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She stood there, visible against the soft green of the forest in her bright red and purple gold-trimmed attire. She subconsciously reached up to touch the hitai-ate around her neck with her right hand while firmly grasping the trunk of the tree she was standing in. as she looked at the peaceful village that had been fittingly dubbed –The Hidden Leaf- she felt her stomach turn and her chest flutter as the all too familiar feeling of nervousness slink upon her.

'It's been so long...He's here...I know he is...'

She gazed at the, once beautiful, village. Not much had changed, except her opinion of the Hidden Leaf. She knew she would not be welcome by most. The way she left was most unpleasant. She stayed connected with the leaf, by messenger only, to gather information on missions. Though, none of which had lead her anywhere near the s-class criminals she wanted.

She was a hunter-nin, and a good one. Carried out her missions flawlessly. However, they were, in her eyes, a waste of time. She had, for years, searched out the infamous group, Akatsuki, to settle a score. All attempts were hopeless. She cut her goals short though, when she heard that Orochimaru was in the Hidden Leaf area. That was an opportunity she just couldn't pass up. Taking one last glance from afar, she created a hand seal and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

She reappeared at the entrance to the village. She had no trouble getting in, considering the Chuunin exams were starting in about a week and that she was still in fact a citizen. (Much to her discomfort.) It wasn't the village that bothered her per say, but the people...they were a completely different story.

Some of them were all right. Not many though. They had a bad judgmental problem. She swore before she took the mission to Sandaime-sama and Kami- sama himself that if she witnessed any of that behavior she would gladly let Orochimaru maintain his life and discontinue the mission completely. They could let someone else deal with it. It was a good opportunity, but it wasn't worth any of that.

'Maybe I won't have to see them.'

'It's been so long I doubt they'd remember me anyway.'

She tried to reason with herself, but the instant she walked through the gates, she knew she'd spoken too soon. She closed her eyes, ignoring the whispers, and walked with silent anger up the street. Silent, that is, until she saw him. She gasped suddenly and her crimson eyes widened. They widened even more when she saw the Jounin he was with. There was no way.

'I-I can't do this.'

'I can't go back.'

'It...it's been too long.'

'There's no way I can face them.'

She began to turn her back when she heard it.

A certain Kyuubi and his sensei were walking towards the Ichiraku Noodle Bar. Naruto had been especially loud that morning and Kakashi had promised he would treat him to ramen if he went the rest of the day in silence. Sure enough, it shut him up. Not even provocation from Sasuke could sway him. Sure there was an occasional glare, but that was about it.

So off they were. It was when they were all the way across the street that Kakashi decided it was a good time to ram his head straight into a pole. Just before, he had been glancing down the street. He then did a double take as he caught sight of a turning figure that looked way, way too familiar.

'It couldn't be...Uek-' BANG!!

"Are you all right? What's wrong Kakashi-sensei?" her breath caught in her lungs. Had he spotted her? There was no way she was going to turn around and find out. That would be too much. She ducked into a nearby shop still within earshot. A deep voice answered both of their questions.

"Nothing. I thought I just saw...n-never mind." The silver-haired Jounin blinked a few times before turning back to his student who held a look of genuine concern. After all, the mans head was almost knocked clean off while looking in one direction and walking in another.

'He did see me...'

Now he'd most probably be looking for her the entire day. Who knows? Maybe she'd get lucky and they'd blame it on the concussion he was sure to have. She'd just have to wait it out.

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