Title: Stargate Sleeping Beauty

Author: Earllyn

Pairings: S/J

Season: Any

Content Warnings: Come on! This is a fairy tale!

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG-1 or related characters. I'm just borrowing them for a while. I gain no profit from this fic. Please don't sue for I have nothing but a rabbit with one good eye and a cat with a bad catnip addiction. I also don't own Sleeping Beauty.

Once upon a time. In the far away land of Cheyenne Mountain there lived the king Jacob and his queen.

"Hey wait a minute. How can Cheyenne Mountain be a kingdom? And isn't General Hammond in charge?"

This is a fairy tale Jack. And Jacob is Sam's father so…besides, General Hammond doesn't mind, do you?



Now be quiet. You're not in this yet. Now, King Jacob and his wife longed for a child.

"Oh how we long for a child."

One day their wish was granted. The kingdom doctor, Dr. Fraiser, said that they would soon have a child.

"You will soon have a child."

Nine months later a little girl was born and they named her Samantha.

"Hi everyone! You can call me Sam."

Sam! You're a newborn. You can't talk yet.

"Oh. Sorry Daniel. Uh, goo?"

That's better. In honor of their daughter's birth they decided to hold a feast. Among the guests they invited the seven good Tok'ra.

"Wait a minute! Hold on! The 'seven good Tok'ra'? I thought it was the seven good fairies?"

They were. Now their the seven good Tok'ra. Be quiet Jack. For the seven good Tok'ra seven gold plates were made. At the party the good Tok'ra began to bestow their gifts upon the princess.

"She shall have the smile of an angel."

"She will have the intelligence of Einstein and Stephen Hawking combined. Who are they?"

Never mind Aldwin. They were interrupted however, by the evil Tok'ra Anise.


Jack…She was upset because she had not been invited to the feast.

"How could you not invite me? After all I've done for the Tauri. For this I will place a curse on the princess. By her thirtieth birthday she will shock herself on a naquada reactor and die!"

"Thirtieth birthday? I thought it was the sixteenth."

It was Jack, but since Sam is-

"Watch it Daniel."

-Past the age of sixteen I made it thirty. Everyone was devastated. The good Tok'ra Martouf had a solution though.

"Your highness, while I cannot stop Anise's curse I can soften it.

She will shock herself yes, but instead of dying she will fall into a deep sleep. She will sleep for five years only to be awakened by true loves kiss."

The King and Queen were not convinced and outlawed all naquada reactors. The princess grew and on her thirtieth birthday the King and Queen were away. She decided to amuse herself by building a naquada reactor.

"I think I will build a naquada reactor. Let's see; connect these two wires and-Ouch! Oh I feel sleepy."

The curse was fulfilled. The princess was laid in her room where she slept for five years. Five years later Prince Jack-Prince Jack?

"That's me!"

Ok. Prince Jack was out walking when someone told him about a kingdom where a princess slept waiting to be awakened by her true love.

"I think I shall go and try to awaken this princess."

When he got to Cheyenne Mountain and looked upon the princess he thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

"Thanks sir."

Sam! You are supposed to be asleep!

"Sorry Daniel."

Prince Jack decided to awaken the princess with a kiss.

"I shall awaken you with a kiss."

Uh guys…


Hey cut it out!

"Ha ha. Sorry Daniel."

"Yeah sorry Space Monkey."

Jack don't call me that. Anyway the princess awoke and they got married. The end

"That's not the end."

What? Of course it is.

"You didn't say it."

I don't have to say it.

"Yeah you do."

"I believe you do Daniel Jackson."

Fine. And they lived happily ever after.