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Anna stumbled through the forest, looking desperately for Van Helsing. She'd been surprised to come too and find he wasn't right next to her. She barreled into a clearing, and saw a man with dark hair lying on the ground.

"Van Helsing!" she cried, her heart leaping into her throat she raced over to him. He turned at her cry, Anna gasped, not Van Helsing, Velkan!

"Anna" he breathed as she pulled him to her. She then noticed the bullet holes in his chest. Van Helsing hadn't missed, Velkan smiled weakly,

"I'm sorry baby sister" he whispered. His breath left him and his eyes slid closed, Anna clutched his hand.

"Velkan? Velkan! Velkan! Please don't leave me! Velkan!" but there was no response. There would never be a response again. Tears filled her eyes, he couldn't be gone, he just couldn't! Leaning down she kissed his forehead,

"I will see you again" she whispered. She heard someone approaching and whipped around. Van Helsing stumbled into the clearing, pain written on his features. Before Anna registered what was happening she was up and running, beating the monster hunter with her fists.

"You killed him! You killed him!" she shouted, beating his chest with her hands. She broke into tears then and collapsed against him, her face pressed against his chest. He smoothed her hair, cradling her gently as her body was racked with sobs.

"Now you know why they call me murderer" he said, she stared up at him, hazel eyes shimmering with tears. She noticed that her hand was on something sticky and looked down. Frowning she pulled his jacket back and stared in horror at what she found.

"You've been bitten!" she gasped, he twisted away from her and looked for himself. When he turned back she saw fear in his eyes. It was all a little too much, first Velkan and now Van Helsing. Backing away Anna kept eye contact with him, and in doing so didn't notice Aleera. She turned just as the Vampire lashed out, her fist hitting Anna square in the chin. The Princess fell foreword and smacked her head on a boulder, Aleera chuckled to herself. Grabbing the Princess by her ankle she lifted her into the air, her master would be pleased.

"Anna!" Van Helsing shouted as he saw Aleera lifting Anna out of the trees.

"No" he breathed chasing after the bride though he knew it was useless. He stopped on the edge of the cliff, Carl and Frankenstein materializing out of nowhere. They could do nothing but stare as Anna was carried away. The last of the Valerious...

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