Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, but the imagery and thought process are mine. A/N: Harry's thoughts before he dies.

The explosion didn't necessarily kill me, just paralyzed the bottom half of my body. The meteor split in two, and I was on one of the halves, don't know which.

So I'm leaning against this rock, propped up just enough to see Earth. She's so beautiful from here, four hundred miles away. The greens and blues and browns and whites swirl together down there, like a cauldron of life. Up here, there's only death. Stakes of jagged rock, black against the sky. And the wind tugs at my suit, and rocks fly in front of my vision, and all I can think of is Grace. My Gracie. I think of lazy summer days when she was little, and I would push her on the swing for hours, think of cool ocean nights spent sitting with my legs dangling over the side of the rig, staring into the stars with Gracie right there next to me, sipping soda, talking about stuff like life, and why we're here.

She was a deep girl, you know that? Always thinking. I think that's why she saw the good in AJ before I did. He better take care of her. That's pretty much all I think about, is Gracie. And for a minute I'm fucking pissed at myself. What about the guys? What about mom? Why am I not crying for them? And then I know why. Everything down there will be fine, because I'm going to die. No one's going to get hurt. And that makes me feel like a goddamned kid in a candy store.

I look around me as best I can, take in the sight that's both stunning and horrifying, the green, purple and blue of the cosmic dust floating like stars around my half of the rock. No...not stars. Pyreflies.

My mom told me about pyreflies. Said they come to take the good souls and bring them to heaven, put them to rest. They make no sound, only bring the comfort of a warm ethereal light, and they come in all colors.

That isn't cosmic dust. It's pyreflies. They've come to take me to heaven.

For about three minutes, everyone I've ever met in my life pops up in my head, one at a time, super fast, like Speedy Gonzales or something. My mom's there, my dad, my relatives. Bear. All the rest of the guys. Numerous people.

And then, there's a big white wedding, and it's Grace and AJ up there, my crew in the left side seats, the family on the right. And it's the wedding Gracie always told me about, outdoors with lots of flowers. I'd always been terrified as she talked about it. She was only eight, telling me all this. "Harry, I want this for my wedding, I want that." Sweet kid.

Suddenly, a rock hits the side of my mask, cracks it, embeds itself into my cheek. I cry out in pain, but everything kind of slips away. All I can see are the pyreflies, flitting around, as the air escapes my mask, and the cold wind of the space rock comes in through the hole. Tears stream down my cheeks as my thoughts jump from pyreflies to Grace, Grace's smile, Grace's hair.

"I love you, Gracie." I whisper into the emptiness.

And then my vision is gone, like my breath is gone, and colors fill my eyes.