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Morgan stood at the airport with his family clutching his suitcase. It was that time again to go back to college, though he hadn't wanted to. The days were hard and tedious and full with worry as Graham, Merrill, and Bo stood around Morgan's hospital bed, wondering if Morgan would come out of his asthma related coma. But after a couple of weeks, Morgan did and was sent home a couple of days later.

But that wasn't the reason Morgan didn't want to go back to his college more than a thousand miles away. He was afraid that something might happen while he was away, like what happened this past year where Graham was being influenced by an alien who wouldn't allow contact with his son. But everybody insisted that Morgan go back to college and get his degree so he could get a good job later in life.

As they stood on the platform, Morgan turned to his father. "Are you sure you'll write to me while I'm away?"

Graham smiled. He could understand his son's fear because of what happened the past year, even though he didn't remember most of what happened.

"I promise I'll write as often as I can. I'm sure you don't want to be worried that any of us will be under the influence of something not from this world," Graham assured Morgan.

Morgan nodded and turned to his uncle and sister. "And you two will write, too. I don't to think any of you are in danger, or I'll be coming straight home."

"Of course and if there's anything out of the ordinary we'll be sure to keep you updated," Merrill said with a smile.

"Even unusual relationships," Bo put in and everybody laughed.

"Well, you better get on that plane, son, or you'll never get to your college in time," Graham said and Morgan nodded.

Giving everybody a hug, Morgan wiped a tear away. "I'll be sure to call you when I get there."

And with a wave, Morgan gripped his suitcase and walked to the terminal gait with a confident gait. Graham, Bo, and Merrill watched Morgan disappear into the plane in silence.

"I hate to see him go," Graham said.

"Well, he's almost twenty now, he needs to make his own way in the world," Merrill said.

"Yes, of course. I just hate seeing my children growing up so fast," Graham said and smiled down at Bo.

Bo smiled back at Graham. "Don't worry, daddy, I'll still be here for a long while yet."

"Of course you will," Graham smiled.

"And anyways, if you don't leave, you can't come home to see what news there is there," Merrill said with a wink.

The three of them laughed. Bo looked up at her father and her uncle Merrill.

"Let's go home, shall we?" she asked and everybody nodded in agreement.

"Yes, coming home's the best part," Graham exclaimed.

And arm in arm, the three of them walked out of the airport, towards home.

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