A wave on panic as well as disappointment washed over Kyo. He was completely crushed. Things were going so well and now...

"Wh-What?" He sputtered as his mind scrambled around, trying to think of anything that could possibly drive her away. Nothing came to mind. Desperately, he tried to foresee where the brutal attack would come from.

What indeed. Shigure thought silently. Now, why would Kagura should up when the last time he saw her, she was having a nervous breakdown? When it came to the competition, it was a back-stabbing technique. Anyone would think it was Yuki, but something else made him want to think again.

Hatori took his glasses off and massaged the bridge of his nose. "Do you plan on stopping anytime soon?"

"Yes, yes." Shigure huffed, clearly distraught. "Much later on."

Like Kyo, Tohru felt a slight pang of disappointment hit her. She was really enjoying herself and—what was she thinking? She had no right to think that way! After all, she only had reasons to be grateful.

Yuki, meanwhile, wanted to laugh at Kyo. He wanted to mock his pathetic attempt at winning Tohru's affection. But before the thought could become an action, he reminded himself that Kyo would get his just desserts any second now.

Suddenly, Kyo's cry filled the air. A cry symbolizing many things: frustration, pain, and even annoyance. Yes indeed, Kyo had just received his just desserts, which would mean a crushing hug from Kagura. That is, only after she beat him up.

"Kyo-kun!" Kagura squealed all too loudly. Excitement and happiness overflowed from her voice and almost drowned her unwilling target. All in the meantime, her grip never loosened.

"K-Kagura?" He choked. "What…are you doing here?"

Almost involuntarily, Kagura let go of him and stepped back to face Tohru and Yuki as well. "Well, Hiro-kun calmly explained to me that the only reason Tohru returned to the house carrying you like that was because she was worried about you. Naturally she would, considering you're her friend and all," she paused momentarily to look at Tohru, "right Tohru?"

Everyone's breath was held on this moment.



And even Kagura...

Tohru paused for what she thought was a long time and looked over at Kyo, almost as if to find the answer in his eyes. He looked so scared...so afraid of what her answer would be. His eyes seemed to be pleading her to say no, but she could sense his doubt that she wouldn't follow through with it. When he turned away, she was left asking herself,

What am I supposed to say?

What about Yuki? She liked him, too. But the question was did she like him as much as Kyo? Not even she knew the answer to that. When she thought of the words to tell Kyo that night, didn't she think of Yuki as well? And there he was, staring at her with those wide violent eyes. The violet eyes that were so soft and so caring.

Don't I like him as well?

And what about Kagura? What if she told her no? She had always found it amazing how she could possibly like one and only one person throughout that entire time and she couldn't just take Kyo away like that. She stared at her just as evenly as Yuki. It was almost like she was begging her to say "yes".

Besides, doesn't Kagura-san like him more?

"Yes." She replied, causing Yuki and Kagura's expression to suddenly become more relaxing. But before she could bother to check Kyo's expression, he stormed off, causing Kagura to follow him leaving Yuki and Tohru alone.

I'll make you pay for this, Hiro. Kyo contemplated silently.

A look of confusion crossed Tohru's face. Did she really just say yes? Was that what she meant to say? Did she really tell him all those things with only the intent of being friends?

"Honda-san?" Yuki started slowly.

Swiftly, Tohru's gaze averted to Yuki. "Yes?" She asked.

Looking away, Yuki tried to conjure up the right words to tell her. Things were just about as good as it was going to get right now. He might as well just say what he can to make his status even better. "I was glad," He said before he turned to Tohru and smiled the warmest smile. The smile was warm, but it showed the slightest bit of shrewdness. "That you said that."


"This won't do." Shigure frowned. "I was betting on Kyo-kun."

"I'm betting on Hatsuharu." Hatori replied.

Looking back, Shigure asked, "Haru?"

"He may look dazed, but he's a serious guy." He explained before bringing out a cigarette and lighting it.

Shigure focused back to Yuki and Tohru and took out his pen. "I see."

"Yuki-kun!" Ayame's voice sounded on cue. Yes, that was all he needed to make his day. His psycho, idiotic, older brother. Things were doomed. "Your dear, loving and compassionate older brother has come to visit you!"

Seconds of anticipation, seemed like forever until Ayame appeared in Yuki's view. And there he was; Ayame Sohma. "S-Stay away!" Yuki hissed, completely blocking Ayame's path to Tohru.

Deafly, Ayame casually strolled towards Yuki. "Oh, do not worry yourself, Yuki." He insisted half-heartedly. "Although I know you're happy to see me, I have other matters to attend to. And you know, which matters I mean, don't you?" He couldn't help but smile at Yuki's horrified expression.

After that statement, Ayame brushed past him to move towards Tohru. "Tohru-kun!" He started eccentrically.

"Ayame-san," Tohru smiled, "good afternoon."

"Always so polite, I see." He told her rather teasingly.

Yuki, on the other hand, was stuck standing all alone while his older brother and Tohru chatted away actively. Things weren't going good. Right when he managed to get rid of Kyo, his brother showed up. But that also must have meant that...

"How did this happen?" Kyo asked as he stirred the pot of stew he was cooking. "How did Tohru end up leaving for the main house while all of you guys sleep here overnight?" The pot he cooked with was the size of a cauldron and was more than enough for the four people that inhabited the house.

"That's what I'd like to know." Yuki muttered while he sat at the kitchen table along with Shigure, Hatori, Momiji, Ayame, Ritsu, Hatsuharu and Hiro. All of them chatted away enthusiastically with each other, or mostly argued about who was going to win.

"All right then." Shigure suddenly voiced out of the blue loud enough to be heard amongst the other squabbling Sohmas. "What I hold here, if two bowls." Instantly, Kyo and Yuki's attention flew towards him.

"What's the point of that?" Hiro interrupted.

"Hiro-kun, you should listen before you ask questions. As I was saying, in these bowls hold the set date of when you will go on a date with Tohru-kun. The bowl in my right hand has the date of when you'll go while the bowl in my left hand has the location. One by one, you will reach for a slip in each bowl." Before anyone could reach for the bowls, Shigure added, "There are a set number of days, but much more than necessary type of dates. I have brainstormed on any and every possible date and wrote it down. Notice how this bowl is bigger? All right…now one by one, reach in these bowls and pick out a slip. Make sure you don't peek. After you get your slips, you have to announce where you're going and what type of date it is so I can mark it down."

Hatsuharu stood up silently and picked a slip from both bowls and opened them. "Saturday. The beach."

Kyo could have fainted. Hatsuharu...with Tohru at the beach? What kind of a crazy plan was this? Who knows what kind of moves he was going to pull on her? What if he turned into black Haru?

Smiling, Shigure simply shook his head and jotted down what was said. Hatori shook his head as well, only to state how sad it all was. Shigure and his crazy plans. How many times did he need to be reminded that things didn't turn out like how they did in novels?

"Sunday: A day about town." Momiji said. "Yay! Me and Tohru are gonna go on a date about town!"

"Second Monday: a movie and dinner." Hiro announced, not too proudly.

"Watch, as I pull the winning pieces from these mere bowls!" Ayame laughed. "Second Friday: a picnic."

Kyo immediately tensed up when Yuki reached for the bowl. "Thursday," He spoke nonchalantly, "House dinner and a scary movie." Just then, Kyo could have died. Yuki was going to be alone with Tohru in the house? Not only Shigure, but what everyone else have against him?

"Second Wednesday: The...zoo." Ritsu said reluctantly.

Once Shigure was done scribbling, he looked up at Kyo. "Kyo-kun, it's your turn to pick."

Everyone's attention turned to Kyo instantly. Feeling like it was difficult to breathe, Kyo spat, "All right, all right!" Every so slowly, he walked towards the table and reached into the bowl with the last paper remaining. He opened it and muttered, "Tuesday."

"Hurry up already!" Hiro whined.

Yuki glared at him, his violet eyes full of detest. Kyo slowly reached for a piece of paper. Once he did grasped one, he slowly opened it. "A...mu-museum?"

It was dead silent for a while.

"Bw—Bwahahahaha!" Ayame and Momiji's laughter exploded. Hatsuharu, Ritsu and Hatori had cracked grins on their faces; Yuki and Shigure were chuckling slightly, and Hiro was saying something that sounded like 'Serves you right'.

Kyo shoved the paper in Shigure's face. "This is rigged! What kind of a date is a museum?"

"Just a second, Kyo-kun," Shigure said before he could storm off. "As everyone guessed, the Second states that their date will be held on the second week. The dates can start from when she wakes up, of course, to approximately twelve o'clock a.m. That is, if you're that merciless."

"That much time is overkill." Yuki murmured.

"The dates go as follows: Momiji-kun goes about town tomorrow, Kyo-kun goes to the museum on Tuesday, Yuki-kun watches a movie here after dinner on Thursday, Hatsuharu-kun goes to the beach on Saturday, Hi-kun goes to a movie and dinner with Tohru-kun on Monday of the next week, Ri-chan goes to the zoo on Wednesday, and Aya has a picnic on Friday. There is a day slot between each day because those days are free-for-alls. You can do whatever you want, including asking Tohru-kun for a date. It's up to you…Tomorrow is day two."