome to Inuyasha in confusion.

" Hey! Where do you think your going!" Inuyasha yelled, running after her.

" I'm going home, I have a major test coming up and I need to study."

" No, your not! We need to find more shards!"

" Yes I am, and you can't keep me here so stop trying. Plus, I'll come back in a week"


" You heard what I said. A week, so get over it!"

" You're not going anywhere! You know how much we can get done in a week?"

" No I am going, and I'm not changing my mind. I don't feel like failing ninth grade just because you want to look for more shards."

A couple of feet away Miroku, Shippou, and Sango (holding Kirara), looked on as their two companions ran through their usual routine, when Kagome confessed she was going home.

"This is getting old," Miroku declared with a sigh.

"Yeah why doesn't Inuyasha just let Kagome go home for a while? It's not that big of a deal."

"I don't know I guess he just wants to get this hunt over with." Just then, a loud 'SIT' was heard followed by a thud as Inuyasha's face hit the ground.

"Humph, serves him right for trying to make Kagome stay," Shippou grumbled under his breath, jumping off Miroku's shoulder onto Kagome's.

"Hey Kagome, can you bring me back more of those lollypop thingy's?"

"Sure Shippou." Kagome chuckled, patting Shippou's small head.

Turning to the rest of the group she asks, " Do any of you want anything?"

"No thank you Lady Kagome."

"I don't want anything either," Sango said.

Turning to the frowning hanyou Kagome raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Do you want anything?"

"Feh." Inuyasha said then stalked off jumping into a tree mumbling something along the lines of

"Stupid wench why does she…"

Kagome turns back towards the rest of the group,

"Well I guess I'm off ill see you all in a week."

Then Kagome turned around and walked in the direction of the well, but after a minute she stopped, "Um, Sango, would you mind if Kirara gave me a ride? It would be faster."

" No problem." Sango said letting go of Kirara.

" Kirara, take me to the well please!" Kagome said as she climbed onto the now transformed demon.

One week later

" Damn that wench, she's late! She said a week not a week and two days!" An irritated Inuyasha mumbled while pacing back and forth in front of the well. Suddenly a violet glow came from the well. A second later he picked up Kagome's sweet familiar scent in the air.

" About time!" Inuyasha roared as Kagome's head came into view. With a groan Kagome lifted herself out of the well and sighed with relief as she let the heavy yellow pack tumble to the ground with a loud thwack.

" Not now Inuyasha! I'm tired and I just want to get to the village and rest a bit."


Kagome's eyebrows drew together and she let out a frustrated and tired sigh.

" Sit boy!" She said calmly, not in the mood to argue.

With that, the hanyou's face connected with the ground. Kagome turned around hoisting her pack back onto her shoulders; heading off towards the village. After the affect of the spell wore off, Inuyasha jumped up and ran after Kagome's retreating figure.

" Hey bitch! What the fuck was that for?"

" You were harassing me when I told you I don't want to talk!"

" Feh, I wasn't harassing you, whatever that means."

When the pair finally reached Keade's hut, they entered. Kagome was almost knocked back into Inuyasha when Shippou jumped into her arms.

"I missed you so much! I though you weren't coming back, where have you been?" Shippou said snuggling into Kagome's arms.

Laughing, Kagome set down her pack and pulled out the lollypops she promised, and gave them to Shippou. With a squeal of delight he bounced off, starting to open one of the lollypops to start sucking on. Inuyasha stooped over Kagome, curiously looking over her shoulder into the pack.

" Did you bring anymore of that ramen stuff?"

" Yes, as a matter of fact I did." Kagome, said irately.

An hour later, Kagome yawned and laid down on her futon, quickly falling asleep. Soon after, everybody else followed her.

In the morning, the group set off for another journey to look for the shards. As usual Inuyasha and Kagome were arguing but this time about whether Kagome would ride on Inuyasha's back or Kirara's.

" I don't want to ride on your back today, I want to talk to Sango!"

" We have to move fast today to make up for the time that you wasted in your time and if you're riding Kirara then Miroku will be walking!"

Slumped shoulders signaled defeat. Kagome let out a frustrated sigh; slowly climbing onto the hanyou's back. Once everybody was ready, they took off towards the next village, not noticing the dark figure following them in the shadows.

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