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The Princess and the Hero

Chapter I

"Your Highness, I implore you to consider such a match. Not only would you earn much needed support from the common man, but you would also be able to finally take your place as Queen of Hyrule. You know as well as I and everyone here that your coronation cannot take place until you are wed to an appropriate suitor, and the clock is most certainly ticking –"

Zelda stood and planted her hands down onto the mahogany table, her blue eyes flashing with untold emotions. Her face and general expression remained as impassive as ever, though. She waved a hand in negation when the men began to stand with her. "I know fully well my duties as Princess of Hyrule, Minister," she replied formally. "There is no need to repeat them."

The elder gentlemen wiped his perspiring forehead with a handkerchief before speaking. "My greatest apologies, Your Highness," he replied, his voice dutifully humble. His face, however, was graced with a severe frown that was for the princess alone, and Zelda took note of it instantly.

"Yes, indeed, Your Highness, the Minister speaks truth," Councilman Freidren commented as he pushed his spectacles up upon the bridge of his pointy nose. "The Hero of Time would be an excellent choice for your husband and king. He is a legend in not merely Hyrule but in the neighboring nations of Labrynna and Holodrum, not to mention Termina." He stroked his bearded chin thoughtfully before adding, "Such a union could bring much needed support to your reign, Your Highness. I would also implore that you consider it."

Zelda eyed the men before her, the Councilmen and the Minister, as they watched her in turn, gauging her reaction to the added burden they were placing upon her young shoulders. She knew as well as they that her reign was a sham in many people's eyes, that a young woman would not have the skill to control the tumultuous nation of Hyrule. Support from the lords of the land was scarce, for they did not trust her judgment and did not respect her authority. It rankled her pride severely, but Zelda kept a cool façade in most situations.

Especially when these men before her were choosing her future spouse.

Zelda did not desire to marry, for men were fools who only thought with their loins and not their minds, but she knew she would never earn any support if she were to go against the ancient laws of Hyrule. She sighed inwardly as she reviewed her limited choices.

"If I were to agree to this union," Zelda said slowly, eyes scanning the men before her, "I would have this man be naught but my consort. Not king, for he is not of royal blood, and his ancestry is unknown." She paused a moment. "I would also give the Hero a choice, whether to refuse or accept. I'll not marry a man who possesses no desire to be my husband."

Councilman Drieght coughed and tugged on his mustache absently. "Your Highness, would it not be better to have this man crowned alongside yourself? I do not believe the people will accept only a queen as their ruler."

As many of the men nodded in agreement with the Councilman, Zelda felt as if she had been physically slapped. Even after all of this time, these men still believed her to be nothing more than a young girl, not the future Queen of Hyrule. Her heart pounding, her stomach clenched with offense and nausea, she murmured resolutely, her chin raised slightly in defiance, "No, he will be my consort or nothing at all. That is my decision. I will hear naught a word more on the matter until the Hero's refusal or acceptance has been made."

Silence reigned in the spacious room as the men stared at the beautiful woman standing before them, her blue eyes bright with determination.

The uncomfortable quiet was broken by the Minister. "Yes, Your Highness, your decision has been noted, and we Councilmen will vote upon the matter this very moment," he said solemnly. He looked about at the other men. "Who says 'aye' to the decision that the Hero be requested to become the Royal Princess's consort and spouse?"

"Aye!" cried over half of the men in the room. The lesser half, which consisted of Councilman Drieght, remained silent until their turn to speak came.

"And who says 'nay'?"

"Nay!" Drieght and three men near him replied unanimously. It went literally unheard, however, for the majority had responded with "aye" and the decision was finalized.

"So it has been agreed upon by the majority of this council and the Royal Princess herself that the man called Link, the Hero of Time, be requested to become the consort and spouse of the future Queen of Hyrule," the Minister intoned.

Zelda felt her heart clench unexpectedly as she said quietly, "The Council is dismissed until the Hero's decision has been made. May the Goddesses bless this day and what may become of it."


"This is madness. Complete and total lunacy. This must be some sort of jest," Link snapped, his blue eyes blazing and his nostrils flaring ever so slightly. "Who sent you?"

The Royal Messenger bobbed down once again. "The letter has been sent by the Royal Princess Zelda and the Council themselves. I swear this is no jest," he said solemnly. Rising to meet Link's gaze, he added, "The Royal Princess requests that your decision be made known as soon as possible, so that appropriate action may be taken."

Link folded the letter and replied, "Tell Her Highness that I will have my decision by the end of today. And that I am flattered by the proposal."

The messenger inclined his head. "Very good, sir. I shall inform Her Highness straightaway." Taking note of Link's implied dismissal, the little man bowed and left the room promptly before shutting the door quietly behind him, leaving Link to his own muses.

Link stared at the letter a moment before unfolding it again and reading its contents once more.

To Link, the Hero of Time, Savior of Hyrule:

The Royal Princess Zelda of Hyrule and the members of the Council have hereby unanimously decided to request your hand in marriage to the Princess and future Queen, in which you would become both her spouse and Royal Consort. Your decision is to be announced as soon as possible.

May the Goddesses guide you in this monumental moment in history.

Link touched the seal of Hyrule below the contents as his mind reeled from what he had just read. To accept such a title would forever keep him here, in this chaotic world of noblemen and royalty, and to share his life with the princess herself. His heart constricted at the thought, at the idea of marrying the woman who had started his troubles in the first place.

Oh, he did not truly know the Princess Zelda, but he also did not particularly desire to get to know her. All he knew of her was that she was head-strong, beautiful, and all too capable of shattering a person's once peaceful existence.

Link sneered as he crumpled up the letter in his fist. Although he could certainly refuse the supposed "offer", he, in truth, had no choice. To refuse would be to insult not only the Princess and the Council but the people of Hyrule itself, for although Zelda may not be taken seriously, she still represented the whole of the nation.

He could very well leave this place and live in the Kokiri Forest for the rest of his days, but that would be cowardly. And truthfully, how could he refuse a life certain to be full of luxuries, not to mention being able to share a bed with a beautiful woman and possessing power beyond anyone could ever dream? Even if he would be made consort, he would be higher ranked than all of the noblemen who thought so lowly of him now.

Smoothing the letter out, Link knew what his fate was to be in that moment. To be forever caught in the whirlwind of politics and power struggles. He hadn't desired it, but he was apart of this world whether he enjoyed it or not.

Sighing inwardly, he rang for a servant and requested a scribe be brought, for although he could read and write, his handwriting was atrocious and his vocabulary severely lacking. When the elderly, hunched man came and sat at Link's desk, dipping his sharp quill in the fresh ink, he asked blandly, "Who is the letter to be addressed?"

"To the Royal Highness Zelda and the members of the Council," Link replied. When the old man looked surprised, he smirked and added, "Tell them I am accepting their request. I will marry the Princess and become her consort."


Zelda's eyes widened in shock as she cried, "He accepted?"

Looking over the letter, she made certain that she had read it correctly before falling into a nearby chair, her eyes filling with sudden tears. She hadn't actually expected that Link would agree, but he had, and now she was promised to a man she barely knew, promised to a man who most likely loathed her very existence.

Her heart pounding, Zelda bit her thumb nail impulsively as she attempted to settle her swirling thoughts. After her father had died nine months ago, Zelda had taken on his duties, but not his crown, despite being of age. No, she first had to marry, to insure that heirs would be borne and the throne secured. And now she was to marry Link, the Hero of Time, the Savior of Hyrule.

She consoled her troubled by mind by reminding herself that she still possessed the throne of Hyrule, and it would not fall into the hands of a foreign prince or ambitious lord. Link would be her husband and consort, but Zelda would continue to be of higher rank. It was a precious crumb that she held onto, that although she had nothing else, she would still have the crown, to continue her father's legacy and to right the wrongs that had been committed upon the fair land of Hyrule.

And to Zelda, all that truly mattered was her country, the nation that she loved, and if she was to marry Link, then so be it.

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