I Shouldn't Still Love You or Tell You That
By: Nicole Lopez

Disclaimer: I do not own My So-called Life and have no connection to it other than my television.

Summary: A year into Angela's life after she finds out that the letters that Jordan wrote were really from Brian.

Pre-Chapter It is weird how like a year can change everything. Here I am, two days after my birthday, packing. My parents are like divorcing and I have to move away. And, I like, actually thought things were coming together. Even worse, I can't like talk to anyone about it. And Sharon. God, how did that happen? I wish that I could like help her. But I won't even like be here.

It's weird how like I thought things were working out with me and Jordan. But I'm like more confused than ever. Rosa is like the life ruiner. Everything was perfect until she like showed up out of the blue. The worst part is that she is like going to have my life. I never saw it coming ...

(A/N: I know. It's short, but it is a pre-chapter. Besides, I wanted to see if anyone was interested. Read and review for more!! NL)