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Naruto no Kyuubi: A Feudal Fairy Tale

Chapter 1: The Girl...

"Everybody, run! Run for your lives!" The great crowd of villagers surged away from the burning houses, desperate to seek nonexistent refuge. Many rushed forward towards the shrine at the highest point of the town, frantic and overcome with terror for the destruction of the village. Every able man held a weapon in hand, awaiting orders from the Hokage, but rumor had it that he had gone missing, and as the battle went on with no sight of him, many feared the worst. "Look! It's here! It's the demon!" Panic seized the crowd, as a small shape leapt towards the shrine, leaving devastation in its wake. It soared through the air before smashing through the shrine's roof, landing in a small room filled with incense to ward off demons like him. He snorted.

"Like a little smoke will really stop me." He held an orange sleeve to his face anyway, and darted forward towards the pedestal in the middle of the room, grabbing the round, glowing jewel lying there. He smirked. "Finally…I'll finally be able to realize my dream!" He laughed raucously as he tore through the ceiling again and began to make his escape towards the woods. "You got that, everybody!" He yelled for everyone to hear, "I'm gonna be the strongest now! No one will be able to stop me!" He now reached the forest, and landed on the largest tree, so everyone would be able to see and hear him in his single greatest moment of glory "NO ONE!"


A great crash rang through the forest as he was slammed face first into the ground by a young man who had suddenly appeared behind him. "What the---!" he tried to pick himself off the ground but the teen got to him first, and pulled him up by the collar of his orange jacket, slamming his back into the tree he had previously been standing on. Grabbing an oversized kunai from his belt, he focused until it and the special seal attached to it until glowed white with all the chakra he had left in his body. The smaller boy's eyes widened as realization finally dawned on him, and his blue eyes settled on his captor's blank white ones.

With his last ounce of strength, the teen plunged the kunai through the boy's heart till it bit into the wood of the tree behind him. Naruto cried out in pain before gritting his teeth and dropping the jewel at the young man's feet. Chuckling weakly, the dying boy reached out almost desperately, as if to somehow grasp the consciousness which was slowly slipping away from him. "N-Neji…but…you said that…" The boy paused as he painfully coughed up blood, but he looked determined to finish. "Why?" he concluded simply, as his time ran out. His hand dropped, as did his eyelids, and he fell silent as Neji slumped to his knees in front of the tree. A small smile graced his lips.

"Goddamn traitorous fox. I was supposed to ask that."

"Neji!" A silver-haired child ran to his side with several villagers in tow. "Brother, what's wrong! Are you okay!" His left eye had been wounded during the chaos, and a hasty bandage now covered it and stopped the bleeding.

"Kakashi…" he turned to face him, the smile now gone from his face. "Kakashi, promise me you'll burn my body, and the jewel with it…"

"W-What are you talking about? You're not going to die! You're the Hokage---you're invincible!" He grabbed his hand only to flinch and release it again quickly. "Y-You're hands, they're so cold… Neji, why didn't you get the healers! You wouldn't have lost so much blood if you had just gotten them earlier!" Neji looked away. "Neji! Quickly, someone summon the healers before he passes out from the blood loss!"

"Don't, Kakashi…" Neji murmured.

"What! What do you mean, 'don't'! What's wrong with you! Do you have a death wish! Where the hell are the healers---!"

"Kakashi!" Neji interrupted forcefully. Kakashi fell silent. "…Don't…don't waste the healers' chakra on me…I-I'm beyond their help already anyway…"

Kakashi's visible eye brimmed with tears. "Don't say such things! It's not too late, it can't be---!"

Neji grasped Kakashi's shoulders roughly, shaking him slightly. "It's alright, Kakashi! I want to die here…I have to die here…"


"Kakashi! You must listen carefully! I don't have much time left, it's a miracle I've lasted this long," he said quickly, picking up the jewel lying next to him. "When I die, you must burn the Shikon no tama with my body. If I'm going to die, this cursed jewel's going to be destroyed with me. Promise me you'll do as I say."



"I promise!"

"Stay strong… Kakashi…" His eyelids drooped, the rest of his body following suit, collapsing into a dirty puddle of his own blood.


"HINATA!" Hinata snapped to attention at the sound of her name, blushing with shame at being caught day-dreaming. Her father glared down at her imperiously, obviously appalled at her lack of focus. "One so untalented as you can not afford to have her thoughts wander," he slowly warned, to Hinata's increasingly reddening face. Hinata murmured her apology, and her father continued his lecture about the family history.

Hinata listened as best she could, but she couldn't help feeling either bored or confused as her father preached in his deep, monotonous voice. Shikon no Tama this, feudal era that…It all just got jumbled up in her brain along the way anyway. Half of her just wanted to go to sleep, but the other half insisted she stay awake and appreciate that her father had taken the time out of his busy schedule to teach her this.

Her father didn't often spend time doing anything with her anymore; he had dismissed her as being incompetent a long time ago. Well, when Hanabi came along to be specific. Now there was a daughter to be proud of… She was strong, confident, focused---in short, everything she herself was not. The fact that she was five years Hanabi's senior did nothing for her already wounded pride.

Either way, her father was spending time with her now, so she figured she should at least try to make the most of it. Even if it only was probably because her birthday was tomorrow…perhaps her father considered his mere presence to be an early birthday present? She wouldn't put it past him…

Struggling valiantly to pay attention, her body screamed to be allowed to fidget, but she knew her father would not tolerate it. If she could only move her foot a little bit to the left…No! Her self-discipline screamed. You can't move now! You've come all this way, just hold on a little longer… But her numb leg just begged to be moved…just a little bit…One teensy weensy fidget to the left, that was all… Don't give in! Don't do it! Her arms had fallen asleep too… Don't move! Perspiration began to break out on her forehead from the effort… Stay still! Her muscles ached and pleaded to be used… Don't---!

Her father looked up at the sound of the room's door sliding open, only to see her grandmother standing in the doorway rather impatiently. "Didn't you two hear me? I said dinner was ready. Hurry before the miso gets cold." The door slid closed again, and her father rose to follow her grandmother to dinner. There was a distinct thump, and her father turned back towards Hinata inquiringly.

"Hinata, what are you doing on the floor?"

Hinata whimpered pathetically with her head on the floor, her body slumped forward, legs still in their kneeling position and arms still in her lap, as if her body had somehow frozen that way. She seemingly painfully waved her hand a little. "I'm okay…uh, I'll be there in a second…" she called from her uncomfortable position weakly.

Her father cocked an eyebrow and left the room. What an odd girl…

Dinner had been average, everyone eating in tense silence as usual, no one dropping hints as to whether or not they were even celebrating her birthday tomorrow. Every now and then, Hinata wished her family was a normal one…well, that wasn't entirely true. They might've been ashamed of what a failure she was turning out to be, but they were her family and she still loved them and wouldn't change them for the world; if anything, she wished she could change herself for them, not vice versa.

And now she stood in front of the mirror on the morning of her fourteenth birthday, wishing once again that she could just change everything about herself completely. If she'd had the option, she'd wish she was brave, not timid, strong, not weak, valuable, not useless…

Even her appearance in her reflection screamed "plain." She was on the small side, and her hair was far too short to be considered beautiful or one of her better features. She lacked in the T&A departments so her figure wasn't all that appealing (although that might've been because she was always wearing oversized coats that were very successful in hiding whatever figure she had), and granted she wasn't butt-ugly, she was no beauty queen either, instead stuck in limbo between the two.

Hinata looked up at the sound of something hitting her window and flinched when she heard the sound again. "Hey, Hinata! You ready to go yet?" A familiar bark followed the call and Hinata sighed with relief. She walked to the window to confirm her suspicions and as she had guessed, Kiba and Shino were standing on top of the high wall separating her family's estate from the road. Kiba's arm was poised over his head, preparing to throw another small rock at her window.

Before he could do anything that could possibly break the fragile glass pane, she threw open the window and waved her arms a bit to let him know she had already acknowledged their presence. Kiba waved back and Akamaru barked happily from inside his master's jacket, and even Shino nodded slightly before she closed the window again and hurried to gather her things together before meeting them for training.

Before leaving the room, she paused one last time at the full length mirror opposite her door, gazing almost sadly at the simple girl who stared back at her. She looked away, leaving the room, and closed the door behind her.

Kiba and Shino were waiting for her by the old well house near the front gate. Though her father didn't necessarily disapprove of her friends/teammates, the boys got the message to steer clear of the intimidating older man lest they get on his bad side.

"I-I'm sorry I took so long," she apologized as she jogged up to them, a little out of breath from her hurry to gather her things in her house.

"Ahh, don't worry about it," said Kiba with a grin. "Birthday girls are allowed to be a little late." Hinata looked up in surprise. She hadn't thought anybody had remembered, much less Kiba and Shino.

"H-how did you know…?" she asked, more than just a little taken aback.

"We didn't," answered Shino bluntly.

Hinata sweat-dropped. "Then why…?"

"We didn't remember," explained Kiba for his verbally-challenged friend, "but your little sister saw us and came up and reminded us. So technically, we didn't know but she did."

This new piece of information really startled Hinata. Hanabi? Hanabi of all people had remembered her birthday, and had even gone out of her way to remind these two as well? Hanabi had never exactly expressed resentment for her older sister, but they certainly didn't share the normal loving bond between most sisters. Hinata frowned sadly. Perhaps little Hanabi had taken pity on her older sister…that's right…now her little sister pitied her…Hinata didn't know how this day could get any worse…

Seeing her downcast face, Shino nudged Kiba and gestured at her so he would see it too. Kiba frowned. "Hey, Hinata, what's with the sad face? It's your birthday, you should act happy!" Hinata nodded glumly.

Great…now she had gone and upset Kiba…he probably thought she was annoying…

Kiba sighed. There she went again, making herself feel even worse. He'd better get her mind off of whatever she was thinking about before she swallowed herself in self-contempt… "Hinata!" Hinata snapped out of her thoughts. "Let's go train now, okay?"

"Oh…uh, okay." Hinata nodded. "But where's Akamaru?"

"Hmm? Oh, he's just sniffing around in the well house. He said he smelled something funny in there," he replied off-handedly.

"He's where!" Hearing Hinata's horror, he turned to her questioningly.

"The well house. What's the big deal? The well's sealed anyway."

Hinata bit her lip anxiously. "This well house is forbidden. No one's allowed in there, so we could get in a lot of trouble with my father if he found out!"

Kiba snorted. "Whatever. He probably just told you that when you were a kid so your wouldn't go wandering around and fall in. And like I said, the well's sealed now anyway so you don't have to worry about bugs or whatever it is you're scared of crawling out of it." Shaking his head, Kiba walked towards the entrance. "C'mon, we'll just get Akamaru and go, your dad'll never know."

With that, he walked in, Hinata and Shino following in tow. "Shino, you look towards the right. I'll take the left. Hinata, you look in the middle by the well." They nodded and proceeded searching obediently.

As Hinata descended down the small flight of stairs to the well, she found that what Kiba had said was true¾the well really was sealed up. Sealed up very thoroughly in fact, with ofuda charms littering the wood planks nailed to the top. Why a sealing a well would require ofuda charms, she didn't know, but she guessed whoever had put them there had just been overly paranoid or something. She touched one curiously, and was surprised to see it turn to dust in her hand. It must've been very old, if not, very ineffective.

There was a bark behind her and she turned around to see Akamaru sitting at the bottom of the steps, his tail wagging happily. "Akamaru!" she picked him up and pet him, relieved to have found him so quickly. "Kiba, I've found him!"

"Really? Good work!" Kiba and Shino jumped down the stairs in response to her call, Kiba grinning arrogantly all the while.

"See? What'd I tell ya? Nothing happened!" He laughed loudly, glad to have been right. "Now let's get out of here before we get in trouble with your old man." Hinata nodded and moved forward towards the stairs.

Suddenly, Kiba's head shot back around towards the sealed well, nose and ears twitching. "What the fuck---?" The planks of wood closing off the mouth of the well blew off, and the three brought their arms up to shield their faces from the debris. Transparent, almost ghostly hands reached up out of the well towards them, and Kiba and Shino jumped back in horror. Hinata froze in fear, dropping Akamaru unceremoniously, who ran after Kiba with his tail between his legs.

"Hinata!" shouted Shino, as he realized she hadn't moved. The shout seemed to snap her out of her initial shock, and now she stumbled clumsily away from the wraithlike hands. She screamed as one and then another hand grabbed her, pulling her towards the well.

"HINATA!" both boys yelled this time in vain, both of them too far away to help her. It was too late, Hinata was already gone.

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