Going Down

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Completely To Die For


"One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."

-Josef Stalin


I can't believe Richard broke my watch…

He sat on the floor. Balled up in the corner he had taken refuge in. The small room was filled with seven people. All adults not counting him; the supposed child on the floor.

Three of them were young females. All blossoming in the newfound beauty of their late twenties. So to the boy, they were adults. The men were different. One was old- but not so old that it was unusual to see him about. The two others were in midlife. The last was his age. Or the age he was- before.

Before his name changed to Edogawa Conan.

He was a full blown detective at eight. One of the best there could be- in secret at least. He used to be called Jimmy.  But even if he was a high schooler again, Conan doubted there would be little he could do to stop this.

They were trapped in this little box, several stories up. Conan knew by who. But not just because he was a detective. Everyone in the elevator knew too. That's why everyone was scared.

The whole of this elevator lay siege to one man. And he couldn't bare to think that that man might just get away with it.

They were all about to be victims in a murder.

Conan watched, helplessly, as the people around him prayed, cried, and used each other for comfort. He watched the lone man in the opposite corner, fidgeting with his brief case. Conan watched- and began to shake.

Is this what people feel like when they know they are about to die?

He fought back the tears that burned in his eyes. Conan was still Jimmy in soul. Still old enough to know, men didn't cry. He had better things to do then cry anyway. He had to leave clues for Richard- so the moron could figure out what happened.

Otherwise, it would have all been in vain.

His thoughts were disrupted by a shrill shriek.

Conan grabbed the wall- expecting that it had already begun. But he had mistook the sound for being inhuman. In fact it was just one of the women. She had broken down into a hysterical fit. Her companion was trying to calm her with little success.

Conan and the rest of them watched, indifferently. She was shrieking things that she'd be leaving behind. Her husband. Her life. Her family.

He cringed and looked away. It wasn't long until someone slapped her. Conan was glad for the silence.

I guess I should say my final goodbyes to. Heh. So weird- I didn't really think- it'd be possible for me…

"Rachel." Conan smiled softly, "I'm glad you followed- that Richard kept you busy so that- so that you weren't with me."

He removed his glasses- staring at the face reflected in it's lenses. He would never be Kudo again.

Conan let out a small grunt as he hurled his large frames into the floor. They shattered at impact- leaving him squatting by a glittering pattern of shards. Heads turned- but they did nothing.

The boy grabbed the sharpest and largest he could find. Then he dug into his palm- one single symbol.

Blood slipped down in small streams from his self inflicted wound. He could take the pain- it was important that they know.

He dropped the shard and admired his work. It had to be clear enough to read.

Well Richard. I can't spell it out to you any better.

The man with the brief case was smiling.

"Alright." Conan whispered, "I'm counting on you, Richard… Rachel. Don't screw this up."

Prove me wrong, Richard. Find out who did this to us.

There was a silence as the people in the elevator groped the walls.

The elevator lurched- and then fell.

To Be Continued…

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