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Had ta get rid of the lyrics; stupid rules... In this fic, Yami and Yugi are brothers, and so are Marik and Malik. Ryou, however, still has the Millennium Ring, where Bakura dwells. He's the only one with a Yami. Pairing for this fic: Ryou/Tea (maybe Tea/Bakura in later chappies…)

'…' Ryou talking to Bakura (in mindlink)

… Bakura talking to Ryou (in mindlink; there's quotations once he's out of the ring, but only Ryou can hear him)

Temporary Illness

By: Chi Yagami

Chapter One – I'm just Misunderstood

Tea groaned as she got out of bed and hurried to get ready for school. Her best friends, Miho and Yugi, would meet her at the bus stop in ten minutes. She threw on a T-shirt and jeans, along with some tennis shoes. She jumped the last three stairs and hustled into the kitchen.

"What's the rush?" her mother asked. Tea stuffed a piece of toast in her mouth and chewed quickly.

"Me an da gang are gonna (chew) get ta schoo erwy (swallow). I mean, my friends and I are going to get to school early," she replied. Her mother just shook her head.

"Well, just don't give yourself a heart-attack eating breakfast."

Tea nodded, grabbed her backpack, and headed out the door. Yugi and Miho were already there, waiting for the bus.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked Tea. She just shrugged. Miho began to rant about how all of the tape on her answering machine had been used up.

"What happened?"

"Well," she answered, "when I got home, the machine said I had 57 new messages!"

"Whoa! Did the hospital need you or something?" Yugi asked fearfully. Miho's grandmother had been in the hospital for the last three years. Miho shook her head.

"Thankfully no. But it was super annoying when I found out who they were from…"

"You mean they were all from one person!"

"Hehehehe… Yeah, I don't think Tristan has much of a life…"


"Yeah… I guess he still hasn't gotten over me, or realized that I have a boyfriend," Miho giggled.

"A very overprotective boyfriend," Tea added.

Soon the bus arrived and took them to school. As they got off the bus and approached the school, they could hear two familiar voices yelling.



Mai and Joey were arguing once again, and this time Tristan and Duke were on Joey's side.

"Hey guys! What are y'all arguing about now?" Tea said.

"Serenity has a crush on Kaiba, and this idiot here can't seem to get it through his thick skull that Serenity is a free person," Mai replied.

"Kaiba?" Yugi asked. "Isn't he like five years older than her?"

"Yeah," Duke said, "but Serenity doesn't seem to notice that! She could be dating me!"

"No she's not," roared Joey, "you're not gonna go near my sis! You're three years older dan her anyway!"

"Isn't Kaiba dating that Ishtar girl?"

"Ishizu? Yeah, they're both seniors…"

"So, let me get this straight," Tea interrupted. "Serenity has a crush on Kaiba, who's way older than her. But Kaiba's already dating Ishizu, and he probably hasn't even noticed Serenity. And this is a problem why?"

"Because Moneybags is a snothead! I don't want my sis liking people like dat!"

"Calm down, Joey; it's just a crush."

After Joey calmed down, they all went inside and met up with Yami, Marik, and Malik. Mai left to go meet up with some of her senior buddies, and Duke and Tristan had tutoring.

As Tea was walking to her locker, she felt a pair of eyes watching her from the front desk. She spun around to see a boy with long silvery hair staring at her. She shook her head and kept walking. Something about him creeped her out…

When the bell rang, Yami, Yugi, Marik, Malik, Miho, Tea, and Joey went to class. Joey met up with Tristan and Duke, while Malik helped Miho with some of her homework (they're dating). Marik and Yami decided to have a quick duel, and Yugi was watching his brother. Tea sighed and sat down.

Mr. Ugitama, their teacher, entered.

"SILENCE class. Thank you."

Everyone took their seats. The usually filled spot next to Tea lay empty because Yugi had been moved to the front row because of his height.

"Today," Mr. Ugitama continued, "we have a new student."

He walked over to the door and opened it.

"Please welcome—"

About the same time Tea arrived at school…

"Ryou Bakura. New student, eh?" the secretary asked. Ryou just stared at her. The woman piled a stack of books on the counter in front of him. His eyes began to wander and he noticed a brown haired girl walking away from him. She walked so gracefully that it looked like she was gliding. As if sensing his gaze, she turned around and flashed a pair of sapphires in his direction before walking off.

The secretary announced that all of his books were in front of him and that he needed to get to class. Ryou took his books and stumbled off.

This school was definitely odd.

Want me to pulverize the old bat?

'Who? Oh, the secretary? Nah…'

You're too soft

'Can it; I have a lot on my—'


Ryou'd been so busy talking to Bakura, he hadn't noticed where he'd been going. He'd bumped right into some boy. The boy looked him up and down ((AN: creepy…)) but then smiled.

"Need some help?" he asked, pulling Ryou to his feet.

"Thanks," Ryou said, almost whispering.

"Well, where's your first class, Miss?" the boy asked. Well, that got Bakura going.

Suddenly, Ryou was thrown into his soul room. He peeked out through the window and saw what was going on.

Bakura had suddenly grabbed the kid by his shirt. A small crowd gathered.

"What did you call me?" Bakura growled. The boy instantly realized the huge mistake he'd made.

"I-I'm sorry… It's just that… well, your hair—"


"It's er-rather long…"


Bakura punched the boy and threw him to the ground. Then he picked up Ryou's books and made his way through the now large crowd. Then he switched back with Ryou, who hurried into the nearest bathroom.

'Bakura, why'd you do that? He made an easy mistake…'

Listen, Hikari, no one calls me a Woman. NO ONE!

'I don't want to get kicked out of another school, Bakura…'

Yeah, well I don't exactly like having a wussy hikari that I have to protect all the time!

'I'm not wussy!'

You're pathetic, wussy, ugly, wimpy, boring, safe, creepy, possessed, and most of all, too feminine looking!

"Shut up!" Ryou yelled aloud. He heard the toilet flush. A boy came out shaking.

"I didn't say anything…"

Ryou slapped his forehead and hurried out of the restroom. He heard the bell ring, and decided to get to class.

Awe, afraid you'll get in trouble?

'Shut up, Bakura. I'm already in a bad mood…'

Ooh… my little hikari is pissed at me… Whoop-tee-du!

Once again, Ryou had been so busy talking and not noticing where he was walking that this time he smashed into a wall. The chain of his Millennium Ring broke, causing the Ring to crash to the floor and break in half.

He stared in horror at the two separate gold pieces.

"Oh God, that did not just happen…"

"Oh but it did."

Ryou whirled around to see Bakura standing next to him. He didn't have his own body, he just looked sort of see-through.

"Bakura? How'd you get out of the Ring?" he asked.

"I dunno. I guess when It broke, It triggered some kind of chain reaction, causing me to materialize. And it's 'Oh Ra' by the way, not God," Bakura replied.

"Can people see you?"

"Nope. Only you."

"Can they hear you? Feel or smell you? Can you hear, see, smell, or touch them?" Ryou asked curiously.

"No, no, and no; yes, yes, no, and yes. I may be invisible, but that doesn't mean I can't touch things! Mwuahahaha, I could haunt people…"

"Wow," Ryou said as he put the two pieces of the Ring into his pocket

"You'd better get to class," Bakura snickered. Ryou gasped and raced towards the classroom. Just as he reached the door, it opened.

"—Ryou Bakura!"

Ryou stepped into the classroom, only to be greeted by 23 pairs of eyes looking at him. He heard Bakura mutter in Egyptian, more liked cursed, and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Ryou, I'm Mr. Ugitama. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

Ryou stared at the class.

Bakura laughed.

"Oh! Tell them about the time you wet yourself in the bed! Or about the time you once mooned the whole fifth grade!"

"You mean you mooned the whole fifth grade," Ryou muttered, forgetting he'd spoken aloud ((AN: when the Ring broke so did the mind-link)).

"You mooned the entire fifth grade?" Mr. Ugitama gasped. The whole class started laughing. Ryou turned crimson and looked down. He'd have to keep Bakura under tight control.

"Well, Ryou, you may take the empty seat next to Tea. Tea, please raise your hand."

Tea raised her hand. Ryou trudged over to her and sat down. He realized she was the same girl from the hallway.

She realized he was the same boy from the front desk.

When the bell rang, Tea automatically went up Ryou and tapped him on the shoulder. He didn't notice. He seemed to be talking to himself.

"Now the whole class has the wrong impression of me! Thanks a lot!"


"What? Me? It was YOU who mooned those kids!"

Tea tapped him on the shoulder again.

Ryou turned around and blushed. He'd been talking to Bakura again! Of course, she probably thought he was crazy.

"Uh… hi," he managed to say. She smiled.

"Hi yourself! I'm Tea Gardner; do you want to have lunch with me? Or did you already plan on eating lunch with someone else? Because if you did that's okay. I'm just trying to be friendly; I can't help it because that's just how I am. In fact, everybody around here calls me Miss Friendship, except for Yugi and Yami, but that's only because Yugi is nice and Yami has a crush on me, I think…"

She said this all very fast and very cheerfully. Ryou just stared at her.

"Someone needs to shut her trap," Bakura said.

"You said it," his hikari replied.

"Really?" Tea asked, her eyes lighting up. "That's great! Come on, I want you to meet the gang!"

She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the cafeteria. She pulled him over to a large round table. Ryou was just confused. Then he remembered that nobody else could hear Bakura! But how would he talk to Bakura without everyone thinking he had an imaginary friend?

"Everyone," Tea announced, "this is Ryou. Ryou, this is everyone!"

She pulled out two chairs, one for her and one for him, and asked everyone to introduce themselves properly. Everyone stared at him.

"Hey," said some blonde guy with a heavy accent, "you're dat kid who talks to himself, aren't cha?"

Ryou paled for a moment. Then Bakura had to open his big mouth.

"Yes he is, and aren't you the guy whom we saw cleaning the toilets?"

Ryou cracked up at this, getting everyone to give him weird looks.

"Uh… I just remembered a funny joke… hehehe…"

After everyone had introduced themselves, Tea tried to make small talk with Ryou. Meanwhile, Bakura was getting hungry. Usually whenever Ryou ate, Bakura would be "eating" too, but since they were separated, Bakura couldn't taste his light's food.

"Hikari, may I have some of your sandwich?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure; whatever." He'd been trying to listen to Tea, who was asking him if he wanted to hang out after school.

"You will?" Tea asked, thinking he'd been answering her. "Oh that's wonderful! How about we go to the—Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

She was screaming and pointing at something behind him. Ryou turned around to find Bakura taking his sandwich off the plate.

"What?" he asked her confused. "I told him he could have some of… it…"

He remembered that no one could see, hear, or feel Bakura, but he could pick up a sandwich. Tea must being seeing a floating sandwich!

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