Title: Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores

Summary: (Armada) The Autobots and Decepticons must team up to defeat their most deadly adversary...Twin Mary-Sues.

Disclaimer: I do own Transformers. Waverider and Rica belong to Jaken's Angel and I own Tri Blade...Ravenwing will be dead soon, so it doesn't matter who owns her. :p Oh, and The Raven obviously belongs to Edgar Allan Poe.

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------(Chapter Four: Quoth the Raven "Nevermore")

"Ravenwing, you can't go alone! It's too dangerous!" Jetfire insisted.

"I must. My beloved Hotshot needs me...Who knows what unspeakable deeds the Decepticons will...will..." She choked back a sob. "I...I must go."

She warped out of the base.


When Ravenwing warped in to see Hotshot tied to a large post, her optics widened in horror and she began to cry.

"Crying won't help him, you stupid bimbo," Waverider said, stepping out from her hiding place.

"YOU! How could you?" Ravenwing shrieked.

"I'm a Decepticon. It was easy," she smirked.

"Did...did you do this by yourself?" Ravenwing asked, still crying.

Waverider glanced over her shoulder a second before turning back to the beautiful seeker femme.

"Yes. I did..."


"Because. You need to die."

"I don't know what you are talking about! Please, let my love go!"

"Hm...What if I don't want to?" Waverider was definitely enjoying this.

Ravenwing scowled, and held her hands into the air. "If you do not release Hotshot...THEN YOU WILL SUFFER!"

She rose into the air, and the sky grew dark. Thunder licked at the black clouds and thunder roared into Waverider's audio receivers.

"Well, this sure is dramatic," she muttered. "A little rain won't scare me, girly. You'll have to do better than that."

Ravenwing laughed and the sound was like the most beautiful of music...

"Oh, I can do much better."

A shinny aura surrounded her and Waverider only smirked, staring up at the seeker femme defiantly.

"Take your best shot."

With a cry, Ravenwing let loose a long jet of bright coloured beams. They crashed into Waverider, who stumbled a bit. When the smoke cleared, she was unscratched.

"But...but how?!" Ravenwing cried.

Waverider's optics went back online and she looked down, seeing that she was completely unharmed.

"Oh! I get it! Since you barely had effects on us, your powers can't hurt us either! Beat THAT!"

"I INTEND TO!" Ravenwing wailed. She screamed long and loud, and the thunder began roaring in unison with her. Eventually, the sound grew so loud, Waverider had to clasp her hands over her audio receivers in attempt to drown the noise out.

A bright beam of pink energy shot into her, and she cried out in surprise as she it sent her flying into a mountain.

"Owie," she muttered, going offline.

"Alas, you did have effects on us...so, your powers can hurt us," a voice said, sighing.

Ravenwing turned around and saw Tri Blade, who was watching her with his head tilted to one side. "Are you here to challenge me as well?"

"Sloppy work, though," Tri Blade went on, ignoring her. He knelt next to Waverider and frowned, masking a "tsk" noise.

He then turned to Ravenwing and held out his hand.

"By the way, did I mention we have the Star Saber...?"

The three Mini-cons in his hand transformed into the large sword.

Ravenwing shook her head. "You use the Mini-cons as slaves...How can you call yourself a Transformer?"

"Oh, shut up," Tri Blade said.

Sideways chuckled from his hiding place. That had been the most blunt thing Tri Blade had ever said since he arrived on Earth.

"Shall we duel, then?" Ravenwing asked, narrowing her dazzling optics. She allowed the other seeker no time to respond before lunching at him, pulling out her left wing which turned into a sword in an instant.

The two became locked in a swordfight, both fairly matched, though Tri Blade knew Ravenwing could beat him easily if he was distracted in the slightest. It was hard enough distracting Ravenwing...

"You ready?" Demolisher asked, quietly.

Sideways nodded.

"On the count of three, you shot Hotshot...Not enough to damaged him too much. Then, when Ravenwing looks his way, we both fire on her. Then Waverider uses the Requiem Blaster to blow her sky high," Sideways said, smirking.

"Since Ravenwing thinks she's unconscious, she'll never suspect a thing!" Demolisher laughed softly.

"Ready...? One...two...three!"

Demolisher aimed and fired at Hotshot's leg, causing him to cry out.

"HOTSHOT!" Ravenwing quickly looked at him, and screamed when she found herself being fired on. When she moved to defend herself, Waverider jumped up and fired the Requiem Blaster at her.

"You cheated!" Ravenwing whined, looking down at her heavily damaged body.

"We're Decepticons," Sideways said. "It's what we do."

Ravenwing stood up and scowled, trying to attack...But a rock hit the back of her head and she tripped.

"Score," they heard Rica cackle.

Sideways, Waverider, Tri Blade, Demolisher, and the kids stood around the fallen Autobot...and burst into laughter. Waverider even fell over, cackling. Demolisher felt energon run down his face and he held his sides.

"Stop...stop laughing at me!" Ravenwing sobbed.

"BWHAHAHA!" Rica fell over and began to pound the ground as she laughed.

Ravenwing opened her mouth to protest, but a long 'Buuuuuurp' came out instead.

The group roared into another fit of laughter, half of them on the ground in tears.

"No...stop!" Her cheeks flared and she suddenly exploded, for her blush had overheated her body.

"...FIRE!" Tri Blade said, grinning. He danced around her flaming body, cackling insanely.

"I don't get it..." Waverider looked over at Sideways and Demolisher. "That was WAY to easy. How come that was so quick and pointless?"

"Who knows?" Demolisher sighed. "They screwed this place up enough."

Two bright beams of light rose into the air, and they stared up at the ghosts of Ravenwing and ShockStar. When they reached the sky, the figures exploded, and suddenly, all of the Autobots and Decepticons who hadn't been their appeared. Everyone then rose into the air, forming a circle with Ravenwing and ShockStar in the middle.

"What's going on?" Alexis asked.

"I don't know---WHOA!" Waverider and the others cried out in surprise when they began to spin at neck-breaking speeds. They spun faster and faster, and Carlos even turn green. Yellow lights surrounded them, and then...everything went black.


Tri Blade's optics came online and he awoke to the feeling of cool rain pouring down on him. When his vision cleared, he was looked up at Megatron.

"Lord Megatron?" He asked.

Megatron said nothing, but instead pulled the seeker to his feet.

"What happened?"

"You eight did it," Megatron said, looked over at the others.

Sideways and Thrust were standing next to each other, talking in whispers; Optimus was crushing Hotshot to his chest, and Rad was staring up at them with wide eyes; Starscream was holding Alexis, and the two were talking and smiling; Carlos and Rica just stood there, holding hands; Sideswipe was attempting to hug Scavenger or Blurr, and both were just tiredly pushing him away; Smokescreen just seemed glad to be back...and Mogli was clinging to Tidal Wave's leg.

"CYCLONUS!" Waverider said, happily. She pounced him and they shared a quick kiss. "Demolisher and I were so worried we'd never get you back to normal!"

"Really?" Cyclonus asked, smirking. "So...Demolisher, how about that threesome?"

"Don't push your luck!" Demolisher said, narrowing optics.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN NONE OF YOU NOTICED I WAS GONE?!" Wheeljack said, angrily. "It was those...girls, right? They made you forget I wasn't around, RIGHT?!...RIGHT?!?!"

"Why were we gone?" Smokescreen asked.

Rad shrugged. "I guess the twins thought you were ruining their perfect little world..."

"HOW WAS I RUINING IT?!" Wheeljack demanded.

"Everything is back to normal now," Tri Blade said, smiling a bit.

For a few seconds, he just stood there, listening to the rain hit the hard, dirt ground.

"Tri Blade...?"

"Yes, Lord Megatron?"

"We...All of us, actually, remember what happened...I saw how upset you were about ShockStar,"

Tri Blade looked away. "Um...and...?"

"I kissed her, Tri Blade, which was...possibly the most disgusting thing I ever done."

"May I ask what you're getting at, Lord Megatron?"

"I can still taste her..."

"Um...I am sorry...?" Tri Blade looked at Megatron helplessly, as he tried to figure out what his leader wanted.

"You are an idiot, you know that?"

Megatron chuckled a bit, and grabbed Tri Blade.

"Lord Mega---"

Tri Blade was cut off when Megatron kissed him. They pulled away from each other after a minute or so and Tri Blade looked at him in shock.

"What was that for?"

"I told you. I could still taste ShockStar...However, thanks to you, I don't anymore."

"Oh..." Tri Blade ducked his head in embarrassment.

"WHEE! Let's party in the rain!" Rica said, jumping up and down.

"I like that plan!" Hotshot said, managing to free himself from Optimus' tight embrace.

"...Is it just me, or was this whole thin extremely pointless?" Starscream asked.

"Weirdness is to be random," Waverider said, shrugging.

"See? My point exactly!" Starscream shook his head. "Oh, well. At least those...things are gone."

Alexis's wiped her bangs from her face, but the rain just clued them back to the same place.

"...This was too random," she muttered.

Tri Blade shrugged. "Merely this and nothing more."


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