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Chapter 23: Eternal Forgiveness (Revised)

Stretching out, Kagome lazily opened her eyes, feeling her body humming with vitality. She turns over and watches Inuyasha's sleeping face. His chest rises and falls in a slow rhythmic way, telling her he was deeply sleeping.

Brushing his bangs out of the way with her fingers, she trails her finger down the side of his soft face.

"Inuyasha…we've been through so much, I can't imagine what it's going to be like without you there."

She moves closer and kisses him lightly on the lips and then puts her mouth to his ear.

"Just know this isn't by choice. I would never leave you if I had to choose, I did this only to protect you."

Sighing, she sat up and looked around for her clothing, when she finds them, she pouts in dismay.

'Well these aren't going to cover much.'

Kagome thought lifting up a ripped and ravaged looking piece of cloth that used to be her shirt. Scowling she concentrates. A soft glow starts to appear around her and a minute later she is dressed in the traditional priestess clothing. Reluctantly she starts to walk towards the entrance of the cave but stops. She turns back, kneeling down beside Inuyasha's slumbering form, gazing down lovingly at his sleeping features. She raises her hands up and around to the back of her neck. There she unhooks the necklace that the Shikon no Tama hung on and slips it from around her neck. She gently lays it in Inuyasha's limp hand closing his fist around it. Slowly, she brings his fisted hand to her lips and presses her lips to his fingers and then gently lays it back down next to him. Hesitantly, she stands and turns her back to her former life.

'Inuyasha…Forgive me.'

With that last thought running through her tormented mind, she walks out without looking back, knowing if she did she would never have the strength to leave him or this world.


Once outside Kagome continues to walk, letting her feet take her where she needed to go. All the while her mind races with memories; memories of her first time traveling through the well to the strange world she has now come to love. She thought of the first time seeing the boy pinned to the tree, looking as if he was only sleeping. The first time meeting the cute little Kitsune who fought so hard for his parent's revenge. The lecherous monk that made a joke of everything when really inside he was scared to death of dying. The strong Taijiya who lost her whole family, but still has the strength to live on and take her revenge. She thought of the many travels their little group took looking for Naraku, trying to collect the shards of the Shikon Jewel. She would miss them, she knew she would, that little group had been her life for the past two years. She had gotten into the normal routine of going back and forth between present time and the feudal era.

She sighed becoming aware of her surroundings once more. Her pupils narrowed when she saw she was standing in front of the well.

'What am I doing here?'


Kagome whirled around and found herself face to face with her mother. She noticed that her face was lined with sadness and her eyes glowed with regret.

"Mother…what is wrong?" She asked worriedly.

Her mother shook her head slowly, her lips curling into a small smile.

"Ah Kagome, always putting other peoples feelings before her own." She paused and looked back up at her daughter. "Kagome why did you spare him?"

Kagome averted her eyes, reluctant to answer the question that had been plaguing her mind since last night.

"I don't know…I was going to kill him, I thought about all the people he would kill, all the innocent lives he would destroy…but when I looked down into his face, when I saw the terror and guilt there…I just couldn't…I couldn't do it. I knew what it would mean to save his life, I knew what it would cost me but I still don't regret what I did. Mother you know me, I would never take a life away if I were conscious of doing it. I'm just not a killer."

Kagome felt her mother's arms go around her and she laid her head on her mothers shoulder.

"I know Kagome, I know," She said soothingly.

They stayed in each other's arms knowing that this was to be the last time they would see each other.

Kagome pulled back from her mothers embrace after a while. She sniffled and then turned towards the well.

"Why am I here?" She questioned.

"You were brought here because this is where you will stay for the rest of eternity."

Kagome turned her head sharply back towards her mother.

"What do you mean eternity?"

"You remember Midoriko? The priestess from which the Shikon no Tama came from?"

"Yes I remember. She was frozen for all eternity, the demons that she fought still around her. But what does that have to do with me?" She asked confused.

"Just as she was frozen for all eternity, so will you be. For she made the same sacrifice that you made. She sacrificed her soul to eternal battle within the Shikon no Tama. You have sacrificed all your life, even before you came to the feudal era. For this reason, your punishment will not be as severe. You, like Midoriko, will be frozen in eternal sleep."

Kagome stood frozen, stunned at what she just heard. She had thought she would be punished in a different way altogether, but to be frozen here in eternal sleep, was not what she had expected.

"Come with me Kagome." Her mother turned and walked into the forest. Kagome came out of her stupor and doggedly followed her mother, her mind racing.

When she caught up with her mother she saw that she was standing silently in front of the Goshinboku.

"Do you remember the dream in which you saw Inuyasha frozen inside this tree?"

Kagome nodded her head, that dream still fresh in her mind.

"In some ways your fate will be what his should have been. You will also be in eternal slumber connected to this tree."

Kagome turned her gaze to the tree looming up in front of her.

'This tree in some ways has always been connected to me.'

She walked up to the tree and rested her clawed hand on the rough bark.

"Are you ready Kagome?" Her mother asked, her voice laced with sorrow.

Kagome turned and faced her mother.

"I have one question, are you really my mother?"

Her mother smiled and shook her head.

"Technically I am not your mother, your mother, the one that you know, does not know of her miko ability's. I am your mother but from another time dimension. That is why I am able to visit you in your dreams and in this world. In my time dimension I am well aware of my miko abilities."

Kagome smiled.

"Yea I kinda figured you weren't my real mother because she isn't the miko type." They both chuckled at that comment.

"Will you do me a favor? Can you visit Inuyasha and the group and tell them goodbye for me? And can you visit my family in the future I never got to say goodbye to them either. And tell them to forgive me."

Her mother smiled softly and nodded.

"Of course I will. Now it is time, I have let too much time pass as it is."

Kagome took a deep breath and stood.

"I'm ready."

Her mother nodded and closed her eyes. A soft pink glow started to shine around her body. Kagome could feel her mother's energy soar and she knew that this was it.

Her mind raced with memories, flashbacks, regrets, joys, and sadness. She hoped that everyone she loved would always remember her as the girl she used to be.

She saw her mother's eyes open and she was surprised to see her eyes aglow with a pink light. Then she felt a sharp tingle start at her feet and start to climb up her legs. She looked down and was surprised to see her feet and legs covered with the same pink glow that covered her mother's body. Soon the light washed over her hips and was up to her neck. Before she knew it the glow covered her whole body. Her long hair weaved around her in the light that encompassed her. She felt herself get lifted off the ground and she watched as she went higher until she felt the rough texture of tree bark bite into her back. She realized that she was going to be pinned to the sacred tree just like Inuyasha was. She could see darkness start to tinge her vision and she knew she was starting to fall into unconsciousness. Just before she succumbed to the sweet darkness of unconsciousness an image of Inuyasha flashed through her mind and she knew that he would be in her thoughts for eternity.


Kagome's mother let the power in her diminish. She looked up at the spot where her daughter was. She was frozen in time. Her hair was woven all around her. Her tail curled around her legs shielding them from sight. Her hands where clasped in front of her, over her heart. Her face was that of an angel. Her beautiful eyes where shielded from sight. Her lips where curled into a small smile and one crystalline tear shone on her cheek. The roots of the tree she lent against held up her body through her feet and lower legs.

Kagome's mother smiled up at the figure before her and then she turned and disappeared into the forest.


He knew she wouldn't be there when he awoke, he could feel it. He slowly opened his eyes to the first rays of dawn. His golden eyes narrowed when he felt the warm object clenched tightly in his palm. He sits up and looks down at the object resting on his open palm.

'The Shikon jewel…why would she give me this?'

Inuyasha gazed down in shock at the glowing jewel in his hand.

'All this time, all the lives, all the pain we've gone through, and finally I have what I've wanted since the beginning yet I still feel empty inside.'

He closes his eyes and places the necklace around his neck, letting the jewel rest against his skin. He then gets up and hurriedly gets dressed, not caring if he is dressed or not.

'I'm going to find her, I just hope I'm not too late.'

His mind filled with panic at the thought of not getting to her in time. Just as he was about to leave the cave he saw a women appear in front of him. He stops and jumps back surprised.

"Who are you!" he calls out warily.

The women stood in front of him, her white clothing billowing around her. He could see a resemblance between her and Kagome.

"I am Kagome's mother. I have come to give you a message from her and to explain what has been happening these past couple of days."

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

"How do I know this isn't some kind of trick?"

The women chuckled, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

"Just sit and I will explain…"

Inuyasha started to walk past her.

"I don't have time for this I need to find Kagome."

"Inuyasha sit, Kagome isn't going anywhere." That stopped Inuyasha in his tracks and he turned back to the women.

"What do you mean she isn't going anywhere, how do you know?"

The women walked by him and perched on a boulder by the entrance to the cave. Once settled, she looks back up at Inuyasha and waits.

Inuyasha reluctantly walks over and sits by her, his body tense.

"Okay this whole thing started when Kagome was born, well actually even before hand. You see I am Kagome's mother but I'm from another dimension so Kagome's mother from her dimension unknowingly mated with a demon. After she found out she was pregnant the demon left her and later was killed. This demon in the past was the one and only demon that killed thousands and put an end to Naraku's reign. But as the years passed he eventually lost most of his gained power and was forced to live as a regular human in order not to be killed by modern miko's."

"Okay what the hell does this have to do with me and Kagome?"

"You will see."

Inuyasha huffed and crossed his arms.

"As I was saying, when Kagome was born I knew she would be half demon half miko, but her mother didn't so I went to her time and sealed her demon blood, in the process, sealing most of her miko abilities as well. I never expected her blood to get unsealed. I still don't know what the cause was, maybe Kagome did it unconsciously, or maybe something else but her demon blood along with the most of her miko powers were unsealed about three or four days ago. When I found out about this I decided to start visiting her in her dreams in order to ease her into the changes that were coming."

"Wait! Wait! Wait! So why exactly did she have to kill her dad, and how did she get the Shikon jewel?"

"I realized that her father would want to take revenge on you and your brother for what your father did to him."

"What did he do?"

"He used to be one of your father's trusted officers but Kagome's father had many ambitions, taking over your father's kingdom, being one of them. When your father learned of this he banished him and made him a fugitive, forcing him to live as a thief for over 200 years. During these years his bitterness and hatred grew for the inutiaya that he swore revenge on his family. That is why he's been after you and your brother."

"Okay…" Inuyasha said slowly, his mind racing with the information he had just received but still one thing bothered him.

"Why did I turn into a full demon?"

"Ah that…well the sorceress that you ran into a couple of days ago put a curse on you and I'm guessing that you stubbornly ignored it." Inuyasha's cheeks grew red with embarrassment at being caught.

"So what, it's just a stupid curse!" he yelled defensively.

"No actually it had a significant role in you becoming full demon. You see the curse was meant for you to hurt the one that loves you and you not remember doing it. The only way you wouldn't remember what you did is if you turned full demon. But this time you weren't the mindless youkai you were previously, you were aware of what you were doing, at least your youkai was."

Inuyasha sat with a dazed look on his face, comprehension slowly dawning on him.

"I think this betrayal on your part is part of the cause of Kagome's demon blood being unsealed. The reason she had the Shikon Jewel was because as you should know the jewel came out of her body, making her the protector of the jewel. When her soul called out to the fragments they naturally came to her power; that's how she got the Shikon jewel. If she had had full power when you started on your hunt then she could have called the jewel fragments to her anytime she wanted but she never knew this."

Inuyasha gaped at Kagome's mother in shock. Then pulling out of his stupor he frowned.

"You still haven't told me where Kagome is."

"When Kagome battled her father, she did something that was forbidden. A miko, a real one at least, has the ability to take power away and give it. But we are only supposed to do this on special occasions when it's our last resort. Kagome did it out of pity and sympathy for her father. For this she was punished…" She trailed off her eyes radiating sadness.

"What do you mean punished? What did she do to her father?"

"She changed him into a human and took his demon power from him. The fact that she has done many selfless acts in her life permitted me to lessen her punishment. She wanted you to know that you will always hold her heart and to forgive her." With these last words the women started to disappear in front of his eyes.

"Wait where is she?" He yelled frantically.

The woman's voice whispered one last sentence before she disappeared altogether leaving a stunned Inuyasha behind.

Her words echoed in his head.

Follow your heart and you will find her.

"What the hell does that mean…Dammit I gotta find Kagome!"

Inuyasha took off, running out of the cave and into the woods.


"Where could they be? They've been gone all night," Sango said worriedly chewing at her lower lip.

Sango paced the small room where she, Miroku and Shippou occupied. In the next room they could hear the sounds of the little girl called Rin and that toad demon that had come with Sesshoumaru last night. He still hadn't completely healed; what ever happened to him really caused him damage inside. He still couldn't hold consciousness for more then a couple of minutes at a time. The little human child with him nursed him constantly, always by his side. Even when he woke. But Sesshoumaru refused to utter a word not even to her.

Shippou noticed late last night that both Kagome and Inuyasha had disappeared. He had tried to follow the scent but soon lost the trail deep in the woods. In a clearing they found a lot of blood both demon and Kagome's and they began to worry. Throughout the night they searched but they never found them.

Now it was morning and still there was no sigh of either of them. Sango began to get restless. She had been pacing the room for over an hour now. Miroku sat by the door his staff between his folded arms. His eyes were closed not showing the anxiety he was in also. Shippou lay with Kirara at the entrance to the other room; he had finally gone into a dreamless sleep after searching for Kagome and Inuyasha throughout the night. Every minute that went by without any word made each one more and more worried. Along with that, Miroku had felt a strange energy sweep through him late last night. When he looked down at his hand that contained the wind tunnel he was surprised to find that the hole in his hand was sealed. He had been gingerly touching his hand ever since. Suddenly Miroku got to his feet, his brows furrowed in concentration.

"What's the matter Miroku, do you sense something?" Sango asked anxiously.

"I feel something…powerful spiritual energy, heading this way."

"It has to be Kagome!" Sango exclaimed.

"No, its not her, this is…different somehow." Miroku said slowly.

Then a woman dressed in white walked quietly through the door, stunning both Miroku and Sango. Sango was the first to come out of her stupor and she drew her katana.

"Who are you?"

The women looked up at her and Sango was stunned to find the resemblance this woman had to Kagome.

Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Who are you?" She repeated.

"I am Kagome's mother and I have come to give you a message from her."

Miroku and Sango froze, bewildered looks on both of their faces.

The women chuckled at the looks on their faces and moved to come closer to her daughter's traveling companions.

"Do not worry about Kagome, she…will always be with you."

That pulled them out of their stupor.

"What do you mean by that? Where is she?"

"She told me to tell you to please forgive her and that she did what she did only to protect you." She said quietly, deliberately avoiding Sango's question.

"Sit and I will tell you all that has happened."

Sango and Miroku hesitantly sat, Shippou and Kirara, who were awoken by the commotion, came to sit beside them.


Some time later Sango, Miroku, and Shippou sat quietly outside the small hut, watching Kagome's mother disappear into the forest.

"Do you think what she said was true?" Sango asked no one in particular.

Miroku shook his head. "I don't know, the best way to find out is to get back to Kaede's village."

Sango and Shippou turned their head, gazing at Miroku's bowed head curiously.

"Why would we go back there?"

"Because it's the most obvious place where Kagome would be, the well is where she came from so she must be there." Miroku elaborated.

Sango and Shippou nodded their heads, agreeing with the monk. Shippou jumped off of Sango's shoulder and scrambled down the steps.

"What are you guys waiting for let's go already!" he called out to the two humans watching him.

Sango and Miroku started to walk down the steps when they stopped and looked back towards the cabin, hearing Rin's laughter coming from inside.

"We shouldn't leave them here unprotected." Sango muttered.

"I agree, we should bring them with us and drop them off at Kaede-baba's house."

Sango turned back and walked into the hut, walking into the small room that the little group still occupied.

"Rin, we have to move you guys." She said gently to the little girl sitting by Sesshoumaru's prone body.

"Why?" she asked innocently.

"We have to leave in search of a friend and we don't want to leave you unprotected. Do you think that Ah Un beast will be able to carry all of you?"

Rin nodded her head vigorously. "Oh yes."

"Okay then Miroku and I will bring your master outside and you can help us get him on Ah Un okay?"

The little girl nodded and ran outside. Sango and Miroku moved closer to Sesshoumaru, hesitantly grabbing each arm.

"ARGH! What are you doing, don't touch the great lord Sesshoumaru you lowly humans!" Jaken squawked, outraged.

Shippou jumped on the toad demon's head.

"Shut up toad, we're trying to help him." He said while punching him in the head.

After a couple of minutes, Sango and Miroku finally got Sesshoumaru outside, onto the two-headed Ah Un.

"Okay now that that's done, Rin make sure to follow us on Kirara okay?"

Rin nodded while jumping onto Ah Un's back in front of Sesshoumaru and Jaken.

Seeing that they were situated, Sango, Miroku and Shippou jumped onto Kirara's back and they took off into the sky.


Inuyasha arrived at the familiar village. He had followed Kagome's fading scent to this village and he now knew where she had to be.

He ran towards the well, not stopping to greet any of the villagers who waved to him. His mind was in a panic, he knew he was too late; he could feel it straight down to his very bones. When he reached the well, he found nothing, he started to panic, when he caught a whiff of Kagome's scent and that women's scent heading in a different direction.

'The Goshinboku!'

He took off into the woods following the short path to the sacred tree. When he stepped into the small clearing he froze. Up on the Sacred tree was Kagome, frozen in time, her body being held up by the roots of the tree wrapped around her feet and lower legs. Her face was that of an angel's. He collapsed in front of her frozen statue. He knew she was gone, he couldn't sense her life force anymore. She had left him here, alone, she promised him she would never leave his side, and she did.

He pounded the ground, his heart welling with pain.

"How could you Kagome? Why didn't you tell me?" Inuyasha pleaded the frozen image.

When he received no answer, he lowered his head, tears finally beginning to form in his eyes. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the Shikon no Tama hanging from his neck. He gingerly took the necklace off and fingered the glowing jewel in his hand.

'Why did you give this to me? Did you want my happiness even at the very end?'

Inuyasha clenched his hand around the jewel.

'You should have known that being with you was the only thing that made me happy.'

Just then the jewel in his hand started to glow, the intense light blinding Inuyasha.

'What…what's happening?'


Kirara spotted the intense light and turned to head towards it; instinctively knowing that Inuyasha would be there. When they landed, they froze in surprise. In front of them was Inuyasha floating in the air, his body was surrounded by a pink light. Then he started to float to the sacred tree, where they noticed the frozen Kagome. All three of them gazed up in wonder as Inuyasha moved closer and closer to the frozen Kagome until Kagome started to move as well. To their amazement Kagome wrapped her arms around Inuyasha, her head gently resting on his shoulder. Inuyasha gazed down at her lovingly. Then an intense flash of light blinded them all and when they were able to see again they saw Kagome and Inuyasha in the same position, frozen together. Shippou started to cry out for his adopted mother, not wanting to be left behind. Sango and Miroku still gazed up at the frozen couple before them. There was no longer a tear running down Kagome's cheek. She rested her head on Inuyasha's should staring up into his eyes as he gazed into her's, each had a smile on their faces and each looked happy. Sango and Miroku bowed their heads to them and turned.

Miroku turned back; his eyes shining with unshed tears.

"You two have done so much for me…I promise to write the tale of you two, the miko from the future who prevailed over all and saved the world from disaster and the Hanyou who overcame his mistrust and fell in love with that miko." Miroku quietly said and then turned and followed Sango and Shippou into the woods.


That is the full tale of the great miko Kagome and her half demon Inuyasha. Their frozen bodies were worshipped and loved throughout the centuries. Sango's, Shippou's and My family's lines all protected the statue's of our dear friends, hoping one day they will come back to us when the world is in need of them again.

The End

Miroku stretched out, his body sore from sitting so long in the same position. He looked down at the book he had just finished, and smiled. He got up from the small desk and walked out of the hut and into the forest. When he reached the sacred tree he gazed up at his friends and smiled.

"I have fulfilled my promise to you, your tale will be known to all." Miroku said and then bowed his head to the couple and left the clearing.

When Miroku was out of sight a small light began to shine in the clearing until a women appeared. She gazed up at her daughter and smiled, seeing the happiness in her face.

"Kagome…you finally got what you've wanted all your life… true happiness."

The women bowed to the couple and disappeared as quietly as she had come. Up in the Goshinboku, the two figures shown with a pink light, a light laughter tinkling in the clearing, before returning to their usual dormant state.


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