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It had been two long months since peace was restored on the Black Pearl. The eccentric, yet impressive captain of the beautiful ship, Captain Jack Sparrow, was healing remarkably from his wound from his previous adventure. His daughter, Millie, a developing young woman of fifteen, was also almost completely healed from her injuries and had begun to forget the tragic times that she had spent locked in the brig of the Red Flame. Will Turner, one of Jack's crew and friend of two years, was deep in continuing his relationship with Millie, of course to Jack's dislike. And so we have a brief summary of the couple months since we left the Pearl…Now we continue on with the tales of Jack and Millie Sparrow, Will Turner, and a few new characters…

Captain Jack Sparrow spun the helm round as the Black Pearl sailed gracefully through the open waters of the Caribbean. It was a peaceful afternoon, and the sea was calmer than it had been in many days. The summer sun was fading as autumn crept up slowly. The days weren't getting that cold, as days and nights in the Caribbean were always remotely warm no matter what the season. However, soon the days would be shorter, leaving more moonlight and less of the scorching sun. Jack breathed in the calm air, thinking of the past few months and how much that they had changed his life.

The wound in his chest had not completely healed, and every time it seared in pain he breathed through it, knowing that any injury was worth getting a taste of revenge and protecting his daughter, Millie. Jack saw Captain Leonard Davies' face in his mind and Jack shook his head in disgust. He had murdered the brute, but his face still haunted his thoughts. Jack kept his thoughts of Davies to himself because he didn't want to mention him in case Millie had already forgotten of the treacherous man.

In fact, Millie had cleared her past from her mind for the most part, and she had both Jack and Will to thank for that. Spending her days sword-fighting with Will on the deck of the Pearl and talking with him until the wee hours of the night distracted her from remembering her times on the Red Flame.

Her and Jack had grown so close in those two months aboard the Pearl as they had no more haunted tales from their pasts to corrupt their minds. Instead, they talked of happier times in their pasts. Millie often talked about her life on Tortuga, and all of the run-ins she had with fearsome pirates, and how she had gotten into many fights with them. Jack always laughed at Millie's stories of her victorious brawls, but he was thankful that she had grown out of her vicious stage of beating up men three times her age.

However, he was not thankful for how she was actually growing up. She was becoming more of a woman everyday, and quite a beautiful woman at that. When he had first met Millie he looked at her and saw a skinny, little pipsqueak, and he was surprised to see her looking much older in a short few months. But one thing that Jack hated more than anything else was the attraction between Will and Millie. They fell for each other gradually, but now that it had happened, Jack never wanted to see them together. Deep in his heart he did understand that Millie was old enough to make her own decisions and that Will was a good man, stupid sometimes, but a good man all the same, and that they were a nice couple. However, Jack did not want to see the one that he loved more than anything, even more than the Black Pearl and rum, be loved by another.

'Come to think of it…' Jack thought as he stood at the helm, 'Will an' Millie 'ave been in 'er cabin a bit too long…'

Thinking the absolute worst he ran drunkenly down the steps to the deck and dashed to Millie's cabin, his black dreadlocks whipping at his chin, and his red bandana nearly falling off as he finally reached the door to Millie's cabin. He took a deep breath to appear calm and uninterested in Millie and Will's doings, and lifted his knuckle a bit away from the wooden door to knock. As his knuckle was about to hit the wood, he heard Millie's voice from inside the cabin, and he stopped his movement.

"Yeh can do better than that, Turner," Millie said, straining.

"I'm trying!" Will groaned.

"C'mon! Push!" she cried as sweat developed on her brow.

"Wha' in the Hell…?" Jack thought out loud and thrust open the door, expecting to see the two having a little bit of fun in her bed. He brought his hand to cover his eyes as the door burst open.

"GET OUT!" Jack yelled.

Millie and Will looked at each other in confusion, then burst into laughter. Jack peaked his kohl-lined eyes through his hand, and laid his eyes upon Will and Millie trying their best to push Millie's bed up against the wall. He brought his hand down slowly from his face, feeling his cheeks turn apple red. But, Jack Sparrow doesn't get embarrassed…of course not! He smiled widely, showing off his few golden teeth, and clapped his hands together in apology.

"So sorry to interrupt," he said quietly, still smiling.

"Ello Jack," Millie said through a muffled laughter. Millie and Will gave the bed one final push against the wooden wall of the ship, right below the small porthole that revealed the beautiful sea and calm waves. They both turned to Jack, smiling.

"The bed is a bit heavy," Will said.

"Ah," Jack replied, and tried to search for a reason for bombarding them in her room, other than trying to disrupt whatever they were doing.

"Well," Jack said slowly as he looked around the room, as if searching for the answer in the room. His eyes landed on a small carving of a turtle that was sitting on the top of Millie's nightstand. "TORTUGA!" he yelled loudly, causing Millie and Will to jump in their places. "We be goin' ta' Tortuga!" he said quietly, but still with enthusiasm.

"Why?" Will asked with a raised eyebrow.

Millie wasn't sure how she felt about going back to where so many memories of her mother would flood her mind.

"Erm…" Jack thought for a moment. "RUM!" he yelled again extremely loudly yet again. "All the rum's gone!"

"Why?" Millie asked.

"Why is the rum gone?" Jack repeated, "I'm not entirely sure. But we need to be stackin' up on rum an'…uh…food, so we'll be comin' in to Tortuga by tomorrow."

"Fair enuf'," Millie replied and flopped down onto her bed dramatically. "The room seems much bigger now, don't it? Now that the bed's moved?"

"Oh…yes…incredibly…" Jack said sarcastically under his breath.

"What was that, Jack?" Will asked, smirking.

"Nothin'…nothin' at all," he said innocently and walked out of the cabin, cursing himself in his mind for intruding in on them for nothing. However, he earned himself a trip to Tortuga to load up on all the rum possible, and smiled to himself as he approached the helm.

Will turned his head and looked down at Millie who was lying on her bed with her eyes closed, her straight, dark brown hair laying perfectly on the white pillow. Her round, olive-skinned face looked so peaceful as her chest rose and fell with every breath. Suddenly, her light, brown eyes shot open and set their sights on Will, who was staring down at her, mesmerized.

"You goin' ta' jus' watch me sleep?" Millie asked with a laugh.

"Sorry," he said awkwardly as a smile crossed his face and started for the door, "I was just leaving."

"Don't leave!" she said a loudly and desperately as she sat up in bed, immediately regretting how pathetic she sounded. Will spun around and looked at her once more. She looked down to the floor in embarrassment. But, Millie Sparrow (she thought it sounded so strange, though she liked it), doesn't get embarrassed…of course not! She looked back to Will who closed the cabin door quietly and sat down next to Millie. He put his hand over hers, and they both inched their heads closer. Their lips pressed together and they kissed passionately. Will stroked his hand across Millie's cheek, then rested his hand on her neck.

He pulled the belt tighter around her throat. She was gasping for air. He reached across the brig for his belt and pulled out his cutlass. He pressed it towards her arm.

Abruptly, Millie pulled away and felt her neck with her hand. Will jumped back in confusion, his hand leaving her throat. He hadn't been pressing hard at all, had he? Millie's breathing was strained, and Will didn't know what to do. She peeled away the large sleeve on her left arm, revealing a long scar. She felt the blade piercing her skin as if Davies was dragging his cutlass across her arm at that very moment.

"It hurts…" she whispered, then cried out loudly in pain.

"Millie, what's wrong?" he asked worriedly, and reached his arm out to help. He set his hand on her knee, but she flinched back. "Millie…" he said hopelessly. He took three long steps across the small cabin to the door and flung it open. He stuck his head out of the doorway towards Jack at the helm.

"JACK!" he screamed. Jack looked down towards the door of Millie's cabin and saw Will's head peaking out. "SOMETHING'S HAPPENING TO MILLIE!" Jack skipped every step on the stairs to the helm by jumping to the deck and bolted to Millie's cabin, praying that she was all right.