Epilogue to Like the Rain


You're the kind of woman,

I've been dreaming of.

But I never thought I could ever say it good enough

to win your love

"Hermione dear, are you ok?" I asked looking at her with concern.

"Hmm? Yes Draco, I'm fine. Just… feeling a bit tired lately that's all." She's been tired a lot lately… I wonder why. She's never like this, maybe I ought to suggest a trip to St. Mungos. I don't want her to get sick.. It's almost our one year anniversary. I want tonight to be just as good as our wedding night. She made it absolutely perfect for me. That outfit… I don't know how I didn't get off right then and there, but I held back, I held back a long time. I took everything from her that night. That night she trusted me with her heart, body, and soul. I could never ask anything else from her for the rest of my life.

You probably think I'm foolish

you'll probably tell me so

I'll open up my heart

then you're probably going to tell me no

but here I go

That night was perfect… As I already said… I plan to make tonight, just as good… I'm taking her out to a romantic place and giving her a new ring. I have one that matches. It's a Scottish (is it or no? It's the only one that comes to mind) wedding ring. In the old days men used to design their wives wedding rings, it was twenty or more small rings that fit together just so. Once they were taken off, they fell apart, only the man could put them back together because the designs were so complex. So when they would go off to war, and their wives were left alone, they would know if they took their wedding rings off because when they came back, they would no longer be wearing it. I decided on this ring because I want Hermione to know that I will love her until the end of time.

I want to give you all I've got inside

I want to love you for the rest of my life

There I've done it, there I've said it

There you have it, I don't regret it

I'd give you my love in a minute

If you want it, come and get it

There I've done it, there I've said it

There you have it.

"Draco, I've got something important to tell you." What could it be? I do hope it's nothing bad.

"What is it?" I asked with a slight waver in my voice, I admit it, I'm scared. I've become a chicken shit since we married. Can you believe it? I even get scared when I go out on my broom. My beloved broom!

This is confidential, I never told a soul

Every time I see you, feel my heart

begin to loose control

"Well, it's going to change our lives forever." Oh no! She's not in love with me anymore! She found someone else! Oh Gods oh Gods oh GODS! I'm doomed, I'm gonna live the rest of my life an old bitter man…

And all I know

Is I'm feeling something I've never felt

I want to be with you and nobody else

"What is it? Do you not want to be with me anymore?" Her face went from having a nervous look to being completely shocked.

"No, silly, your going to be a daddy." …

"How?" Did I really just ask that question? I can't believe myself, "Don't answer that! A baby? A real live baby? We are going to have a baby?!"

"Yes Draco, a real live baby. It will even walk and talk." She said mocking me, but I don't care, I leaned over and yelled to the people next to us:

"I'm going to be a dad! A real dad! Can you believe it!? Draco Malfoy, Son of Lucius Malfoy a dad!!"

"Draco…" I've embarrassed her…

"I love you Hermione."

"I love you too Draco." I smiled at her and moved closer placing my hands on top of where hers were resting on her stomach. In there was a growing being. Mine and Hermione's baby. Our baby, can you believe it Our baby.

There I've done it, there I've said it

There you have it.

Thank you to everyone who reviewed. This is the last chapter obviously and I hope you all liked it. The agreements of their betrothal have now been fulfilled. Also, song lyrics by Blackhawk, another one of my favorite bands... I'm a freak I must say... wear hot pink fishnets and black and red pants combat boots... and yet one of my fav bands is Blackhawk... anywho, just a fav cuz this song reminds me of my absolutely hot boyfriend Chris! Along with Clint Black's Like the Rain... So If anyone has noticed.. this is inspired by him!! If people had reviewed and told me what they wanted I would have included Shania Twain's When you Kiss me, my song for him... See we each have a song for each other his song for me Like the Rain, my song for him When you Kiss Me. Both are great songs, if you get the chance download them!