WARNING: THIS IS BASED MORE ON THE LEGEND… I am mixing the legend with the movie (character wise)


Summery: what happens when Lancelot and Guinevere are discovered by Arthur? Much pain and suffering I see! (Pretending I'm yoda...get it...lol... I'll stop…)

P.S. Lots of character deaths…don't read if squeamish…or too attached to your feelings toward the characters!


 they always passed each other in the castle that Arthur had built. The valiant knight and the beautiful queen, feelings for each other hidden behind the guise of loyalty. Giving in to each other was easier then they both expected it to be. Sneaking glances to each other, and running off to some remote place to define their love came second nature to the pair.

 "What if he discovers us?" she questioned.

 "You need not worry my love…one day we will leave Camelot…he will be none the wiser" he replied, gently caressing her cheek. She smiled against her will and he repaid her with another kiss.

 Little did the lovers know that Arthur, the high king, did know. And tonight would be the night that he would spring his trap. He had had enough of being deceived. It was time to confront the one defiling his wife.

 The couple disappeared to the lady's chambers. But they were not alone. Arthur sat in a chair in the shadows and watched for a moment as the lovers kissed and groped. He could hit hold in his disgust.

 "Whore" he whispered and the pair turned quickly. Arthur was dumbfounded to find his knight and best friend betraying him in such a manner.

 "Lancelot?" he pulled Excalibur from its sheath and pointed it directly in Lancelot's face.

 There was no use in denying it, but maybe he could save Guinevere.

 "Arthur...do not blame her...punish me...spare her..." he pleaded. The anger was raising in Arthur's eyes. He raised Excalibur and slashed Lancelot across the face before he could finish his sentence.

"I trusted you with my life, yet you betray my love?!" he screamed at the doubled over and surprised Lancelot. He grabbed Guinevere roughly by the arm. He just stared into her eyes with anger. She stared back with defiance.

"You...Two...WILL…pay!!" he said, his speech wavering from the ongoing rage within him.

"Guards!!" he called, and in came 5 of Arthur's most trusted guards. 4 of which had to hold the struggling Lancelot.

"Arthur! Don't do this…take me and spare her!...it's my fault…ARTHUR!" he yelled while he was drug from the room kicking and screaming.

Guinevere remained, held by one guard.

"How could you do this to me?" Arthur stammered. "after all I have done for you…after all the times I have loved you" She just stared back, she knew it was the end of the line for her and Lancelot. Arthur nodded to the guard and she was taken from the room more peacefully then Lancelot, who he could still hear yelling his name down the hall.

Once he was alone ion the room, Arthur, the mightiest and most nobel of soldiers and kings, fell to the floor sobbing.