I had entirely too much time on my hands. This was the outcome. I used a line from The Emperor's New Groove. And, count then, there are only 100 words (of the actual fic, mind you). So, enjoy and please don't forget to review.



Rogue put her hands on her hips. "Kurt? What the hell are you doin'?"

"I'm a swingin' llama!!" He hung with his tail around the chandelier.

Sam came from the kitchen. "Rogue, Logan says all th' beer's gone," He looked at Kurt in disbelief. Rogue sighed. She realized this had led to a VERY drunk Kurt.

There was a crash. "Was that me? Now I feel really bad, bad llama!"

"Oh yeah, he's drunk," Rogue smacked her forehead.

Kitty ran into the hall. "What happened? What are you doin' up there, Kurt?"

"He's a swinging lama, can't you tell?"


Sorry for the choppiness, but it comes with the territory of 100 worders. I don't X-Men:Evo or any of the characters. Also not owning the movie. So, the only thing left is the reviewing, no? ; )