All right. You asked for it, and here it is!
Anna watched Gabriel turn fitfully in his sleep, occasionally mumbling incoherent things. She wondered briefly if he was dreaming of Dracula. And yes, a tiny part of her was hoping, that she made an appearance in those dreams.

Pulling herself from her reverie as he shouted rather loudly and caused the entire carriage to wobble as he turned. Deciding that she'd better wake him, Anna moved over to his seat, and hesitantly placed a hand on his chest. She'd seen him battle werewolves and vampires, she didn't want him to wake up and mistake her for one. She had enough bruises...

"Gabriel? Gabriel," she whispered and moved her hand to his forehead. He mumbled her name, but still didn't wake. Slightly frustrated, Anna leaned closer to him,


"Gabriel" Anna cried, a little blood dribbling down her chin. She lifted her hands from her stomach to reveal the blood that covered them. Dracula casually bent over and grabbed her hand, licking the palm and grinning at him.

"Anna!" he shouted, and charged across the room. Dracula calmly took a step back, and allowed Van Helsing foreword.

"You're too late Gabriel, you've failed her" he mocked and leaned back against the wall. The werewolf, Velkan came in. Gabriel noticed a little flicker of fear in the Counts eyes. He dismissed it and turned his attention back to where it belonged.

"It's a pity I had to do that, she would have made a lovely bride, don't you think?" he winked and turned as if to leave. Anna's eyes darkened as she looked at Gabriel,

"I'm sorry" she whispered, tears gathering on her lashes,

"I--" she started, then fell silent, her hand falling limp in his.

"Anna!" he called...

Gabriel sat up with a jerk, and smacked his forehead directly into Anna's.

The Princess reeled back and fell on the floor. Van Helsing blinked and looked at her, not quite awake yet, as she glared at him from the floor.

"What was that!" she shouted at him, placing a hand on her forehead she was relieved to find it wasn't bleeding. He smiled sheepishly and held his hand out to help her up. She accepted it warily and he pulled her to him enveloping her in his arms. A little surprised, and a little pleased, she pulled away to look at him.

"What?" she asked, he noticed she didn't pull completely away from him.

"Nothing, I'm very glad you're safe" he said, he ran his finger across the bright pink spot on her head. She winced and he smirked,

"you sure make a habit of that" he said pointedly, and earned himself another glare.

"Gabriel, are you going to tell me what you were dreaming about?" she asked, and changed the subject he noticed. Van Helsing studied her, still draped in his coat, resting against his chest. Her lips so close, he could feel her breath against his neck.

"I don't know, you going to tell me what happened with Dracula?" she shuddered and looked away.

"I was surprised that he didn't just kill me, then I found out why and I wished he had just killed me. He was going to make me a bride" she finished in a cold whisper.

"I dreamt that he killed you" Gabriel said, and she turned her gaze back to him. Her lips twitched upwards in a smile. To his infinite surprise she leaned up and kissed him,

"Thank you for rescuing me" she said when they parted. Then she drew back her hand and smacked his chest

"OW! What was that for?!" he yelped, she smirked.

"For taking so long"

He eyed her warily, as she settled more comfortably in his arms,

"I think I prefered the thank you" he mumbled. Anna stared out the window with a knowing smile, and whispered

"So did I"

Just a little something I was laughing about. But I counted how many times Anna manages to have her head smacked on various objects in the movie. 11... Ouch. And as to Anna kissing Gabriel, I don't know about all of you, but when they kissed in the movie, it didn't seem like that was the first time. Probably from multiple takes, lucky, I mean poor Kate...