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Da Mandolin!

Sakura winced as she took another breath. She slowly kicked her legs, finishing another lap in her pool.

It had been a whole week since Fujitaka had found out about her racing and nothing had happened. Yet. Sakura admitted she had deserved the beating from her father. He was running for ambassador and here she was breaking the law and almost killing herself. If the press got a hold of that! Fujitaka vented his rage on Sakura until she passed out and no longer made an interesting target. Charles and their housekeeper, Adell, helped her to bed while Fujitaka went to his press conference. He had made a big show of how much his arm hurt and how terrified his daughter was. Sympathy. That night he left for a week to China where he had to attend to some business, leaving Sakura alone to heal.

Sakura stopped swimming as she caught sight of a figure on the side of the pool.

"Yes, Charles?"

"Miss Sakura, there is a Mr. Syaoran on the line." Charles said, holding up a phone. "Shall I tell him you are still unavailable?" Charles felt awkward calling the boy by his first name, but he had refused to give a last one.

Sakura hesitated. Syaoran had been calling her constantly since the day he had dropped her off. She hadn't answered yet, because she didn't know what to say. He had been so nice to her and he had looked so worried. Hell, he had even stood up to Fujitaka Kinomoto. Sakura pushed a bit of hair out of her face. "Uhm, yes, please tell Syaoran that I am out. Thank you."

"Very well." He disappeared, and when he returned he didn't have the phone with him.

"Miss Sakura? Perhaps you should take a rest, you have been swimming for over an hour now, and the doctor said you should take it easy."

"Oh, I'm feeling fine, Charles, I only have another couple of laps to go anyway."

"As you wish. But I do have other news for you. Master Kinomoto is back in town, I will be leaving to pick him up at the airport in about an hour. He is scheduled for a dinner tonight with a business associate. Your presence has been requested. It is a formal dinner, and your Master Kinomoto requested that you pick out a nice dress that will." Charles paused. "…That will show you to your best advantage."

Sakura raised her eyebrows. She half wondered what her father had actually said but decided she didn't want to know. "Very well, thank you Charles. I will go and pick out a dress after I'm done swimming."

"Will you need a ride?" Charles asked.

Sakura's new car wasn't done with its modifications yet. Her father had muttered something about her never driving again, but Sakura had a credit card and he never looked at the bill, and she was sure he wouldn't notice… he hadn't noticed the last two anyway. "No thank you Charles, I think I will take my bike."

Charles gave her a look, but didn't say anything. "Please be back here and ready at 7 o'clock."

Sakura nodded, gave a small smile, and glided off into the water.

Charles turned on his heel and walked out of the pool room. He didn't trust what Fujitaka had planned.

- - - - -

Sakura smiled at the sales clerk, even though she was really, really feeling the need to punch her in the face. "Please have this delivered by 5:30 this evening, sharp." Sakura said, with a pained smile. She was not in a good mood. She had just spent the last hour with a snooty sales assistant who was picking out the most absurd clothing. After eyeing Sakura's faded jeans and leather jacket, she casually asked her name. Little did she know that the artfully torn jeans were designer and her cycle jacket probably cost more than anything in the store. Not to mention the $180,000+ crotch rocket she had parked outside. Sakura forced a smile, and after dropping her last name, the lady was only too happy to help.

"I will see to it myself. Have a nice evening Miss Kinomoto." The saleslady said with an overly bright smile.

Sakura returned a smile that was equally bright and about as meaningful and headed out the door. She enjoyed shopping, but not when she had to deal with the ladies who worked in the overpriced, exclusive boutiques that she shopped at.

Sakura shook her head, putting that particular experience behind her. It was only 3; she had plenty of time for a quick ride. She didn't get to ride her bike nearly enough. She zipped up leather jacket, and settled her black helmet on her head. Tomoyo had painted a small fairy on back and a matching one along the side of the gas tank on her black bike. Sakura frowned slightly. Tomoyo was with her father on his business trip. She hadn't even had a chance to talk to her since that night her father was shot. But she wouldn't think about it and she wouldn't jump to conclusions.

Instead, Sakura grinned, straddled her bike, popped the clutch, and was off, executing a perfect 20 foot catwalk with ease. She sped along the streets through the city, winding in and out of traffic. She just wished she had someone to race.

- - - - -

"ERIOL, IF YOU DON'T DRIVE LEGALLY I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Meiling screamed from the back seat. Eriol just stuck his tongue out in concentration as he e-breaked around a corner. Syaoran just laughed as he was thrown towards Eriol and then into the window.

They had decided to go out for pizza to try and get Syaoran to stop making death threats about Fujitaka Kinomoto, and for some crazy reason, Eriol was driving. He shifted gears again in his brand new dark blue Ferrari Scaglietti. "Meiling, I'm just trying to show you the unbridled power of this car. It truly is a work of art."

"I'll show you the unbridled power of my foot in your balls if you don't slow the fuck down." Meiling mumbled as she tried to brace herself in the back seat. Eriol abruptly slammed on his breaks and Meiling was thrown forward. "Oh thank God." She said with her hand over her mouth.

"Red light!" Eriol said cheerfully. Meiling just groaned. "Damn." He said, peering out his heavily tinted window. "Check that out." Eriol said nodding towards a sleek black bike that had just pulled up next to him.

Sakura pulled up next to a dark blue Ferrari. She nodded with appreciation, half wishing she could see through the dark window tinting to see who was driving. She hadn't seen that particular car around before.

"Dude, did that guy just give me the racing nod?" Eriol asked indignantly.

"Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't dare." Syaoran grinned sarcastically.

"Sweet Jesus." Meiling whimpered, leaning back in her seat.

Eriol revved his engine, and the biker glanced over.

Sakura grinned beneath her dark visor. Wonderful. She revved her engine and waited.

The light turned green and tires squealed. Sakura popped her clutch again. Nothing wrong with a little showman ship she thought, smiling. The Ferrari kept pace with her as they snaked through the city traffic. There was a T in the road up ahead and Sakura motioned right.

Meiling was praying in the back seat and Syaoran was laughing so hard he could hardly breathe. Eriol had a small smirk on his face. "He wants to go right." Eriol announced, seeing the biker motioning. "He'd better move out of my way when I skid around." He said.

In perfect unison the pair sped around the corner, neck in neck. But then. Sirens.

Shit. Eriol muttered as he slowed down at the stop light ahead. There were too many cars in front of him to run the light. The biker wouldn't have that problem; he could just wave through the traffic.

Sakura heard the sharp wail of a siren behind her as she pulled up behind the parked cars. That Ferrari was screwed. Which was too bad. That guy was a good racer and they would probably impound that nice car. Unless… Sakura put a foot on the ground, held her front break down and gunned it, doing a perfect 180 pivot on her front tire. She saluted the Ferrari and squealed off in a cloud of burning rubber towards the cop car. She sped head on towards the car on the wrong side of the road. "Let's test this copper's balls." She thought with an amused smile. She started humming the James Bond theme song when she got close enough to see the cop's terrified face. Then she slammed on her front break skidding to a stop on her front tire right next to the cop's window. She started at the cop from less than a foot away and blew him a kiss. She wiggled her finger in a wave and gunned it, skidding circles around his car. She giggled as he struggled to maneuver his car around in the traffic. "Come on, a little bit more… A little bit more…" Sakura muttered between giggles. The cop's 3 point turn was an 8 point turn by the time he was turned around. Sakura sped off the way she had come as the light changed behind her, allowing the Ferrari to get away without pursuit. Now she just had to deal with the cop that was behind her. Not a biggy. She allowed the cop to follow her for a couple of miles to make sure that the Ferrari got away and then she skidded to a top and made a half pivot turn down an alley. The cop was history in a matter of seconds. Now to go home and do her hair for dinner.

- - - - -

"Damn, that was close!" Eriol said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

"I could have gotten out of it." Syaoran said with an arrogant smirk.

"Yeah, but we all know you practically have gasoline for blood, so that isn't fair."

Meiling was craning her neck behind her. "Did that guy just blow the cop a kiss?" she asked.

"What a fag." Syaoran said. "Hey Eriol, maybe you should go find him, I think you'll make a great couple."

Eriol laughed and punched Syaoran lightly on the shoulder. "At least I'm not obsessed with the daughter of the biggest dick in the world." Eriol said. Syaoran frowned and he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

Eriol's smile faded. "Syao, stop checking your phone. If she calls, you'll hear it. And there really isn't anything you can do for Sakura. Her father is a political giant, what are you going to do? Slug him in the face and go to jail for the next 80 years?"

Syaoran shot him a glare but didn't say anything as he checked his phone for any missed calls. There were none. "Can you drop me off at my house, Eriol?"

Eriol was about to say something rude, but he decided against it. That boy was too worried about Sakura. "Yeah, sure man." Eriol said and headed back towards his house.

- - - - -

Sakura stood in front of her mirror in a fuzzy pink bath robe. She frowned at her reflection. She had no figure whatsoever, she thought with a frown. Sighing, she began twisting her hair back into an elegant bun. She curled two small pieces of hair into spiral curls around her face and headed back into her bedroom for the dress she had bought earlier that day. It was a silk chartreuse dress that wrapped around and tied with a thick pale pink bow just under her breasts. The bow trailed down her back and was even with the short hem line. The green complimented her eyes and the pink brought out the color in her cheeks. She looked delicate and pretty much hated it… She absently wondered if Syaoran would like it but then mentally slapped herself. That boy would like anything with boobs, she thought with disgust… but still. She looked down at her arms and frowned at the scar that was just now healing over. She headed back into her bathroom and dabbed foundation on it, covering it surprisingly well. She finished the rest of her makeup and grabbed a pair of gold earrings out of her jewelry box. She slid a thick gold bracelet around her wrist and fished through the box again for a necklace. She hesitated when she grabbed a thin gold locket. Her father hated when she wore it. It had her mother's picture in it and she had given it to her right before she had died. It would almost be worth it, but she didn't want her dad any angrier… She grabbed a gold necklace that had several strands hanging in descending lengths and fastened it around her neck then padded into her closet to find shoes. She found a pair of pale pink suede heels that matched her sash perfectly. Slipping them on she took a final, unsatisfied glance in the mirror and headed downstairs to meet up with her father.

Fujitaka glanced at Sakura as she descended the stairs. He lowered his eyes. "I thought I told you to tell her to show off her tits." He said, shooting a glare at Charles who was standing by the door. He growled. "Well it's too late now; we'll just have to get him drunk first." Fujitaka said motioning for Charles to open the door. He stalked out to the car in his black suit and didn't give Sakura another look.

- - - - -

"What do you mean I need to be calmed down, father?" Syaoran asked through gritted teeth.

"I'm not a fool Syaoran. I know all about your little racing adventures." Syaoran's father, Ryo Li said. He was standing in the Li Mansion foyer in a suit about to leave. (A/n: apparently that name means "excellent." That said; I pulled it out of my ass, or rather pulled it randomly from a list of male Japanese names from a website... Although I think he is supposed to be Chinese… ugh, w/e. Furthermore, I know that the family name is supposed to come first, but I haven't been doing it, so I'm just trying to stay consistent.)

Syaoran had had the unfortunate luck of running into him as Eriol dropped him off. He didn't say anything; he just glared at his father.

"At any rate," Ryo continued, "by the time the night is through, I should have a business arrangement settled that will insure that you settle down. Now you run along, daddy has important business to attend to." Ryo said with a condescending smirk. He spun on his heel and marched out the door and into his waiting limo.

Syaoran ran a hand through his messy brown hair. That prick was up to something; he was entirely too pleased with himself. Syaoran clenched his hands into fists and headed the back way to the garage. He needed to go for a drive. As he headed surveyed the garage, trying to decided on what he wanted to drive, his cell rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw an unfamiliar number. "Yeah?" he said a fluttering in his stomach. Maybe it was Sakura.

"Hey, just wanted to offer my congrats, I heard the news." It was a familiar male voice, but he couldn't place it.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Syaoran growled, clutching the phone tighter. Very few people had his cell number for a damn good reason; he hated most people.

The voice on the other end of the line laughed. "I wouldn't worry about it. If it doesn't work out, don't worry, I'll be taking care of her within a week anyway."

Syaoran recognized the voice and his blood ran cold. He could only be talking about Sakura. "Dave, don't you fucking touch her and don't you ever fucking call me again or so help me I will find a fucking cliff and send you and your little rice rocket over it."

Dave just laughed. "Whatever you say chief. And remember, you have my best wishes." He hung up the phone, still laughing. "Good job, Carl." Dave said to the rat faced man who was standing next to him giggling. He kept laughing. "Shut up." Dave growled. Carl shut up. Not even dealing with the little wannabe gangster was enough to piss Dave off tonight. Besides, he was the one who was getting Dave his information. Dave smiled an evil smile. He would get his revenge on everybody soon enough. This latest development had just made his plans all the easier.

- - - - -

Sakura picked uncomfortably at her Ceaser salad. She was sitting in an expensive restaurant with her father and a Mr. Ryo Li, who was some big shot politician and (big surprise), her father's friend. They kept making comments about her and she was getting a little worried. The more they drank, the more Li stared at Sakura. Well, the more he stared down Sakura's dress. She cleared her throat. "If you'll excuse me for a moment." She began, setting her napkin on the table and standing up.

Fujitaka glared at her. "Sit down." She sat down and he turned back towards Li. "So do we have a deal?" he asked, nodding in Sakura's direction.

Li leered at Sakura. "I think this arrangement will work nicely." He said, slurring his words. For some reason he thought that was extremely witty.

Fujitaka grinned and pulled a cigar out of a round gold tube he had removed from his pocket. He also removed a matching clipper and lighter. As he lit it, Li removed the same from his jacket. They grinned and shook hands. "We'll go over the details tomorrow." Li said, talking around his thick, foul smelling cigar.

"Indeed, a pleasure doing business with you." Fujitaka said. "Come, Sakura." He said, standing up and walking away without even turning to Sakura.

Sakura followed her father back to the waiting limo, fear fluttering in her stomach. She waited for Charles to shut her door before she turned to her father. "May I… may I ask what your business arrangement with Mr. Li is?"

Fujitaka glared at Sakura and blew a wave of thick cigar smoke on Sakura's face. "Suffice it to say you will be a Li soon, and you will no longer be my problem." He said, leaning back in his seat. "Now go sit up in front, I don't want to be next to you right now."

Sakura unfroze. She moved in a haze towards the front of the limo. She would be a Li. She was getting married. To that.

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