Harry sat watching his two best friends, laughter lighting his eyes. Draco and Ginny were standing behind the grill, Draco was in an apron that read, "Kiss the Chef" and Ginny was plaintively trying to win the prongs back. "Ginevra Ann Weasley-Malfoy go sit down! I have you know I am perfectly capable of working this... thingy." Ginny giggled. "I might not remembered the stupid name but I know how to work it, now go sit!" He pointed almost menacingly at Ginny's swollen stomach. "Or my children will be born on their heads because their mother is too stubborn to do as told."

Ginny bowed mockingly. "Yes Lord Malfoy, anything you say Lord Malfoy."

Draco swatted her behind and sent her to sit next to Harry who immediately hugged her and placed his hand on her belly. "Didn't think you'd be the next one to have twins, did you?"

She laughed. "I always prayed that I wouldn't be the one. Living with Fred and George makes me wary of how these two will be. I have a vision of two little girls with Draco's looks and their uncles' senses of humor, God forbid."

"Oy! And just what,"

"Is so wrong,

"With our sense of humor?" Came the demand behind them, making Ginny squeal as she leapt to her feet and wrapped her arms tight around her brothers. Ron came up behind them and slapped them on the back, without even looking at Harry.

Harry sighed and climbed to his feet quietly walking into the woods that surrounded Draco and Ginny's home. He loved these get to gethers. He loved being with his friends here, and he loved that he sometimes got to see Ron and Hermione, but despite everything they hadn't really changed after that night.

He flopped down onto a hard stone bench and dropped his head into his hands. He stayed that way for several minutes until he felt a large warm hand settle unto his shoulder. "It still hurts, doesn't it?"

"Too much."

The other man sighed and dropped down next to Harry, pulling him softly against his side. "I'm sorry, my love." He then changed the topic completely. "What do you think of Mrs. Malfoys pregnancy?" His hand was idly tracing patterns on Harry's back.

"I think it's wonderful. Ginny will make a great mother, and Draco will spoil them rotten."

Severus tilted his head slightly. "You always wanted a family of your own, didn't you?"

"Being gay tends to put a damper on those sorts of dreams."

Severus suddenly grinned and pulled the smaller man into his lap, resting his head atop the other. "I forget sometimes that you were raised by muggles and don't know everything about the wizarding world even after all this time. Wizards can have babies, Harry, just the same as witches can, and even if that wasn't possible we could always adopt."

It took Harry a minute to process that rather large statement, and then he blinked and would have fallen from Severus' lap if not for those arms. "You... I... Sev?" He blinked again, forcing the sudden thickness from his voice. "You mean it? You want to... to... have a family?"

Severus chuckled deeply and the sound filled Harry with joy. "Yes, Harry, I do." Harry's response was to wrap his arms tightly around the older mans neck and cling to him, whispering half formed sentences of joy.

Sev just smiled as he held Harry tighter. This boy after all was Severus world. They loved each other dearly, but sometimes there was an ache, a need that neither could fill for the other, though it seemed to be stronger in Harry after all he'd been through. Harry needed family, needed the stability it would bring, and Severus couldn't help the smile that it would be his and Harry's family. "You want to go home? I already told our host and hostess that you might."

Harry nodded, lightly kissing up Sev's neck to his lip. "I love you."

Sev chuckled and pulled Harry closer and then with a pop, they disappeared. When the reappeared in their front lawn Harry turned to him, his head tilted thoughtfully. "Sev... if... if we're talking about family... then what about the other we've been talking about?"

Severus frowns thoughtfully. "Oh you mean the whole marriage thing?" Harry nodded. "Hm, I guess that does need settled." He turned away thoughtfully and Harry tried not to let his shoulders slump. Severus turned back again with his most solemn face in place. "I think I have a solution."


Severus nodded and then sank gracefully to one knee causing Harry's eyes to go wide. "Harry James Potter," he withdrew a small box from his pocket, "would you do me the great honor of being my husband, my soul mate?"

Harry could only stare, tears sliding down his face, as he nodded and tried to find his voice. "Yes, Severus Alexander Snape, I humbly consent to the honor and privilege of being your husband and soul mate."

Suddenly all around them there was clapping and Harry jerked in surprise, whirling around. Severus stood as well, placing his arms around Harry's waist and drawing Harry's back up against his chest as he perched his head on top of Harry's. All of their friends and family were there. Albus, Minerva, Remus, Draco, Ginny, Fred, George... for that fact all of the Weasley's were there even Ron and Hermione.

"I... what's everyone doing here?" Harry managed to choke out.

"This is what the get together today was for. A sort of diversion from what was really being planned." He softly kissed just below Harry's ear. "We all love you, Harry, and I couldn't ask them NOT to be apart of this, and they love you so much."

It was Ron who finally stepped away from the large gathering first, approaching Harry slowly. "Harry, I owe you an apology, mate. You see, I... I never realized everything you were going through, everything that had happened, so I didn't understand." He hung his head slightly. "If I had just paid closer attention to my best mate instead of getting so self absorbed then a lot of things would have been different. I'm glad though, that you had Ginny and Draco, and the Professor here to be there for you, since me and 'Mione weren't. Harry, I'm so sorry for how much I hurt you. I never stopped to think..."

Hermione slowly joined Ron's side, tucking her hand into his. "We're both sorry, Harry. We let our pride make our judgments for us, instead of thinking it through or asking a Professor or even Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. We thought you were wrong, so instead of talking to you, we turned our backs, and I'm so sorry."

Harry didn't step out of Severus' arms, but he did smile slightly. "It'll be okay. I forgive you." There was an awkward pause but it was quickly disbanded as Fred and George set off a loud pack of fire works.

The twins smiled as they came forward, and embraced not just Harry but Severus as well. "Congratulations you two. It's good to see both of you happy, God knows you deserve it," and with that everyone else began moving forward giving their congratulations to the soon to be bonded couple.

It was late into the night when everyone left and Severus lead Harry up to their room where Harry immediately fell into his arms, softly kissing him. "This day is the happiest I can ever remember being, Sev. Thank you so much."

Severus smiled in reply and bent to return the kiss. Somehow it quickly deepened into a passionate kiss that had the two wizards fumbling with their clothes. Severus tried to always be gentle with Harry, afraid that any particular move might bring up memories of the past but as they fell onto the bed and pressed together Harry whispered against his ear. "Please, Sev, please make love to me tonight like you mean it, like you want me."

Severus groaned at the tone in his voice. It wasn't broken as it had been the first time they'd made love, but hoarse with love, lust, want, and need, and any self-control that Severus may have had, snapped. He crushed his lips to Harry's who eagerly reciprocated the actions as Severus thrust his hips, burying his member deep inside Harry in a single stroke. It was euphoric. It was amazing and Harry groaned out, shivering in pleasure.

They didn't take their time as they usually did in exploring each others' bodies, but drove at a hard and fast pace, Severus thrusting harder with each cry of pleasure that escaped from Harry and his hand was wrapped around Harry's shaft, stroking him to agonizing heights. When climax hit they spiraled through it together and then collapsed to the bed, both panting in exertion.


Severus couldn't help chuckling. "Indeed, Mr. Potter, indeed."

Harry smiled and snuggled up against him, resting his head on his shoulder. "I love you."

"And I love you, Harry." He smiled and gently kissed Harry's lips and they stayed that way until they fell asleep.