Chapter one; Anger

Fuedal era

It was a peacful day in fuedal japan. The birds were singing,the wind was blowing, and all was peaceful.


Wham ah yes, and inuyasha was getting sat into oblivion.

"I wanna go home! It's only for three days!" A furious Kagome screamed.

"Wench! We need you here to detect the jewel shards!" The one and only Inuyasha screamed back.

"Stop being so stupid!" She yelled.

"Your the one being stupid!"


Thump Muttering Kagome caught one thing he grumbled; "Kikyou was never this moody."

She gave him an icy glare. "Oh really??" She said in a syrupy sweet voice. "Then why don't you have her find the jewel shards for you???" She growled, Then,

in her anger, She screamed "Sitsitsitsitsitsitsit!"

Bam! Crash! Hello, mr. dirt, we meet again. Kagome stormed off towards the well.

Meanwhile Inuyasha peeled himself up off the ground. "Maybe I will, bitch." And with that, he flounced off in a huff.

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