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"Helplessly melting as I stand next to the sun,
As she burns me, I am screaming out for more,
Drink every drop of liquid heat that I've become,
Pop me open, spoon me out on to the floor.

Leavin' your smell on my coat,
Leavin' your taste on my shoulder,
I still fail to understand,
(Fail to understand)
Leavin' your smell on my coat,
Leavin' your taste on my shoulder,
I still fail to understand what it is about this woman."

- Maroon 5


The blue hedgehog in question looked up from his magazine just in time to see a bubblegum pink and red swirl shadow loom ominiously over him. One feminine hand lashed out, nearly as fast as her 'boyfriend's' namesake, and wrenched his entertainment right out of his hands. His own face, emblazoned on the cover of People's Magazine, smiled back at him, almost leering.


"I've been looking for you all day, mister celebrity," Amy Rose responded scathingly, waving the magazine above his head while Sonic launched himself out of his lawnchair in an attempt to retrieve it. Like a practiced bullfighter she dodged, and the hero of Station Square nearly catapulted into the pool behind her.

"Aww geez," Sonic said, screeching to a halt and whipping around. "What do you want?"

"Have you forgotten already?" Amy Rose huffed, tossing the magazine aside. Sonic zipped after it, suddenly winding up behind her. She turned around, annoyance evident on her face.

"Forgotten what?" Sonic said, more to his own lifelike image on the front of People's then to Amy herself. He flopped back onto his chair, quickly flipping through the pages until he had found his spot again - presumably to an article about himself.

"Why I oughta--"

"Listen, Amy," Sonic said, reaching blindly to the little makeshift table beside him and closing his fingers around a lemonade. He brought the beverage to his lips, the little umbrella settled in it batting him in the eye. He grimaced and flicked it away. "I really don't have time for this, I'm on a very hard-earned vacation and I--"

"YOU STILL OWE ME A DATE AT TWINKLE PARK!" the little pink hedgehog bellowed suddenly, in such a loud voice that surely anyone within a twenty-mile radius could have heard. A dead silence followed the words; even the seagulls at the nearby beach had stopped their insistent sqwacking.

Sonic blinked and went to smooth out his quills, which were still standing on end from the other hedgehog's sudden outburst. At some point in time his reading material had fluttered to the ground, and remained there, momentairly abandoned. "Well, uh, uh, I..."

"You really did forget, didn't you?" Amy said, aghast. Her little form trembled, whether with rage of disbelief, the blue blur was afraid to guess. "Sonic, I can't believe you! How could you forget? You've only been promising me every day since--"

"Oh yeah," Sonic murmured, deliberating not meeting the younger girl's eyes. "I have, haven't I?"

Amy Rose seemed content on just seething for a while, but her love interest's refusal to look at her caused sudden realization to don. "You little cretin!" she snarled, "You were avoiding me on purpose, weren't you?"

"Now, Amy, I--" Sonic started, looking around uneasily. Several people were watching them from the balconies of their hotel rooms, as well as from the lobby and over the fence that seperated the pool from the beach. "Err... I..." he jumped to his feet suddenly, scratching his head. "Hey! I just forgot something.. Tails wanted me to visit him at his Workshop this morning... uhh..." He looked to her hurriedly, feigning a sorry attempt at an apologetic look. "Uhm, sorry, Amy, I hate to leave you hanging but.." his feet revved up as she started to loudly protest, "I GOTTA JET!"

And he was gone.

"Oh, that Sonic!" Amy Rose fumed, glaring down at his face from the magazine he had left in his sudden hurry to get away from her. Her hands that held it were clenched so tight they ached. "He has some nerve, leading me on like that!"

Her outward rage was a way of easily masking how much she was hurting. Ever since Perfect Chaos had been defeated, she had been trying really hard to back down and give Sonic some space. Sure, she had still been around him a great a deal, but she had done her best to keep her obsession at bay. She tried to seem more nonchalant and less demanding, but still leaving subtle hints that she was interested hidden therein. With some time, she had figured, she could gently reel him in, or better yet, have him come to her.

The change had put Sonic at a noticeable ease, and Amy, for a while, had felt a surge of hope. Eventually, she even managed to get him to agree to continue where they left off at Twinkle Park, where their first date had been interrupted by Zero.

Zero, that horrible monster... had actually turned out to be be good for something after all. Taking him apart and freeing birdie, she reminded herself, had been the one element that had sparked this idea of change in the first place.

But now look what that hedgehog had done! Amy Rose had promised herself that she was going to be more independent, but with Sonic's sudden moodswing, she felt just as dependent and as lovesick as she did before. After all this, after all she had tried so hard to accomplish, she was back at square one.

"I swear, the next time I see him, I'm going to..." she crumpled the magazine in her fist, listening to the satsifying crunch of mashed papers. She was just about to toss the mangled bundle into the trashcan when the ice cream parlor caught her eye invitingly.

Ah, nothing soothed a broken heart quite like sweets, after all.

"Why not?" she mumbled to no one in particular. Abandoning her only reference to Sonic as previously intended, she stepped inside. A jingle of chimes signaled her arrival.

"Well hello there Amy!" came the ever-cheerful voice of the shopkeep from behind the counter. "I haven't seen you in a while."

"I've been on a diet," Amy Rose responded as she peered through the looking glass to view the potential ice cream flavors and their enticing combinations. What she said was a bit of a half-truth - true, she had been trying to suceed with a diet, but she had often sneaked in a few chocolates and cookies here and there. She couldn't help herself; they were just too delicious to resist!

"I'd like a cone with one scoop of cookie dough, please," she said, indicating the flavor on the panel as she ordered it. The shopkeeper smiled, made the cone as requested, and handed it to her in exchange for a small fee. She took the cone, said thank you, and walked down to the few tables and booths that littered the parlor, doing her best not to think about Sonic.

The shop was unusually quiet this time in the afternoon. Every table and booth were vacant and sparkling clean, as if they hadn't seen use for several days now. Usually, Amy would have pondered the fact, but her mind was too preoccupied. Well, at least she could have her choice at a window seat...

She glanced around once more, only to realize all the tables weren't completely barren after all. That is, they all were, except one, which was taken by a rather familiar looking individudal..

Knuckles? she wondered curiously, and took a few steps closer to get a better look. Upon closer inspection, she deducted that it really was the brooding echidna, who seemed quite involved at the moment at doing nothing except staring down at some kind of speckled melted concotion.

Amy had never really gotten to know Knuckles very well; she had seen him a few times, maybe exchanged a word or two, and could identify him by name. But other then that, the only thing they shared was a common association. However, even with her limited knowledge, she knew for a fact that he was the Guardian of the Floating Island, and couldn't help but wonder what, percisely, he was doing so far away from his homeland after it had risen back to its former glory in the sky.

Well, she figured with a shrug, I guess I'm about to find out.

"Hi there," she offered a little awkwardly, switching her cone between hands and taking a quick lick. "Mind if I sit?"

The guardian looked up, startled, dropping the spoon he had been stirring in his ice cream cup. "What?" he asked gruffly, and then seeing her arched eyebrow, his features smoothed over. "...Amy?" he asked, finally, fumbling for her name.

"Hi Knuckles," she said, taking another lick. If she didn't eat this thing soon, it was going to melt all over her hand. With that in mind, she took another lap. "Can I sit?"

"Err..." he looked at her blankly, then shook his head. "Oh, yeah, sure."

She giggled a little and sat down across from him. From the little she knew, she knew Knuckles wasn't very talkative. "What's up?"

He stared at her, as if she was speaking in some alien language he was unable to translate. "What?"

"What're you doing so far away from home?" She said, opting for a different start. At least this one was a no-brainer.

"I'm... taking a vacation," Knuckles said, saying the words slowly and percisely, as if pointing out that, yes, she wasn't the only one who thought that was strange.

"Who's handling the situation up north?" she asked, licking away at her cone.

"I've got it covered," Knuckles responded shortly, clearly hiding some secrets.

"Oh," was all Amy said. An uncomfortable silence drifted between them while the pink hedgehog desperately wracked her brain for some kind of topic to get the flow started again.

"So..." she tried again, "where are you staying?"

It took him a moment to conjure up an answer. He was watching her carefully with intent violet eyes, as if looking for some indication of her plotting against him. "The Emerald Coast Hotel," he said slowly, almost painfully. "They're giving me free room and board for.."

"Saving the world?" she offered.

"Having a hand in it," he admitted, allowing a half-smile. It quickly faded back into his suspicious expression. "Listen Amy, I don't mean to be rude, but, what's the deal?"

"Deal?" Amy Rose asked, geniunely startled. A big slop of of a side of her icecream she neglected to lick was sent splashing into her lap. She reached for a napkin in the little dispenser between them.

"Why are you talking to me?" Knuckles asked bluntly.

Amy was torn between wondering whether she should be insulted or confused. "What do you mean?"

"You heard me," Knuckles said, with narrowed eyes now. "What's the deal?"

Amy Rose felt herself get red in the cheeks. "I'm just making conversation!"

Knuckles didn't seem convinced. "With me?" he asked incrediously.

"Yes, with you," Amy snapped, wiping vigoriously at the little wet spot on her favorite red dress. "Is there a problem?"

"Listen, Amy, I don't know what you're trying to pull here," Knuckles said, his own annoyance seeming to grow with his inability to be convinced by simple words alone. "Is Sonic around here or something? Is this his kind of an idea for a joke?"

"Oh come on, Knuckles," Amy said. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! I don't even know where Sonic is."

"Oh," at this, Knuckles visibly relaxed, slumping back into his seat. "Alright then." He spooned some of his soupy ice cream into his mouth. "As you were saying?"

Amy collapsed against her own seat, though the redness that tinged her face did not fade. The arguement was not something she could let roll off of her, especially since it brought her back to Sonic.

Knuckles seemed to only feed the fire. "So," he said with a bit of a wry grin that only aggrivated her, "So no idea where Sonic is, hmm? That's got to be a bit of a first. It seemed to me that you two were attatched at the hip or something. His little pink shadow."

"Are you insinuating I'm a tag-a-long nuisance?" Amy scowled, throwing her balled up napkin down on the table and taking a huge chunk out of her cone with her teeth.

"You said it, not me," Knuckles said casually, with another spoonful sent into that stupid gaping hole of a mouth of his.


"Let me guess. A lover's quarrel?" he seemed highly entertained by the prospect.

I wish, was what she thought, but what came out of her mouth was, "For your information, me and Sonic are inot/i an item."

"But you wish you were," Knuckles said, and for a brief moment, Amy wondered if he could read minds. "Lemme guess; he stood you up?"

"Well, sorta, but--"

"I'm pretty good at this," he complimented out loud, looking amused. Turning his attention back to her, he smirked. "So, Sonic's a flake, and you're angry."

"Yeah, but--"

"No, no, now that've you got me talking, follow my train of thought." Knuckles put one large gloved fist on the table. "Might I suggest... revenge?"

"Revenge?" Amy snorted.

"Tell me if this sounds good," Knuckles said, holding up his hand to keep her quiet. "Picture this: you get a boyfriend other then Sonic. Sonic gets jealous over time. You are seemingly happy with boyfriend. Sonic finally realizes what a moron is and asks to go out with you. You decline, and keep with boyfriend. Sonic proceeds to ask again, and again. Finally, you agree, and ditch former boyfriend to be with Sonic. Then you live disgustingly happily ever after with the ugly hog."

"How.. devious." Amy said lamely. She arched an eyebrow. "Hey, since when do you know anything about relationships?"

"I don't," Knuckles admitted. "But I've been getting free satelite in my hotel room and I've been watching a lot of... uhm.. what's the term? ... Suds?"

"Soaps?" Amy tried to help.

"Yeah, those." Knuckles removed his hand and settled back down into his seat. The silence once again reigned.

"So that's it?" Amy asked finally, and Knuckles just looked up at her, almost boredly. "After that entire performance and that's it? That's the most I've ever heard from you in one sitting and I don't get an encore?"

"It's the most I've ever said to anybody in one sitting," Knuckles said earnestly. For a moment, Amy was afraid that was all she was going to get out of him, but then he continued. "I just.. don't get the chance to talk to people much, out there on the Floating Island."

"Well, then maybe you should come down here more often." Amy said, smiling.

Knuckles glanced up, and suddenly looked very embarassed. After a moment, he cleared his throat and shook his head. ".. Err, Amy, I'm gonna get going."

"Oh?" the teenage tried to conceal her dissapointment.

"Yeah. I'm going to... head out to Casinopolis for a bit, and then check back into my hotel."

"I didn't know you were a gambler," Amy said, as the two of them stood.

"Yeah well, I don't, but I'm about to start," he gave her that same wry grin from earlier when he was teasing her. "Well, okay then..." the two of them stood there awkwardly, as he swung his arms back and forth. "I'll be seeing you then, alright?" he opted for finally, tossing his cup and spoon into the trash and starting to walk away from her. He stopped suddenly, and pivoted on one heel. "Oh, and uh, thanks for the company."

"No problem," Amy said, waving as he exitted the shop, this time not turning back. She trashed the remnants of her own ice cream and started for the door.

"Decent fellow, don't you think?" the shopkeeper said fondly, and Amy jumped, forgetting he was there. "Real quiet though. He's been here every day this week, and he's only said a handful of words before tonight."

"Really?" Amy asked distractedly. Outside, the world was darkening. How long had they been talking? "Well.. umm.. I'll be seeing you later, okay?"

"Goodnight, Amy!" the shopkeeper called after her as she stepped outside.

Amy lounged on her bed inside of her cramped bedroom, befitting for an equally small apartment. On her bedside table her phone and answering machine beeped invitingly, signaling that she had missed someone when she had been out and about.

Ever since she had gotten home, she had ignored it. Naturally, she hoped and prayed it was from Sonic, but she was too afraid to actually check it, in fear that her hopes would be shattered. She didn't know how much more of a beating her heart could take, after today.

So instead, she busied herself with her journal, her stereo blasting pop music at max volume. She lied on her stomach scribbling pictures of hearts around her and Sonic's name, swinging her bare feet back and forth to the beat to some group's latest hit signal on FM radio.

She wished she had some kind of love potion or something, the kind of stuff she always read about, to put Sonic under her spell. Sure, it wouldn't be geniune love, but she figured she could settle with something faked. At least it would look real.. and seem real... and taste real..

'I am a pathetic love-sick puppy' She wrote in pink pen, and to illustrate the point, drew a rendition of said animal beneath with broken hearts around it. Hmm.

She sighed and snapped the book shut, shoving it aside and putting her pen down. She rolled onto her back, staring up at her ceiling fan, which was whizzing softly, inaudible against the blaring music. She fumbled for the remote above her head, somewhere on her pillows, and turned the sound off altogether.

Beside her, the machine beeped.

Should I? Amy wondered. Her hand reached out to hit the 'accept' button, and then she hesitated. Oh come on... she snorted, and hit the button.

"Amy!" came a distinctively female voice, and the pink hedgehog's heart plummeted into her stomach. She suddenly felt very, very sick. "I heard what that dog Sonic did to you! Hey, do me a favor and when you get home, give me a call! Kthx loveyabye!" The last part was slurred in hurriedly before the message ended.

Amy slumped onto her back, letting a deep sigh emit. She couldn't help but feeling dissapointed. Please. What did you expect?

"Amy, girl, you've really got to pull it together!" she said, hoping that speaking it out loud would reinforce it with some avail. It didn't.

"You can't get all hung up on Sonic like this!" she said again, in another attempt to convince herself. "Knuckles was right!"

Well, Knuckles didn't exactly say that...

"I've got to find some way to convince Sonic to date me," she accidentally let slip, and then covered her mouth, feeling stupid because she knew no one could hear. "Aww, geez," she grabbed a pillow and shoved her face against it, only to realize she was quoting her beloved blue blur. "GOSH!" she said, throwing that same pillow aside. It hit a lamp, but fortunately, did not break it. "There is something wrong with me!"

She rolled around restlessly atop her pink covers, extremely irritable. "I can't believe I'm narrating to myself out loud!"

I'm just so lonely...

"I really need to get a grip on this situation..." she mumbled, sitting up, her quills in a dissaray around her face. She shoved some of it away, swinging over the edge of her bed and standing. She staggered over to her vanity mirror and peered into it. A pretty young hedgehog stared back at her.

"What does he see?" she wondered. "I see an attractive person. But he..."

Maybe he sees an attractive person too. Maybe he's just scared.. or stubborn.. or he has too much pride...

"How can I convince him.. that I'm worth the effort?" she implored her reflection. It implored right back at her-- and then she was struck with a brilliant idea.

She immediately padded over to her closet, where she proceeded to dig for some shoes.

Funny, maybe Knuckles had been onto something, after all.

"Hey there Amy," the girl at the receptionist's desk in the lobby perked up immediately at the sight of the pink hedgehog. "What're you doing here at this time of night?"

"Uh, visiting a friend." Oh, for God's sake, did everyone in Station Square know who she was? She was a girl on a mission, darn it, and she did not have the time for pleasantries. "Listen, can you give me the room and floor number for a Knuckles t. Echidna?"

"Oh, Knuckles?" The receptionist smiled. "Let's see.." she tapped into the computer momentairly, then looked up. "He's on floor two, room 407A. He's at the end of the hall with a suite." Amy was just about to go, when the woman continued to speak. "Not here for Sonic, tonight?" she winked.

"Screw Sonic," Amy said, surprising herself. The receptionist looked equally startled. She suddenly really, really liked the sound of that. "From now on, he can find me." And with that, she stomped off to the elevators.

A doorbell chime at the door woke him.

"Huh?" Knuckles said, jerked out of slumber. Blinking tiredly, he slowly get to his knees, then his feet, and staggered over to the door. "I didn't order room service..."

Somewhere, in the back of his mind, he wondered what time it was. Man, maybe he shouldn't have drank so much of that amber liquid back at the casino.. but man, it had been addicting...

He grappled for the doorknob, having a bit of a hard time with it. He shook his head a few times, attempting to clear his head, and everything gratifyingly spirraled into a more percise picture. This time he successfully grabbed ahold of the door knob, twisted it, and opened it.

Amy Rose smiled brightly back at him from the other side.

Startled, Knuckles took a step back, and the world was slow to follow. "Err.. Aime? Izzat yu?" he slurred.

"Hey Knuckles," she said cheerfully. "Want to go out with me?"


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