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Millie sank deeper and deeper into the seemingly endless oblivion of the deep sea. The sensation of the water on her browned skin and the salt stinging her lips was the most refreshing feeling of all on earth. The thousands of problems swirling through her mind seemed to be washing away with the waves as she closed her eyes and sank farther into what appeared to be a bottomless sea.

After what seemed like an eternity, Millie felt her boots touch some of the scattered rocks along the bottom of the ocean. She opened her eyes and gazed up towards the sky. The sunlight pouring onto the waves caused a bluish glow underneath the waters, giving Millie a serene feeling. She felt as if she could leave the earth, and no one would care. Her lungs felt as if they were on fire and screaming for air, but Millie stayed at the bottom of the sea, still looking towards eerie light above. However, as her eyes began to shut, the face of her father flooded her mind, and she immediately pushed off from the rocky bottom. It was just knowing that Jack was still going to be there when she would have been gone gave her the strength to still live.

She kicked with all of her might to the surface. How she wanted to breathe, but there were still several meters to swim until she reached her destination. Millie felt like she was choking, and then the chilling laugh of Davies echoed in her ears. She could feel the thick belt tightening around her neck. She begged for air.

Five more meters.

She reached her arms up to the sky, yet it was so out of reach.

Two more meters.

She could not feel her heart beat beneath her chest…had she died?

One more meter.

One more kick.

One more reach up to the sky.

Air had never been such a beautiful thing. As she breathed in, Millie felt as if it was the first breath she had taken after an eternity of waiting. With the sun shining down onto the gorgeous water, causing such a lovely sight, Millie thought of how could she have honestly even thought about given up on living when she had such a life ahead of her. Thinking herself an idiot as she was treading water, she took another refreshing breath, filling her lungs with the sweet taste of air. She blinked her eyes several times, trying to clear out the stinging salt.

As her eyes came into focus, she began to swim towards the small cliff that she had jumped off of. She had drifted quite a ways out to sea, but it was nevertheless a short swim. However, a young man who Millie had not seen before, was now sitting on the rock on which she had so recently dived off of.

"A few more minutes an' I was surely goin' ta' jump in after you," said the man, with dirty and matted hair, which could have once been curly and blonde if he bathed.

Millie tried to speak, but ended up coughing up a bit of water as she swam closer to shore. "Greatly appreciated, sir," she said sarcastically, "but I believe I know how ta' swim."

"Which is why you nearly drowned," he smirked, revealing perfect, white teeth and two dimples on his rosy cheeks.

"I din't nearly drown!" Millie retorted angrily, yet with a hint of playfulness. She reached the shore and began to climb up the small cliff, her heavy, leather boots that were filled with gallons of water, weighing her down tremendously. "I was jus' enjoyin' a mornin' swim," she continued as she clung onto the jagged rocks sticking out of the side of the cliff.

The young pirate maneuvered her way up the side of the hill. Millie compared climbing up cliffs, or buildings, or anything, with scurrying up the rigging of ships. She often did that for fun when she was a small child. Sneaking onto docked ships in Tortuga's harbor and racing against herself, or racing against the time when the pirates of the certain ship returned or caught her trespassing, was one of Millie's favorite pastimes as a child in the pirate town. Millie owed all of her strength to the hours she spent climbing to the crow's nest with all the strength and speed she could muster. She didn't even regret ever getting caught and scolded, then thrown off the ship when she was found in the crow's nest by the crews of the ships.

When Millie had finally made it up to flat land, the young man's tattooed hand with many intricate designs and interesting symbols, was directly in front of her face.

"Need a lil' help?" the young man asked, but his tone sounded too sweet for comfort.

Ignoring his callused hand, Millie pulled herself up onto to the shore without any help from the mysterious man. She gave a harsh look to the man whom she had no desire to speak with, and turned on her heel towards the forest. The sandy dirt stuck to her wet breeches as she walked into woods, and her boots felt abnormally uncomfortable, and it was not just because they were filled with water.

All that she wanted to do was go back to the ship, try to convince Jack not to take Roselyn onto the Black Pearl before she had wooed him with all her incredible wooing capabilities, and at the current moment, this strange man was not her top priority.

"Scuse me!" the man called after her, his voice low and anxious.

"What do yeh' want?" Millie asked, annoyed. The young man popped up in front of her, causing her to stop in her tracks abruptly.

"A name," he said simply.

"Howard," she said monotonously.

"Your name."

"Oh, that's too bad…" she said slyly with her arms folded triumphantly, "you've already gone oe'r the limit of your one request fer the day."

"Ah! A clever one!" he exclaimed somewhat joyously before Millie rolled her eyes and stalked around him. "Cleverness is an important trait in a pirate. Slyness…sarcasm…all beautiful things," he went on slowly, though he walked quickly after her. Suddenly, Millie spun around, a stern look about her face.

"Look," she demanded angrily, "I understand that yer obviously in much need of a lady friend at the moment," she said as she scanned him up and down, noting on his somewhat disgruntled appearance, "But I can tell yeh right now, sir, I'm of no desire ta' speak with a scallywag such as yer'self."

"I appreciate yer concern for my well-being, Howard, I honestly do, but I thought maybe since I saved yer life, that maybe you'd think to thank me," he said with a strong sense of sarcasm.

"Saved my life? Ha!" she scoffed and began walking off again, her arms still crossed across her chest. "You sat on a rock while I was clearly drownin'! I would hardly consider that ta' be rescuing me from any kind a' danger!"

"Drowning?" the man asked suspiciously, crossing his arms similarly to Millie across his bony and tattooed chest. "And I thought yeh said yeh were enjoyin' an early mornin' swim!"

Millie spun around once more, her dark hair whipping at her chin. She was aghast at how this man was challenging her so! His sarcasm was equal to hers, if not cleverer, which made her infuriated. Her cheeks hot, and her whole body dripping with water, she stormed back over to the man standing there proudly, a grin of satisfaction across his face.

"Why are yeh followin' me?" Millie asked furiously, unsheathing her sword.

"No need for the blade, miss," the man said nonchalantly, stuffing his hands into his dark blue overcoat that appeared to have once belonged to a Navy officer.

Millie wondered why he had not unsheathed his sword after seeing her do so. Was he really not threatened by a crazy, young pirate with a sharpened sword and a strong dislike for sarcastic blokes who challenged her back at her own game?

"I wasn't followin' yeh," the man said honestly, letting his long, lanky arms sway at his sides. "I come to that rock every godforsaken day and look out at the godforsaken ocean thinkin' about my godforsaken life as a pirate without no ship, no crew, and no godforsaken rum."

Millie cracked a smile, but immediately hid it. For some reason, the young bloke had such a sarcastic humor that she felt only she could understand, since hers was so similar, yet she did not want that to show.

"Well, do yeh have a godforsaken name?" Millie asked as she gradually sheathed her sword, still trying to keep a tone of hatred in her voice so that he would not think her a prissy girl.

"Jonah James Ratchett," he replied with a smile, "And what do yeh prefer ta' go by if not Howard?"

"Millie," she said, then remembered happily, "Sparrow. Millie Sparrow... Millicent Sparrow…but thas' my full name. Since yeh had said yer whole name I thought maybe I should as well but…" she trailed off and bit her lip, realizing she was talking too much. She always talked too much when she was embarrassed and she scuffed her boot against the pebbles on the ground.

In her left boot she felt something moving around freely in the side. Suddenly, she remembered the maps that she had stolen from Roselyn's dresser, and frantically ripped off her boot. Jonah wasn't even startled at Millie's sudden movement, but just watched in curiosity and amusement as she shook out her boot, sending several maps to the ground as well as a few gallons of water. Millie bent down and picked up the maps hurriedly, searching for the one with the dotted line ending in the middle of the ocean, which she thought to be the most valuable as it was the largest and most articulately drawn. Unfortunately, as she pulled out the largest one from amongst the pile of soaked and tattered maps the ink had run and was almost impossible to decipher.

"Bloody map…" Millie cursed disappointedly.

"I know a way ta' fix that," Jonah said helpfully.

A spark of hope shone in Millie's eyes at Jonah's words. She shot up immediately, if not spastically, from her crouched position on the ground, but in the process lost footing on all of the water that had been dumped from her boot and fell to the ground, twisting her ankle along the way. She opened her mouth in pain, but it didn't hurt enough to cry out, however, many others would be distressed even at the sight of the twisted foot.

"Graceful," Jonah joked.

"It's one of my valuable pirate traits…cleverness…grace…" she said, then winced as her foot seared in pain. She reached for her ankle, and sighed, knowing that she wouldn't be able to walk. Jonah quirked his head in concern, then knelt down beside her.

"I know a way ta' fix that, as well," Jonah said once again as he examined her foot with his sharp green eyes.

He gathered the scattered maps from the ground and shoved them into Millie's boot, then put her boot in Millie's hands. Despite his thin appearance, Jonah picked up Millie with ease, and with a smile that seemed to say that he would take care of everything. Millie felt another smile come onto her as well, but it vanished as soon as her ankle singed with pain again.

'The oddest start to a day I've e'er 'ad for quite a while,' Millie thought as Jonah ran through the forest, her safe in his arms.

She took another deep breath, the salty air tasting sweet on her tongue, feeling as though she had entered a new chapter of her life ever since she had risen to the surface of the ocean, and breathed what she felt like was the first breath she had taken in years. Even though she was in the arms of a stranger, she still felt free. She felt alive.

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